Hi, im writing this story for a contest, sorry if there's some mistakes, because im writing it in Spanish and im trying to put it in English, is hard to me because im learning English yet! Enjoy =D

Miss murder

New year. First school day. Everybody was crazy and running through the hallway like you are imaging now. Boys and girls doing things that the don't supposed to do, but that you know they will do.

In a class was a girl alone, hugging some books and looking through the windows. She looked sad or maybe worry. So she went up to her.

-hi, am Rebeka and you?

-Mínika— responded with a voice soft and trembling

-you are a new student right?


-ok, so you have to know some things about this school

She took her arm and led her into the hallway. She disorder a little her hair and took her books away.

-I'll give them you back layer, we don't star classes yet

They stayed silent, did not know how to break the silence.

Luckily Stella came and star to talk to them even without ask for the new girl.

Rang the timbre, time to go into the classes. Teacher said his name and a lot of things that nobody cares but Mónika listened him.

-any question?

Mónika raided her hand. But before she could say something, out the door was Gabriel, the most popular guy in all the school; brown eyes and black hair.

-good afternoon—said the teacher with a sarcastic voice trying to make a embarrassing scene but he can't because everybody was ore interested looking were will he sat down with.

-oh! Hola! Sorry I can't come more early.

Everybody star laughing—although it was not funny—even Mónika who looked so serious minutes before

To be continued…