Bella laid down on the cold, wet ground as the storm grew thicker and louder. Feelings of grief, rejection, and shock traveling through every inch of her body. It was like she was an empty shell, only one memory repeatedly crossed her mind.

Flash Back

Bella and Edward stepped though the trees to their meadow. The air was cool and crisp. The setting sun flashing colors of pink, purple, yellow, and orange across the ski. The breeze was heard gently flowing though the leaves, birds' soft singing playing in the background. The setting was perfect for a romantic interlude.

" Bella we need to talk." Edward said, "We are leaving."

Bella froze has she heard those words leave his lips. " What are you talking about Edward?" Edward turned away from her for a moment. It seemed like a life time before he spoke once more.

" Our life here is coming to an end," he claimed " my family and I need to move on. We have been here to many years already. Carlisle can barely pass for 30, he is claiming 33 now. The time has come for us to go somewhere new." Edward turn at an angle and looked from th corner of his eye at her reaction.

"When are you leaving?" Bella questioned. " The family already left. I stayed to finish up a few loose strings." he replied.

" Well... I can go with you. I am not needed here, I love you and don't want to lose what we have." Bella looked at Eward with hope filled eyes. " We can start our lives together now."

Edward was looking at her completely now, a smirk playful placed on his lips. " What makes you think I want you with me?" he replied. " You were a nice distraction form the everyday boredom I felt. I admit I did enjoy you at first, but I soon lost interest."

The peaceful romantic setting was soon over come by a dreadful storm. The ski was turning black, lighting was flashing, and thunder roared. Bella looked in Edwards eyes to see if he was playing a cruel trick, his eyes had a cold, malicious look to them.

" Why are you doing this?" she asked. " What happened to all times we shared together, the love that you showed me. You can't mean this." She replied in a soft broken voice. Tears were running down her face, her hair damp and dripping from the storm clinging to her face. Her cloths barely kept the the chill out. Bella looked like a fallen angel from above.

" Those time are in the past." Edward said. " Just let them go, because that is where they will stay. I was infatuated with you, love was never in the game. Sweet,sweet, sweet Bella... did you never wonder why I didn't push us to get close and intimate. I have been seeing someone else. Love you... don't make me laugh." he finished while chuckling darkly.

Bella looked crushed under the weight of Edward's confession. "Look I don't know what you were hoping for, but our time has ran its course and I am moveing on. I suggest you do also. The human memory is short and with some time you will forget me and my family." As Edward finished that statement, he took one last look at Bella with hard, cold eyes and left. Bella slowly crumbled to the soft wet grass. He eyes empty and soulless looking.

Flash back Ended

Bella heard a noise from behind hear. She was to tired and drained of what little energy she had to care. At this moment if anything wanted to kill her she would let it. All of a sudden a flash of light shined in her eyes blinding her. There was a shadow standing over her.

" Bella can you here me?" the shadow asked. " Its me Jacob. Are you in pain?" After a moment, the only response he had was her blinking her dead looking eyes and her shivering from the cold. Jacob slowly picked her up, once he had a strong hold on her he took off to take her to get help.