We try to give up Twilight Fanfictions and it never works. So thebrunnettewriter and I are picking up writing fanfics again, but in a different way.

We are doing a series of one-shot songfics. We will be using different songs with every chapter. None of the stories connect in any way. They are just a series of one-shots, set to our music. Also, there will be canon pairings and non-canon pairings. So be prepared for not every one to be Edward/Bella, guys. You don't have to read and review every one, but we would like it if you gave it a chance. The pairing(s) and POV will be listed at the beginning of each chapter.

And, there is a twist. You, the readers, get to pick which song we write to. She and I have an ongoing list of songs with ideas to them. We will set up a new poll after each chapter, where you can vote for the song that you want. When we write a new one, we'll close the poll and use the one that has received the most votes. And we are also open to any songs that you like. Just drop us a PM.

Please note, that both of us are about to start school again, so it won't be a weekly update. We would recommend you put this story on alert.

The first one will be posted in the next few days. Please read and review and enjoy :)

Note from VampiresRock4Eva: No, if you are reading Breaking all The Rules, I haven't given it up. It's complicated, but as soon as I get back into the mindframe for BATR, I will be updating. Thank you, and please Enjoy the Twilight one-shots until I do get back into it. :) Love you all.