And you said YOU were a monster

Written by CrazyPerson17

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If someone were to tell me 6 months ago, that I would fall in love, I would have laughed in their faces. A person-no monster- like me shouldn't ever fall in love.

Something that little girls wish for on shooting stars or try to figure out if a boy likes you by the petals of a flower or a little note asking if they like you with boxes to check yes or no shouldn't happen to monsters.

To see your love waiting for you as you down the aisle while you are wearing a beautiful white dress that makes you more beautiful than ever. A person like me can only wish for something like that.

But instead, here I sit 6 months after I met the love of my life with tears falling down my cold cheeks with a phone in my hand. The love of my life-no, existence- is about to be killed with his…our… family. And worst of all, I've been ordered to do it.

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