A/N: Happy New Year to all of you! Have a wonderful 2010 ahead of us. More inspirations, and imaginations! Unleash it now, . Now I have come up with this 2010 first fic. This is a short one fic, I think it'll just goes up to 5 chapters? I don't know, 5 or less.

I tell you something about the story.

1, THE CHARACTERS --This story has been in my mind for a year now. But I don't have a time to put these in words, and upload this in fanfic. I thought of this story as an original fic of mine (it's not that my other stories are not). But now, I suddenly feel the urge of sharing this one. I have been fond of senpai-kohai love thingy. And it more added to my liking if the girl is older than the guy...lol. Just in the fantasy world, okay? So, to feel my fantasy i made up this. But this story really doesn't matter of aging. The surprise might be in the end. Because Natsume-kun's character here is mysterious and . He is a typical, silent, yet sweet leading man, he does not talk much, and he seriously likes Mikan, and obeys whatever she commanded him to do. He's kinda her lapdog . As for Mikan, you can read the summary it clearly states her character and what she dreams. Oh btw, there is no alices involved here, and possible OOCness.

2, THE RATING --I do not know. It is between T and M, i think . It depends upon the scenes, but not totally lemonish types.

3, THE UPDATING DATES --AS it says, it'll be a short story consists of 5 or less chapters, well i can update it viceversa with my 10 chapters Ghost Sanctuary. But I won't compromise, but I'll surely not be missing in action (MIA) this time. But between january 10-17,2010 I could not update for some reasons, heh.



Summary: Since Mikan was a child, she always wants someone younger than her treating her senior. Enter, the lonesome orphan Natsume. She got her eyes on him at first sight. She smiled playfully while approaching the emotionless kid. "Ne, what will you call me again?". He still wore his cold façade upon looking at her, and then after a few seconds, his unusually crimson eyes met hers and followed his answer , "Mikan-senpai."


Chapter 1: My Dream Role

She was a brat. What a word to introduce her, but that's definitely defines her when you ask, 'Who is Sakura Mikan'. She's a brat girl with long auburn hair with matching brown orbs, overconfident composure, walked with I-get-what-I-want state, and definitely a loud-mouthed girl.

That's how she is eight years ago, a selfish-brat. But when she get what she really wanted for her whole life, she changed, much to the people around her astonishment.

"Ne, is that the girl who will heir the Sakura Inc.?"


"But she's a girl. A brat one. There is no way she will inherit that huge company!"

"Unfortunately, yes. The Sakura couple never had a son."

"What a wasted little child."


Mikan woke up from the loud noise, she's still in haze while staring at the loud alarm clock. 'It says nine o'clock in the morning.' she yawned after. "I still want to sleep.." she mumbled, half-sleep. She switched the pillow, and went back to slumber.

That is, until a butler barged in, and wake her up with all due respect.

"Young lady, it's time to rise up." The polite old man said, not even attempting to touch her shoulder.

"Let me sleep more," she plead tiredly, covering her face with the pillow. Just give her one more minute, she really want to sleep.

The old man sighed. If it is an ordinary day, he would just do what the mistress will ask. But this day is not. He knew that the young lady was anticipating this day.

"You need to wake up now, Miss. You'll need to prepare for young master's comeback."

With that reminder, Mikan finally awaken. She sat up straight, and stared at the clock. It says 09:30am now, and the plane will arrive in not less than 30 minutes.

"Waaaahhhhh!!!!" she screamed in surprise, as she hurriedly went to her bathroom, completely ignoring the sighing butler. She needs to hurry up.

The butler followed Mikan's direction, and then a kind smile showed on the old man's face as he went to the windows and opened the curtain. What a day to start with.


"What are your thoughts, Natsume?"

The young raven-haired teenaged boy flinched at the sudden question thrown at him. He looked first around the waiting area, as if searching for someone, and then looking disappointed after, before he glanced at the guy beside him.

"Nothing, Sir." He politely replied.

The guy puffed his cigarette before showing one smile. "Still a man of few words, huh?"

Natsume just merely paid his attention on the dark-haired guy beside him. He noticed some older woman glanced at their direction, too, giving flirtatious smiles, probably towards his master.

"They sure took so long. I'm getting hungry now."

The guy was about to walk when a man in black suit appeared, bowing first at the older guy and then nodded at Natsume.

"We are very sorry we're late, Sir. The young mistress holds us up…" The guy said something more, but Natsume's attention wasn't on them, but towards the girl who was about to get out the car.

She surely looked a lady now, he thought; with her hair down and glee face, it surely a perfect view upon looking at her. Adding the fact, that she is staring straight only at him.

He could not help but smile. Surely, it's been eight years now.


"Mikan-chan, what do you think of him?"

The young raven-haired kid kept on looking down on his feet. A sign of poor self-esteem character. He seemed very insecure of the world. He looks frightened, and unhappy.

"He…he is… He is beautiful, brother!"

Those shy at first voice, made his head look up. He is now staring at the doll-dressed girl who is currently gawking at him.

The older guy chuckled at her comment. "What a strange words, little sister. Beautiful, eh?" he felt that he was patted on his hair. "This kid is poor and alone. I adopted him, Mikan-chan." Then the guy walked towards her. "Please take care of him."

After the older guy said those words, he was called immediately by the servant for a phone call. Leaving them behind.

He was left alone with the 'neat' girl. He was feeling insecure than ever. Here he was being dirty and rugged. Maybe this girl was mocking him not awhile ago. Was her compliment even serious? 'Huh.'

He flinched when someone touched his cheeks, he looked up and saw this neat girl wiping his dirty cheeks.

"What's your name?"

Was she really asking for his name?

"What happened to your face? You looked beaten." She continues to wipe his cheek.

Now, does this girl actually cared for him?

"Hey, what's this?" she touched the visible—


"Aw!" Mikan yelped in surprise as she withdrawn her hand in supposed to be touching the visible scar on his right chest. She looked wide-eyed at the kid infront her.

No one dared to lift hand on her ever, The Mikan Sakura, the heir of Sakura Inc., the infamous brat girl of town. And yet, this dirty rugged raven-haired kid just slapped her hand. How dare he!? That's how supposed to be the reaction, right? but not. Instead...,

The young guy looked guilty after. He looks confused all of a sudden, especially when he saw the wicked smile on the little girl's face.

"You do have some guts, shorty."


And now, Mikan was all grown-up like a lady. Eight years has passed, huh?

The brunette is now standing in front the a little older Natsume. He has grown now, and she could see he has become an attractive man like what she predicted long time ago.

"I could see you gained height, shorty." She emphasized the last word. She was grinning. She had been anticipating his arrival.

And then, she walked straight on him, patting his hair like she usually do before. But the only difference is, he is taller now than her.

And then she made her way to his ear. "Come to my room tonight," whispered the brunette softly.

Natsume waited for her to stood properly. He showed her his usual cold look and he found her giggling, but if you look closely the expression he wore is not that hard anymore, it softened a bit.

And then, he slipped a small smile.

"Yes," the young lass were now holding his hand. " Mikan….-senpai." He whispered the last word.

How could he disagree to this girl?





okaye: Issues here are: Mikan had no brother but a step-brother, maybe? A young lapdog, a hot one surely. Alice School will be here. Dating, Jealousy-ing, and Teaching thingy. Feel free to spazz. Ciao. Happy 2010, everyone!