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A little note before you start reading, my faithful readers and whatever newbies may be here today: Watch two certain cutscenes from Re: Chain of Memories. Seriously. It explains what I'm talking about. Look at Lexaeus before he fights Riku (If there's one where he flings up on the ceiling, that's it) and Zexion's fight scene (yipes).

By the way.

Poison dumpling is a joke from the KH2 manga. Just saying. I freakin' love Merlin.

Castle That Never Was

"Run, run, run, run, run!" Sora shrieks as he skids into Xemnas's room, slamming the door shut when his small group of kids (and Naminé) slide into the room. He presses his shoulder and braces the door as the kids with him scream in shock as loud hammering noises, presumably from little fists and feet, rattle the door violently. Even when the door starts heating up, Sora keeps bracing himself against it until he distinctly hears the sound of the other members of the now younger Organization leave.

He lets out a sigh of mild relief, before turning to the six kids (and Naminé) who had decided to stick with him in what was probably going to end up being a small war between the two factions.

Xion smiles cheerfully at him, waving from the bed as Naminé sits her down next to Roxas who was almost asleep. He looked like he was exhausted from his earlier mission, and would probably be little to no use at all. Demyx was hiding himself underneath the bed, trembling enough to shake the entire king-sized piece of furniture. Luxord was shuffling through a deck of what looked like trading cards, obviously not caring what happened as long as he got to keep his cards. Riku was crouching protectively in front of Kairi, clutching his wooden sword defensively as if he was waiting for someone to break into the room. Kairi on the other hand, was humming softly to herself, looking over at Sora curiously.

He sighs. Out of the fourteen members of the Organization (not including Riku), he had gotten the most pathetic in the bunch, and the most useless. The only exceptions were maybe Roxas and Xion, but considering that Axel was in the other group, those two would be no help at all. Loyalty was a double-edged sword, it seemed.

"This sucks!" Demyx says bluntly, scowling up miserably at Sora from his hiding spot underneath the bed. Tears immediately flood his eyes, making the little sandy blonde whimper and sniffle sadly.

"Well, it's not my fault that I got the first antidote! I mean, I'd switch to be little again! The side effects aren't exactly all that awesome, you know!" Sora snaps angrily, looking back at the door in anticipation.

For a moment, the little kids stare at him, each wondering just what the side effects of the antidote could be. Then after that single moment had passed, they all shiver violently, expecting the worse of the worse from Vexen's experiments.

Solemnly, Sora crouches down to peer into the small keyhole of the door, inspecting it quietly before backing away from it, holding his hand out to his side. In a blinding flash of light that actually made Xion tumble off of her perch on the bed from its intensity, Sora summons up the intricately delicate Keyblade known as Ultima, the most powerful Keyblade (with the possible exception of the Fenrir and the Fatal Crest Keyblades) Sora had ever owned.

Xion and Roxas - who apparently had woken up - stare at it in a mixed combination of awe and jealousy. Riku winces at the sight of it, obviously remembering several sparring matches where said weapon left his skin mottled with dark bruises and several very embarrassing heart-shaped scratches. Kairi hums to herself, not giving a single thought to the powerful weapon while Naminé seems to stare at it, her long slender fingers twitching with the urge to sketch out the amazingly pretty weapon on a pad of paper.

"I'm gonna lock the door now, okay? Everyone, stand back." The young Keyblade Master commands quietly as he raises the golden key up to the lock.

Riku mutters quietly to himself: "We're all standing back anyway though…"

"Riku, shut up or I'm gonna throw this at you and leave you stuck up on the wall." Sora threatens calmly, giving his so-called best friend a nasty glare. Riku flinches and looks away, muttering dark curses under his breath as Sora readies himself to tap the lock on the door, effectively sealing it against the other members on the opposite team.

"Hello? Who's in there? Open this door this instant!" An annoyed voice demands loudly, making Sora jump back in surprise, very nearly stepping on Luxord and tumbling over Naminé's outstretched legs from her seat on the floor, landing squarely on his ass with a loud thud.

"Lexaeus… someone closed the door. But Larxene said they were in here… Hello? Sora? Roxas? Naminé? … Xion?" The voice asks this last name cautiously even as the other kids in the room struggle to hold down the two year old, who went nuts at the sound of her name. The moment that Sora attempts to clamp his hand onto her mouth, she cries out:


Every single occupant in the room freezes in fear of what the Cloaked Schemer - Along with the Silent Hero, who was probably standing right beside Zexion - was about to do to them. Sora, naturally, was shaking like a leaf at the idea of facing Zexion's illusions. Riku had had some nasty stories to tell from his time in the darkness, and the one about fighting number VI of the Organization was among the worst. And the ones about fighting Lexaeus were even worse, since according to Riku, King Mickey had to play chiropractor with two dislocated discs in his back and one popped out arm socket just for the Twilight Warrior to even be able to lift his hand above his waist. Almost everyone in the room was looking at Riku, even as the tiny boy shakes violently, clutching his left arm in what looked like pain as his eyes remained fixated on the door. He looked like he was ready to pass out.

Sora keeps a tight grip on Ultima, ready to charge at the door and whoop some little hobbit and giant… well, he wasn't exactly allowed to say that word but he was ready to beat them up if necessary. After all, in the war that was sure to follow between the Keyblade master's lackeys (otherwise known as the kids in the room with Sora) and the Organization members, who knew what side those two were on.

"Oh thank goodness. I thought for a moment that maybe the Superior was in there… Xion, who else is in there with you?" Zexion's voice questions curiously as Kairi and Naminé shakes their heads at Xion, trying to tell her not to say anything more. Xion looks at her pseudo-mothers curiously for a moment before looking up at Sora in bewilderment, scrunching her face up into a confused expression before stating calmly:

"Daddy's in here with me, Zexy!"

Nearly everyone in the room groans as Xion looks around in confusion, wondering what she had said in order to get everyone so upset. Tears form in her blue eyes as she whimpers pitifully, her tiny two year old body shaking uncontrollably in confusion.

"… Sora, huh. Sora, am I correct in assuming that Riku and Kairi are in there with you? Of course they are. Which means Naminé's in there as well. Which means Roxas, too. And since Roxas is in there, Xion's obviously in there…. What about Demyx or Luxord?" Zexion questions next.

Sora stares in amazement, wondering just how Zexion had managed to deduce who was in there with only knowing that Xion was definitely in there. And he says so to Zexion.

"Oh… well, that's easy enough. Everyone else in the Castle is in the kitchens, tearing up the place. So I figured the rest of you might be together, hiding somewhere in the Castle. And my hypothesis was correct, you see." Zexion says smugly, causing Riku to give the door a nasty glare. He hated smart asses. "Anyway, I would implore you to get out of there. I believe that if Larxene OR Axel manage to get themselves into Vexen's second laboratory, we may have to grow up naturally… and Sora, you might have to keep those hives for a few months."

Sora makes a horrified face and nods at the door before realizing that Zexion couldn't see him and getting up to open it. The moment that he does, Zexion (and Lexaeus) walk in and take their seats on Xemnas's giant bed, Lexaeus almost immediately being used as a makeshift bed for Xion and Roxas. With everyone settled and Lexaeus being used as a form of entertainment ("Wear flowery hat, Lexy! Pwease? Xi Xi wants you to!"), Sora looks around and smiles.

"Alright, looks like we're one side of the war. Anyone got any ideas to take down the other members? … Riku, if you say bring the babysitters back, I'll punt you across the room." Riku puts his hand down, shaking his head in annoyance.

Zexion says calmly: "Why not infiltrate them and destroy them from the inside? But it has to be someone they won't suspect at all."

"Hmmm. We could give someone a poisoned dumpling… but no, that's not a funny joke. Anyway, we'd need someone to act as a spy… or like a bomb." Sora muses, shrugging.

At this point, Xion sneezes violently, making everyone jump. Almost immediately, almost identical grins appear on everyone's faces as they look at the sniffling little girl who was rubbing her dark blue eyes.

"Why is everyone lookin' at me funny, Daddy?" She asks, looking very confused but also adorable. Sora gives Zexion a smirk, obviously very pleased. Zexion nods, agreeing with him, and places his hand on Xion's head gently.

"I think we found our bomb!" They declare in unison.

Xion gives them a weird look, shouting "Are you two crazy?"