A few days later Eli was release from the hospital and we began our journey back to Colby. Eli, Jake and I rode back together in the truck. The ride was a long one, I spent most of it asleep on Eli's shoulder with his arm around me.

"If it's a boy are you going to name it after me?" Jake asked.

Eli laughed and said "With my luck, it'll be a girl, and Auden won't let me touch her"

"Of course I'll let you hold her," I smiled, "Someone will have to change her diapers."

He laughed at me and kissed my forehead.

"Jake, remember we have to stop by the junk yard and get our belonging out of the car," I reminded.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He rolled his eyes and turned onto the road that leads to the yard.

The moment we saw my car I realized how completely lucky I was to have Eli with me now. Eli rolled up beside me in his wheelchair and grabbed my hand.

"That was one bad wreck wasn't it?" he smiled.

"Yes," I frowned "I'm very lucky to have you with me right now."

He smiled up at me and I leaned down to kiss him. Jake helped me gather all of Eli's and my belongings while Eli played in his wheel chair. I looked over and smiled at him when he looked at me. Lord only knows what I would have done if I lost him.

As soon as we were done at the junk yard Jake dropped us off at the house where Hollis, Maggie, and Adam were waiting for us. I rolled Eli into the house which was filled with the aroma of hotdogs, and Doritos. Eli smiled and rolled into the kitchen where Maggie and Adam were arguing over what seasonings they should put in the chilli.

"Eli!" Maggie squealed "You're back! And alive!" she ran to give him a hug. I laughed and rolled my eyes at her.

"I think you missed me more than Auden did, Maggie," he laughed as he kissed her on her cheek. "So the plans were a hotdog party tonight?"

"Yeah," Adam said, "Wallace just left to get the beer, and the vodka for Auden."

"Oh," I smiled nervously and looked at Eli, "I'm not going to be drinking tonight…"

"Auden," Maggie looked at me, "You never say no to Vodka…Whats up?"

I bit my lower lip when I heard Hollis and Leah come into the kitchen. Eli was the first to speak.

"She wants to remember our night tonight," he winked and laughed.

Maggie looked at me, then Eli, then back to me, then down to my stomach. "OH MY GOSH!"

"Maggie! Shut it!" I screamed.


[[I am so sorry about the delay's in this story, I hope you all are still faithful to the story. I had to take some time to myself. If I would have wrote this story…the way I was feeling…Eli would have died, and Auden would be depressed.]]