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They met in a bar, one of those smoky dark bars with awful lighting and raucous Irish men swigging down their beers.

He noticed her immediately, because she was difficult to ignore. She was laughing loudly and sloshing her drink over her friend's too short dress and winking at a blonde boy.

He averted his gaze, because he wasn't there to watch binge-drinkers make fools of themselves, he was there to see his little sister, make a fool of herself.

So he sat in his crisp white shirt and Armani pants, sipping on his vodka and tonic and rolling at his sister's display on stage as she basked in the audience's admiration of her rolling hips and short skirt.

If their father could see her now.

And the little black haired girl laughed loudly again as she sloshed her drink on her red faced 'friend' who was tugging self consciously at her dress that was entirely too short.

Her eyes flickered to his, liquid brown shame and embarrassment met his own cool green eyes. She mumbled something to the blonde boy with his arm around the drunk girl and he nodded his head, not looking at her for even a moment.

She walked past him, her head down and her shoulders slumped followed by nothing but her so called friends laughter.

And Edward stood tired of seeing his sister make a fool of herself up there, as if she hadn't gone to Oxford.

He followed the brunette and placed his large jacket over her shoulders while they waited for cabs.

They shared a cigarette but they were both silent, until she turned to him and demanded to know why he had given her his coat, he stared at her for a long moment, before saying rather frankly that she was cold, and her dress was indecent.

And Bella wanted to be mad, but he was right and she hated the dress because it was wet and Alice gave it to her claiming that Bella was pretty, if she'd drop the librarian look and put herself out there. And Bella wasn't a fan of how Alice got herself noticed.

So she asked him what he had been doing there and he mentioned Rosalie was his sister and she looked sceptical eyeing his smart look and clearly expensive clothes and she, well she had looked like a tart. But then tonight, so did Bella.

And somehow they ended up in a coffee shop, rundown and lazy and Edward noticed that that seemed to be the trend of the evening.

And they talked, about absolutely nothing, weather and politics, the sort of things you talk about when you want to hate a person, but somehow enjoy their company.

And Edward was sure he wanted to hate her, because she hung out in the same places that his sister did and she was weak to let her friends treat her the way she did. But he didn't, because she didn't want to be weak, or dress the way she did or hang out in seedy bars where men groped you under tables.

She wanted to be better.

And suddenly his hand shot out at her and she took it without a question and followed him, to his apartment.

They didn't spend the night together, Edward didn't think he ever would with this girl, because she was broken and too good and not nearly good enough. But he wanted his jacket back and for her to cover herself up so he took her home.

And she wore his clothes, and they talked, about something and everything.

She kissed him as a thank you, and there was no spark, like she had hoped there would be, because he was the kind of man to save you. But he smiled and let her sleep in his bed.

And they slept side by side and held hands and he told her not to go back, though he didn't know where was. She asked him why and he said 'because, she could be better'.

Don't ask me what this is, because I don't know myself, not a typical meeting at all and they don't fall in love. I was thinking about the judgements people make at first sight.

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