Anna never slept on nights like these. Nights where he had left her behind and she didn't know where he was. She punched the pillow again and rolled over. Their room. No longer his. Theirs. a picture had been added of them on there wedding day to the nightstand. She knew her shampoo was in the bathroom and her clothes hung in the closet. She had gone from an I to a we in no time. Missing him was the hardest part of we.

His job was dangerous and she hated it even as she understood it. Giving up she wrapped the blanket around her and walked out of their bedroom to sit on the couch. Again trailing the blanket she walked back into the room and to the closet. She pulled out one of his shirts and wrapped it around herself. She curled up in the blanket on the couch and fell asleep surrounded by his scent.

She woke up again back in their bed his arms holding her tightly to her chest. She looked up into is eyes and smiled.

"I missed you." she said her heart in her eyes.

"I see." Charles grinned down to his shirt buttoned up on her. The joy in his eyes at seeing her in his arms was breathtaking.

"so did the big bad wolf have fun terrorizing the mean old villains." she asked.

"the mean old villains won't be terrorizing anyone any time soon."

Anna squirmed her way up in his hold to kiss his cheek. "my knight in shining armor."

Charles kissed her lips gently.

"Sleep my beautiful princess. I will protect you until you wake."

And she slept in the warmth of his embrace.