AUTHOR'S NOTES: Finally the last chapter. I couldn't write any more of this story after killing off Naraku as I am currently trying to work on finishing Naruto "The Monster Squad" and still have a lot left of Yugioh "Dark Rider Atem" to do. I am pretty happy with how I actually ended this story. I enjoyed all of your comments and reviews as I thank you for them. I hoped that you enjoyed this fan fiction as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks!

Bold – demon speech

Italic – mental speech

'people's inner thoughts'

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Bold Italic – demon mental speech

Fourteen – end

Five years have passed by since that day. True to Kikyo's word, the world had begun to transform as other demons began to emerge. Kagome had sent Kikyo's data to the president anonymously in order for him to make the whole world aware of the demons. Now that Naraku and all of the evil demons were destroyed, both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were living happy and peaceful lives with their mates. Both Kagome and Kagura held a double wedding as after the battle when Kagome had returned back to normal, Inuyasha proposed only in the way that the demons could.

"Will you be my mate?" The word mate for demons meant bride and/or wife. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru found it hard to ask this question of Kagome and Kagura but the girls excepted the proposal. They both got married at the Saint Holy Oak Temple with Miroku playing the best man and his new half demon girlfriend Sango playing the maid of honor. Don't bother asking how a perverted monk managed that one but Kagome was happy for her friend as it seemed that the half demon rather enjoyed his perverted ways. It was enough to boggle Kagome's mind.

Kagome was in the kitchen of the small house that she and Inuyasha lived in. Kagome could hear someone rustling inside of a cookie jar that sat on the counter behind her as she slightly turned to see a large bushy tan tail sticking out of the jar.

"Shippo get your grubby paws out of there!" she snapped just as Inuyasha came into the kitchen grabbing the tail yanking it out of the jar. Dangling at the end of the tail was a three year old fox-like kit (child) as it held a couple of cookies in his paws.

Drop it! Inuyasha snarled in his demonic voice forcing the kit to drop all of the cookies. Don't spoil your dinner. Your mother is almost done. He snapped. The kit turned to look at Inuyasha giving him a pair of big puppy eyes.

Sorry! He whimpered before Inuyasha put him down onto the ground petting his son on the head.

"Go and play until dinner is done." He stated as Shippo ran off. Inuyasha walked up to Kagome sniffing at what she was cooking. His twin tails wagging from side to side. "Smells good." he growled into Kagome's ear slightly tugging at the ear with his fangs. Kagome shuttered with pleasure as Inuyasha's tails began to caress her in an intimate fashion.

"What does dinner or me?" she asked in a low purr.

"Both....." snarled Inuyasha as he whipped his mate around kissing her hard and passionately. I can tell that you are in heat Kagome. Maybe we can ask your parents to watch Shippo for a while. Inuyasha moaned in Kagome's mind causing the girl to pant. Mating with humans allowed them to speak and understand the demonic language as well as hear and project thoughts mentally.

"" Kagome moaned before Inuyasha broke away giving Kagome breathing room. She was all ready hot and wet.

"I will make the call. I think that Sota won't mind spending time with his nephew." Inuyasha stated kissing Kagome on the cheek allowing her to finish cooking.

Have you been picking up perversion tips from Miroku cause, I can't seem to wait. Kagome told Inuyasha mentally as he laughed.

"Heck no. I just have a way of turning you on." Inuyasha replied leaving the kitchen.

"Meanie!" Kagome snarled.

"I know but you still love me!" he replied in laughter. Kagome watched as Inuyasha called her parents thinking back to how it all began with her finding Inuyasha chained up in the lab that had created him. It had been a wild journey for her as she couldn't picture her life without Inuyasha in it. She loved Inuyasha with all of her heart and soul. She couldn't picture her life without him being a part of it as she knew that he felt the same way about her!