Hey everyone… this little fic… if you might call it that is some random cute scene that I come up with that don't go with any story that I'm doing . Since I write them down, I decide to post it so all of you can read it.

I made my way to the library, trying to restore my thoughts with the latest book I bought. Shikamaru and I had gotten in to a huge fight this morning.

The fight had been about our secret relationship. I always thought I would be the one who fought with him about making out relationship public, but it was me who wanted to keep it a secret. Mikael was one of the most wanted in our school and I was afraid that I would be hurt by some psycho chick.

I have known Shikamaru about three months for he was new in school when I came back from Christmas vacation. After a month and two weeks, we became official. "Well, well look who we have here" I heard a male voice said from behind me followed by male laugher. I knew exactly who it was. His name was Sai with his three friends Joshimaru, Leo and Iso. Sai was a very usual title in mine and Shikamaru fight. Sai is a guy who is constantly stalking me, ever since I met him. He was also one of the most wanted guys and Shikamaru thought that I had some interest in him, of course that was not true. I like Shikamaru very much and I didn't want to be with someone who had been inside every girl in this school.

I started to walked faster, trying not to cause something Shikamaru would think I did wrong, I did not want to have another fight on top of another fight. "Hey! Where are you going?" He asked as he grab my arm and pulled me towards him, with our faces very close.

"Sai leave me alone" I warned.

"Oh come, there is no need to pretend. The year is almost over… lets have a kiss, we both want it" He said with a playful smirk.

"No. Let me go" I said as I struggle to set myself free but his grip became harder. All of the sudden I felt someone standing right behind me, and then the same of strong men perfume hit my nose.

"She said let her go" The person said in a husky voice, clearing the aroma with a hint of mint.

"What's it to ya Nara" Sai said as he glared at the person in front of me. As soon as Sai said Shikamaru last name my heart skip a beat and suddenly I felt a little faint.

"Just let her go" Shikamaru said with no hint of joke in his voice.

"Fine" Sai said as he pushed me away in to Shikamaru's arms and walked back to his friends. I turn around and stared at Shikamaru who was looking away from my gaze.

"Thanks" I said with a smile but he didn't even look at me. "Are you still mad with me?" I asked and yet he said nothing. I sigh and glared at him. "Well thanks anyways… bye" I said and stomp away. When I got to library I sat in the last table at the end of the room and open my book to read. I had only gotten to the second page when I felt someone sitting right in front of me. I lifted my eyes from the book and notice that it had been Shikamaru who was sitting there. "If you're still not talking, I suggest you leave" I said as I lower my gaze to my book.

"Were gonna let him kiss you?" He asked.

"No, I don't know if you notice but I was trying to get away" I said.

"I didn't see that" He said as he rested his back in the back of the seat and crossed his arms still looking at me.

"Oh that right! I forgot how you saw me putting my arms around his neck begging for him to kiss me" I said sarcastically as I closed my book and glared at him.

"Ino don't fuck with that" He said.

"Whatever Shikamaru, I'm so tired of hallucinations" I said as I got up and stomp once out of the library while Shikamaru walked beside me.

"If it is my imagination why can't together in public?" He asked.

"Why are you so obsessed with that?" I asked.

"Because I don't like Sai have a reason to kiss you" He said as he grabs my arm and pulled me in to his arms.

"Fine! If it means that much to you then we won't hide it anymore" I said with a glare.

"Good" he said.

"Geez do you always have to be such a jerk" I said as I pushed him away. I was about to walk away again when Shikamaru pulled me back making our face close.

"I'm not finish" He said and crashed his lips with mine. All the anger melted away in a second, for the kiss made me forget everything around me.

"Well, well all that drama so Nara could kiss her, what a waste" Sai's voice was heard beside us. All of the sudden I felt someone grab my arm and pulled me away from Shikamaru, we were both surprise. "Share a little bit Nara, we're all bro's here" Sai said. He was about to kiss me when Shikamaru pushed him against the wall.

"Touch her again and I will kill you" He said. "She is mine and I don't want you or your stinking lips touching her" He added and pushed him away. Shikamaru grab my hand and we both walked away without another word.

"That made me feel so much better" Shikamarusaid as a grin return to his lips making me rolled my eyes. There was nothing I could help when I was with this guy.