Penname: DementedBunny

Original or Derivative: Derivative - Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Rating/warning(s)/note(s):M - For my own enjoyment.

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Prompt: Afterglow.

"We should stop", I muttered half heartedly. He threw me a cocky grin before leaning over me, his lips hovering just above mine.

"Is that really what you want?", he asked gently, his voice dangerously smooth.

"Do you want me to stop?", he mumbled, trailing his fingers along my collarbone and between my bare breasts.

"It's not fair, not to me, to you, to him", I gasped as Edward's hands shot up to grip mine "I thought I told you Bella, you don't talk about him here, not when you're with me".

I turned my head away, desperately trying to ignore the way he pressed his fingers against my flesh.

"I know", I whispered, he nodded and pressed his lips to my stomach "You need this Bella, to keep you sane".

I whimpered my agreement, I did need this. Edward was right, I'd go insane just stuffed into that house with him.

"You need this Bella, you're kids need you to keep sane and if you didn't have this you know what would happen don't you?", I let out a low moan as Edward's fingers pressed against the tender flesh of my pussy "I know, I'd resent them".

Edward grinned "Exactly Bella, and you can't resent your own children now can you?". I shook my head desperate for more then the light touches he gave me.

Finally Edward dipped his fingers inside me, closing his lips over my ear as he did. "You like this don't you Bella?", he chuckled.

He rubbed his thumb aggressively over my clit "better then when he touches you, right Bella?". I nodded again, too far gone to reply.

"You like it when I'm inside you better too, don't you Bella?", he growled into my ear, withdrawing his hand from my pussy and positioning himself above me "But I think I'll just have to remind you", he grinned devilishly before pulling on the drawstrings of his sweatpants, letting them fall to his knees before pushing himself into me.

"Edward", I whispered, clawing at his shoulders as he thrust against me.

"That's it Bella, shout my name, scream it", he moaned, pressing his lips to my throat, his hand tightening on my breast to the point of pain.

He continued to thrust, flicking my clit and nipple. His thrusts were erratic, fast and hard until he was to the point of coming and then he would slow.

Eventually it became too much and I came, gripping Edward's cock so tightly he was forced to follow.

Edward flopped over and grinned, "Go on Bella, your husband's waiting".

My eyes dropped and I pulled on my clothes under Edward's watchful gaze. "See ya'", I mumbled as I left the room, grabbing my purse as I did.

I swung my car out of the run down motel parking lot and made the short trip back to the house. James and Victoria would be waking up soon, it would be better if I had breakfast on when they woke up. Their father wouldn't be home for hours.

Not long after I was flipping eggs and watching my children shovel down bacon, a small yet satisfied smile adorning my lips.

They would never see it and he would never understand it, but I saw it, as I passed the mirror in the hallway, I noticed it, my afterglow.