The ship sailed on; all her portholes alit, her superstructure blazing with brilliance. The graceful funnel, atop gleaming with the colors of the Italian Flag. A beautiful melody, moves across the ship, and out to the churning wake of the sea….

The chandelier elegantly reflects off the polished wooden-inlay as passengers swing across the floor….

The Italian melody, floats across the deck, as passengers dance to its romantic strains, others look onward, tasting the chef's fine cuisine. They laugh, and drink, and chat, as the voyage is underway. The hallways glimmer with golden-framed posters depicting the ship in Caribbean voyages, and bulbous lights hang across the polished oak walls.

The grand dining hall, set for the nights gala dinner. The clock strikes 8 o'clock. Passengers began to file in from the ballroom, and lounges to have a sumptuous experience. The little girl, her hair wrapped in a pastel-blue colored ribbon, her hand held gently in the Captain's, swing happily across the dance floor amid the other dancers.

The sultry songstress wrapped in red, sings her heart out, as passengers dance under the brilliance of billions of stars.

Moments later…

Screams emanate from the decks; women and men slip and fall, in the corridors as greedy men stab them, and slit their throats, laughing with maniacal eyes! Passengers fall apart, their faces blood-spattered, in frightened glances. Dresses smeared with crimson, limbs piled everywhere, the little girl runs screaming, as people fall and collide, as other s run for safety, some jumping overboard, some never making it to the top deck….

Wandering the deserted upper decks, filled with bodies, and purses, and broken heels blood spattered walls, and broken glass, she runs into others running for cover. She sees her only friend, being murdered he looks at her, and so do his murderers, with evil smiles. They run after her, slitting throats, and stabbing screaming passengers along the way.

She never makes it, they drag her into her room, and tie a rope, a noose, and hang her there, and she stays still….

A loud bang explodes deep from within the ship; the greedy crew grabs the prize, glinting with brilliance.

The captor walks into the hold, seeing the absolute carnage his minions have caused, he sees the beautiful ,seductive songstress, gun in hand, with an innocent look… he kisses her, and then WHACK!!! She lifts off her feet, crimson running down her neck, hitting the floor, the metal glinting in the hold light.

A short summary of the night the Antonia Graza disappeared…