Dear Beloved Readers,

I have some amazing new!

SOMEONE OFFERED TO ADOPT THIS STORY! YAY! Well for you guys anyway. Personally I'm starting to lose interest in writing this, I like working on crossovers but I am sad to let this go. It feels like I'm giving up, but I'm not. I'm just letting it go and spread t wings so it can take off. (What my mom says she will have to do someday. She says that she won't always be there and she has to stop worring, because one day she'll have to let me go and spread my wings.)

Anyway the person that offered was born2design. When she orginally reviewed I was kinda confused but now I totally understand. She'll write chapters and then send them to me. Then I'll add anything or change things so that I'm still part of the writing prossess.

anyway the link to her page is

http : www . fanfiction . net / u / 2547295 / design2live

I owe her a ton, I hope you check it out and hopefully we'll be getting some awesome reviews from all of you :)

Thanks for being there.

With Love, CrazyPerson17