Title: In solitude...
Author: Hotaru
Series: Fuma no Kojiro
Characters: Kirikaze & Ryoma
Pairing: Slight RyoKiri
Rating: K+
Warnings: ooc-ness?
Disclamer: I don't own Fuma no Kojiro, and that means I don't own these two boys.

The fight was over, but so many had died...

They had returned to the village, and retreated to Ryoma's room for the time being.
Kirikaze leaned against the doorframe, while Ryoma was sitting beside him in meditation. The mist-user looked up towards the mountain and then took a step forward, closing the slidingdoor and sitting down. Ryoma opened his eye and looked at Kirikaze, who had a slight blush on his face. The taller man gave the younger an inquiring look, and saw Kirikaze's wall break, as easy as an exploding brickwall. The brunette's arms was around Ryoma's waist and shoulders, his face rested on his shoulder, buried in the fabric of the dark yukata he was wearing.
Ryoma didn't utter a word, only wrapped his arms around the other as a tremble shook the liethe frame of the mist. As dry sobs shook Kirikaze, Ryoma realized how fragile his friend actually were. He was so cold on the outside, yet so inviting, just like china, that could scatter so easily.
And scatter was just what Kirikaze did, as real tears spilled from his eyes.
Kirikaze almost never cried, and now that he did, the warm tears burned and stinged, making his eyes go red and puffy. His nose was rinning and he was shaking uncontrollably.
Ryoma turned his head and let his lips brush softly over a cheek in comfort. Kirikaze clutched tighter to Ryoma and felt one of the other's hands softly rub his back.
Ryoma never questioned, he already knew.

And they knew they were breaking a rule. A shinobi was not a human, and it was not needed to grieve for their deaths. But they had lost several of their dear friends, and of course they grieved.

No words were needed. They just stayed silent like that, holding each other close, letting the sadness pour quietly.
They never showed this to anyone else, it was only between them, in their own solitude, so that they could be their usual selves when the morning came.


Ryoma is sort of everyone's big brother, in their little group, right? That's at least the impression that I get.

The oldest brothers are Ryoma nad Rinpyo.
Then it's Kirikaze, Ryuho and Kabutomaru.
Then it's Reira, Kojiro, Kou and Shoryu.

I just love FnK so much *sigh* It's such a shame that there's such a small fan-base for the story.

I've only watched the live-action, since I can't find the manga, and the only stuff with the anime I find is either just short stuff from it, ar in italian. I don't understand italian... _