A/N: May as well add a little explanation of what exactly this will be… Basically a series of random, pretty pointless one-shots of scenes before, during, or after scenes in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Not going to be uploaded in any order. Hopefully it'll become more clear as we go on. I'm not sure how many I'll write.

This scene: CF In the train that brings Peeta and Katniss to the Capitol for the Quell. Before Katniss has a nightmare and goes to watch Haymitch's Games with Peeta.


I hate this, being sober. My mind, normally clouded by alcohol, is all too clear right now. Lying in bed, tossing and turning, my hatred for the Capitol comes back full force. It's because of them, the filthy bastards, that I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep since my name was reaped 25 long years ago. I rip off the sheets angrily and decide to head the kitchen and get a drink. It's not the healthiest choice, but screw it, I gave up on being healthy when I was lying on the grass, weakly holding my intestines in.

I shake my head at the memories and tear down the hallways, ignoring the Avoxes I shove as I walk- run- to the kitchen. I only slow down when I see a light shining out of the room where we watched the reaping on T.V. I peer in and see Peeta studiously taking notes on the victors. He's watching Chaff's- good old Chaff- efforts in the Games.

"Go to bed kid," I say, startling him. He turns around and pauses the video. Kid looks stressed, not that I blame him. I feel glad as hell that he volunteered. Not to mention guilty. But it's nothing a couple of drinks won't fix.

"I need to watch these," he replies, rubbing his eyes tiredly. "How are we supposed to win if we don't know what we're up against?"

It's a rhetorical question, but I shake my head. "What do you mean 'we' kid? It's either you or the girl, not both."

"If she wins I do too, you know that," he says softly. The boy's head over heels in love with her. Don't know why personally. She's likable enough when she wants to be, or when she's in front of a camera, but otherwise she's one snappish little shrew. Although somehow she's gotten this rebellion going. I don't think even she knows how a couple of little berries set this off.

"Still set on having her win?" I demand. Pity, I like Peeta. He's a better person than Katniss- or me- and doesn't deserve what will inevitably happen. The kid's gonna die, and he looks like he knows it too.

"Yes, I-" Peeta's interrupted by a terror-filled shriek, and for a millisecond, I'm back in the arena, hearing Maysilee screaming, and desperately trying to help her before- Damn it, I need a drink to stop these flash-backs. I've had enough of them for one night, so I focus in on Peeta, who, surprisingly, is still rooted in place rather than going to Katniss. I've wandered the train enough nights to know about her nightmares, and the reason why they're sleeping together. But apparently not tonight.

"You're not going?"

Peeta looks pained as he clenches his jaw and sits down. "No, I don't think she… wants me there tonight." He grabs the remote and turns the T.V. back on, but it's easy for even me to see how much it's costing him to not rush chivalrously to her rescue. I hesitate before quickly patting his back once, and I move to the door.

"'Night Haymitch," he says softly. Poor kid. A good person, in a bad situation. Just like Maysilee-

I hurry to my drink.