This WAS going to be an Arc for my series Day at The Castle, but I decided to make it its own fic!

Disclaimers: No matter how much I write these, I will only be a fan, and thus Kingdom Hearts is not mine.

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It all started out soo innocently.

And it was always the quiet ones.

"Hey Zexion? Can I read this?" Xion asks as she picks up a book from a table in the library.

"Sure." He keeps on reading his own book, not even looking up.

"Thanks!" Xion walks away with the Ultimate Guide of Transforming Magic and starts to read it in her room.

"Hmmm…." Xion was transfixed on her new book for hours, finding the whole thing amazingly fascinating.

"Xion! Dinner time!" Axel says and Xion groans. She marks her spot in her book, and goes to dinner.

"Xion? … Just what book did you get?" Zexion asks as he starts serving the lasagna.

"The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Magic!" Xion says proudly.

"WHAT?! YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK TO ME RIGHT AWAY!!!" Zexion screams and drops his plate.

"Huh? Why?" Xion asks.

"BECAUSE! You're going to do something stupid and read one of the spells out loud! If you do that, then everyone in the Castle will fall under the same spell!" Zexion explains.

"…." Xion smiles evilly.

"… X-X-Xion?"

"WELL, THEN! I GOT THE POWER!!" Xion screams and runs for her room.

"XION NOO!" Zexion runs after her. Xion skids into her room and grabs the book.

" 'When I finish this spell, may its gift be granted! Infans mutatio!' " Xion reads out loud.

"XION NO!" Zexion runs into her room, but too late.

"HUH?!" A wave of light and the entire Castle falls under the spell.

Gummy Ship Area

"Thanks Erika, for helping me for the slumber party stuff." Namine says as she walks off her Chain Gummy Ship, carrying an armful of chips, dip, candy and sodas.

"No problem! Happy to help! By the way, what movie are we gonna watch with Kairi and Xion?" Erika asks, carrying a bag full of candy.

"… Hmm.. The guys brought some horror ones, we might watch those." Namine says with a smile. After pleading with Xemnas, Roxas and Namine had been able to invite Erika, Riku, Sora and Kairi to sleep at the Castle for a whole week while the Minami house was being painted.

"Hey… Do I… Hear a baby?" Erika asks.

"Huh?" They both listen carefully. A baby's wail.

"…. OH MY GOSH! I love babies!" Erika squeals and they follow the noise. It was coming from Roxas's room.

"…You think Roxas-?" Erika says nervously.

"… I don't know! I'm going in!" Namine says and slams open the door. She hears whimpering coming from the bed. Roxas's Organization coat was on the bed, along with his shoes and pants. And the jacket was moving.

"…Hello? Rox Rox?" Erika calls out and Namine walks over to the bed. She pulls the Organization coat off of the bed.

"A BABY!!!" They squeal in unison. A tiny blonde baby wails, and as soon as he notices Namine, his sparkling blue eyes immediately cheer up.

"N-N-Nami!" He whimpers, and holds his arms up to the teenage girl.

"Roxas?" Namine whispers. At the sound of his name, Roxas smiles.

"Nami, Nami!" Roxas waves his hand at her and begs to be picked up. Namine picks up the little boy and he immediately starts sucking his thumb.

"Awwww…. He's so cute! Can I hug him next?" Erika pleads.

"… What happened to him?" Namine asks as the little baby starts to fall asleep.

"… Wait… He's a BABY. I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF A BABY!! I'm too little!" Erika says, with a nervous glance at the bundle of Roxas's shirt in Namine's arms.

"… Wait… What about everyone else?" Namine asks.

"Ugh… I feel sick…" An older boy's voice moans.

"… SHH! Quiet!" Erika hisses and Namine holds unto Baby Roxas tightly.

"Namine? You there girl?" The boy says and he walks into Roxas's room. A boy with long black hair, put into a pony tail, and wearing a black eye patch.

"OH MY GOD!! PERV!!" Erika smacks him with a soda can.

"OW! WHAT THE HELL'S YOUR PROBLEM?!" The guy growls.

"…..Who are you?" Namine asks, scared for little Roxas.

"…. You don't remember me? As if, Nami. It's me. Xigbar." the boy says and shakes his head.


"Uh… yeah. Listen, I didn't have ANY liquor but I have a poundin' head ache….. Man!" Xigbar swear violently under his breath.

"Xig-Xigbar, you're a teenager." Namine says.

"Huh? No way." Xigbar looks in Roxas's mirror. His face turns pale and he trips over his too-long pants.

"Told ya!" Erika says. Then Roxas wakes up.

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!!" He wails and bursts into tears.

"Oh! Shh, shhh! It's okay, Roxas." Namine starts trying to calm down the baby.

"HOLY SHIT! ROXAS?!" Xigbar stares in amazement at the tiny infant.

"…Shh! He's calming down." Namine says angrily.

"… Kay.. Hey, Roxas. Since you're a baby, I'm sure you won't mind lending me some stuff…. No, of course not." Xigbar laughs and opens Roxas's closet in search of clothes, shoes, and possibly some better fitting pants.

"Perv." Erika shakes her head.

"He's not gonna wear it!" Xigbar says and pulls off his jacket.

"GROSS! DON'T CHANGE IN FRONT OF US!!!" Erika and Namine yell at the same time and force Xigbar into Roxas's bathroom.

"Geez…. Buncha girls…" Xigbar changes into a black T-shirt and black jeans and steps back outside.

"….." Both girls stare in amazement.

"How do I look? Stylin', I know." Xigbar says with a grin.

"…. Hey! If Xigbar and Roxas got younger, then…." All three freeze.

"What happened to Axel and the others?!" They all run to the Game Room that Never Was. When they left, Axel and Demyx were in a Guitar Hero tournament.

"AXEL!" They hear a little kid crying.

"M-M-Mommy!!!" they hear the kid wail.

"AXEL!" They all run into the room. A little boy with red hair and green eyes is crying while a little toddler is whimpering.

"NAMI!!!!" Axel wails and runs to Namine.

"Axel, it's okay.. It's okay, no more tears kay?" Namine soothes the little pyro. Axel whimpers one more time and hugs Namine tightly.

"Dem-Demwx is wittle and- and I can't find my mommy and -" Axel bursts into tears again. Namine hands Roxas to Xigbar and picks up Axel and starts humming to him. She sits on the couch and starts petting his head soothingly.

"What about… OH MY GOSH! SO CUTE!!!" Erika picks up Demyx who's whimpering and looks like he's about to burst into tears.

"What the devil happened?!" A cold voice asks angrily. They all turn around.

"YIKES! A TEENAGE VEXEN!" Xigbar yelps. Vexen, now about 16 or 17, glares at him.

"I want an explanation! What happened?" He asks Namine.

"… You don't know?" Erika asks.

"… OF COURSE I DON'T KNOW! After all, I never did this!" Vexen looks at the whimpering toddler Demyx and rolls his eyes.

"Give him to me!" Vexen snatches him from Erika's arms. He sits down on the couch, next to Namine.


" 'Hush little baby, don't say a word,

Vexen's going to buy you a mocking bird.' " Vexen sings in a surprisingly nice and clear voice.

"Dude." Xigbar says in shock, his eye wide.

"If that mockin'bird don't singNami's gonna buy you a diamond ring." Namine starts to sing along.

"And surprisingly, both of you can sing!" Erika comments.

"If that diamond ring turns to brass,Vexen's going to buy you a looking glass.' " Vexen continues. Both babies start to calm down, and even Axel was transfixed by the duet.

"If that looking glass gets brokeNami's gonna buy you a billy goat!" Namine sings.

".. Wha's a billy goat?" Axel asks Xigbar.

"… How am I supposed to know? Guess like a boy goat." Xigbar explains.

"Oh…." Axel smiles and snuggles closer to Namine.

"If that billy goat don't pull,Nami's gonna buy you a cart and mule." Namine continues.

"If that cart and mule turn overVexen's going to buy you a dog named Rover." Vexen sings the next line.

"If that dog named Rover won't barkNami's gonna buy you a horse and cart.

If that Horse and Cart fall down,Then you'll be the sweetest little baby in town!" She kisses the top of Roxas's head and gives Axel a hug. Both babies are asleep and Axel himself was nodding off.

"Cute…" Erika gives Demyx a pat on the head.

"…. Namine." A deep voice says and they glance over to the door way.

"LEXAEUS?!" A tall boy, almost 7 feet tall, nods his head. In his arms, are two infants.

"A ZEXY BABY!!!" Erika whispers with obvious joy in her face.

"Wow, Lexaeus. You look pretty good!" Xigbar comments. Lexaeus smiles.

"Wow wow wow! Can I have a piggy back wide?" Axel asks, staring at Lexaeus. Lexaeus nods. Axel toddles over to the tall boy and gets picked and placed on Lexaeus's shoulders.

"… What happened, Five?" Vexen asks, standing up and carefully holding the sleeping Demyx.

"… A spell." Lexaeus says.

"Like in the faiwy books?" Axel asks. Lexaeus nods.

"COOL!" Axel immediately grins.

"Namine?" A quiet voice asks nervously from the door way. Namine looks and a little boy with blue hair and golden eyes looks about to burst into tears.

"Saïx?" Namine asks. The little boy bursts into tears and runs to her.

"Kay… We got Axel and Saïx as little kids, Demyx, Zexion, Xion and Roxas are babies, and Vexen, Lexy and me are teenagers. …. Anyone else hungry?" Xigbar says, as if wrapping everything up.

"WE HAVE TO FIND EVERYONE!" Erika and Namine say in unison.

"I agree with the girls. We must find everyone and restore them to their proper ages! After all, how in hell am I supposed to do research as a teenager?!" Vexen snaps.

".. We must protect the younger members. There might not be a way out of this spell, Vexen senpai." Lexaeus says and Axel looks confused.

"Hiya Saïx!" He calls out and waves from Lexaeus's shoulders. Saïx looks happily toward Axel.

"Me too! Me too!" He calls out and looks at Lexaeus begging. Lexaeus stares at the little boy but gives the babies to Erika and Vexen and puts Saïx on his shoulder.

"WHEEE!!!" Both look happy.

"Kay…." Xigbar sighs and starts rocking the little Zexion in his arms.

"Mamma?" Xion asks with an adorable expression on her face.

"No, I'm Nami." Namine says with a smile.

"MAMMA!" Xion says again, a stubborn look on her tiny face.

"… HEY! SAIX DOESN'T HAVE A SCAR!!" Xigbar shouts.

"Huh?" Saix tilts his head, confused.

"You're RIGHT!!!" Sure enough, the famous 'X' scar on Saïx's forehead was gone!

"…. What is going on!" An angry voice demands. They turn.

"XEMNAS?!" Xemnas glares at Xigbar.

"NO! I'm Kairi! OF COURSE IT'S ME!" Xemnas says sarcastically and rolls his eyes.

"…. KAIRI! AND SORA!!" Namine realizes.

"… Sowa? Kaiwi?" Axel looks confused. Saïx shrugs.

"Kay… How old does he look to you?" Xigbar asks Vexen.

"I would estimate about 18." Vexen says. Demyx stirs in his arms.

"SHH! They're waking up!" Namine whispers.

"Oh, okay. Shh…" Xigbar shushes them.

"The living room. We have couches and stuff so, we can put them down." Xemnas says and picks up the awake Xion baby. She whimpers.

"Shh. Roxy's asleep." Axel tells the baby and puts his finger to his lips. Xion giggles and imitates him.

"MARLUXIA!" Lexaeus runs outside and comes back with a sleeping pink haired baby.

"… Guess it IS natural." Xigbar says and pats the pink haired infant's head. Soon, they had rounded up most of the younger members.

"Interesting; Roxas, Xion, Sora, and Kairi are all about a year old." Vexen says, examining the babies.

"…Really? THEN BIG BROTHER IS FINALLY SHORTER THAN ME!! HA! In your adorable, baby face Riri!" Erika says to her now younger brother. He stares at her for a moment before sticking his thumb in his mouth.

"… Riku's a thumb sucker. Shoulda figured." Xigbar says. Riku glares at him. Then they hear a wail coming from the kitchen.

" I FOUND HARU!!!" Erika squeals and holds up a silver haired baby.

"… Guys? I can't tell them apart." Xigbar says and glares at the two sliver haired babies.

"… Gah!" One grabs his hair and smiles.

"OW! OW! OW! LEMME GO!!! NAMINE! HELP!!!" Xigbar yelps and Namine untangles the baby from Xigbar's pony tail.

"No pull." She says very seriously, and the baby gurgles.

"What are we going to do?" Xaldin, now a teenager, snarls.

"… We must take care of them until they return to normal." Xemnas sighs.

"… Oh joy." Everyone sighs.