Author's Notes – I don't claim to own Inuyasha or any of the characters from the anime or manga. This story is something that just came to my mind. Things types in bold is used for the demons speech and things typed in italic is used for mental speech. Please feel free to leave your comments and tell me what you think. Thanks!

One – The trapped boy

The year is 2020 as humans are plagued by nightmarish creatures that attack them come nightfall. It has been made a law that no one is to venture out come after sunset. And if they are out, they must seek shelter in the closest safe houses which has been set up around town. Stores and business are to close up sunset. No one knows where these demons came from as ordinary weapons seem to have no effect on them. Kagome Higurashi was heading home late as the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. She ran through the woods of a nearby forest as fast as her legs would carry her. Panic kicked in as she watched as the last rays of sunlight disappear. Curses escaped from Kagome's lips as she ran cursing herself. She should have left earlier and now sunset has fully come and she might not make it to the closest safe house before nightfall. Suddenly Kagome lost her footing as she began to fall into a deep gorge as the ground beneath her fell. Kagome shrieked in shock as she fell landing hard spraining her ankle while being knocked unconscious from the falling rubble.

When Kagome came too she rubbed the dust away from her eyes shuttering in pain.

"Just great Kagome, you couldn't watch where you were going. To top it off you go and sprain your ankle." Kagome stated as she looked up to see the moon shining bright in the night sky. She should be safe down here until morning. Kagome took off her backpack taking out her sweater and grabbing a few pieces of wood made a splint for her ankle. She took out her mini key chain flashlight to get a better at her surroundings. To Kagome's surprise it looked as if she had fallen into a top secret lab of some type. "Hello is there anyone here?" she yelled out at the top of her lungs. No reply came as she slung her backpack back onto her back. The lab equipment was covered by a thick layer of dust and spiderwebs as it was apparent that no one has been here in a long time. Kagome limped through the halls looking for some kind of electricity hoping that it still worked. That is when she heard it not out loud but rather in her mind.

Is there someone out there? Please help me. The voice stated. It sounded weak as Kagome didn't know what to make of the mysterious voice.

"Hello...where are you...?" Kagome asked nervously. Lights began to flicker on their own scaring Kagome half out of her mind. This place is haunted. Maybe I should chance trying to find my way out of here. Kagome thought to herself. Even though Kagome was a priestess, she had no clue on how to deal with ghosts since she has never learned that from her grandfather whom was the head priest of the temple which they lived at. She had just barely began to learn how to deal with demons since they possessed more of a threat than ghosts do. That is when she heard it again.

Please don't go. I am trapped here. I don't mean you any harm. Please can you help me? The voice stated. Kagome could tel that whomever was calling out to her needed her help.

Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to try to help whomever is calling out to me. She thought with a reluctant sigh as she followed the flickering lights heading deeper into the compound.

Kagome came upon what appeared to be some kind of holding cells as one of which still had someone alive in it. Within the cell laid a young teenage boy whom appeared to be the same age as Kagome all chained up to the walls as the heavy chains laid wrapped around his body. He wore a ragged set of clothing which were torn up to shreds as blood stains could be visibly seen though the clothing. Scars covered his flawless body as his rich dark long waist length straight black hair looked like a knotted mess. Kagome gasped out loud in shock over the boys appearance. The human boy stirred looking up at Kagome through his glittering sapphire blue eyes which had cat-like pupils giving him a slight unnatural look to him. Kagome dropped her backpack as she limped towards the cell.

"Hold on, I am going to find a way to get you out of there." Kagome stated as she limped over to the control panel. The boy raised his head rattling his chains as he watched Kagome stare at the computer console. "This might take all night but I will get you out of there." she stated pinning her own long breast length black hair as her black eyes scanned the console wondering how many numbers to punch in. Her mind scanned for numbers as she began to punch in her birth date of six numbers expecting to hear a buzzing noise but instead the computer beeped excepting Kagome's numbers. The look of shock stretched across Kagome's Caucasian face as she limped over to the chained up Caucasian boy. He was shackled from head to toe as Kagome could see that she would need a set of keys to undo the chains that bound him. The only keys Kagome had were here own. "Well let's see if my luck continues to hold out." she stated limping over to the wall to undo the chains that help him to the wall. She rattled her house keys having the heavy locks click open. Kagome worked silently as the boy watched her undo his chains slowly weaving him free bit by bit until all of the chains now laid in a huddled pile. Around the boys neck laid a strange collar type of device as he scratched at it trying to free himself only to get zapped. "Don't do that. Let me take it off for you." Kagome stated as the boy sat still allowing Kagome to undo the collar. She rattled her diary key into the small lock as a four numbered panel revealed itself. This time she tried the last four numbers of her social security code having great success as the boy was finally free. "There you are finally free now. We have to wait for sunrise to find away out of here." Kagome stated wearily as she felt weak and began to fall unconscious. The boy caught her in his muscular arms. He began to stroke her hair until he too fell asleep.