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Two men
They started walking
Started talking bout better days
One says to the other
We do it all again
Seems I knew I would
And now I found it
Found I adored it
I didn't want this
Somebody help me see
Now I feel it
Feel like I've been there
I didn't need this
Somebody help me breathe

Nickelback - Breathe

Prologue: Going back with a name

The Great War has come and gone. In its wake were destroyed lives and homes. The Shinobi world would never be the same again. All over the land lay nothing but battlefields, the earth drunk and swollen with the blood of the guilty and innocents alike. Countless burials were held into the first year; until too many died too quickly and everyone settled with burning their dead. In the midst of the horrid nightmare lay a man. A man who had done everything he could to save his village, a man who took the hatred of many and turned it into charisma, into the strength of a million. This man, whose shoulders once sagged with the weight of the world, this indestructible force now lay dying on the battlefield of his choice. Betrayed by the one he once looked to as a brother.

This man, this great man that now lay here taking his last breath was once known by the name; Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. The love of two parents that he'd never seen in his short life causing him to keep both surnames no matter how odd they sounded placed right behind each other. Now he lay here dying with the full knowledge of all it meant. He was on deaths doors but he wasn't afraid, death was just another journey he needed to take to be with the ones he loved. He stared out into the blue sky above; it's very imaged mirrored in his deep blue eyes. His face was handsome, a tragic beauty acquired over time with long silky blonde tresses, highlighted by red streaks and a fit body.

Taking another painful breath, he sighed. If only he could see her face once more. To see the smile of their unborn child that he would never get to know. It was all so very sad…and so very painful. Naruto clenched his fists and waited for death. He'd eluded the Shinigami so many times before during his younger days but not today. Today he called for the eternal rest that his body so desperately needed. Closing his sky blue eyes Naruto took his last shuddering breath.

"Wake up fool, there is much to be done" growled an all-too-familiar voice.

The blonde's eyes fluttered open, confusion written all over his perfect face. He looked around, expecting to see oblivion or something of the sort. Rather he saw the familiar scenery of his mindscape. Slowly he rose to his feet, all the while wondering what sort of trickery brought him here. The shallow water rippled according to his movement. Naruto felt along the clean golden pipes, glad that he'd cleaned up the way his mind looked. It had been a dump back when he was younger with so much anger and depressing thoughts. Now he could clearly see the blue marble stones he walked on, past the clear shallow water that reached his ankles. He took a left turn; having traveled this route so many times he knew he could never be lost in his own mind. He couldn't understand what he was hearing; Kyuubi had been set free long ago when his true identity had been revealed. His old friend couldn't be here but to make sure he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

"What took you so long?" asked his old friend, the large red fox giving a toothy grin in front of the large golden cage.

"Kyuubi…how? I released you after…"

"He's with us. He stands by your side even now"

Weakly Naruto turned his neck, catching a glimpse of two forms taking shape at his back. He turned back to Kyuubi, slightly afraid the fox would disappear after all those years of living without contact from him. No, the proud fox had not disappeared. The guardian spirit still stood there on his paws, his red eyes flickering with amusement. So, he'd felt his unease…Naruto shook his head and turned his wary body so he could face both parties.

He'd expected to see two shinigamis but instead he saw too people that looked completely human. Well the woman did, the man to her side gave off an aura that was not quite human. He grinned at Naruto and the blonde caught a flash of sharp fangs. Who were they? Naruto sighed and focused on his old friend. "Wish you didn't have to see this. You always did say I couldn't change him. Is that why you are here, to tell me I told you so".

Kyuubi shook his furry head, "You know better than that kit, I just couldn't let you die alone".

Naruto gave the old spirit a weak smile, "Not really at my best right now…"

"For once I wish I had been wrong" said the fox.

"Will you stop moping around, there's still a way to fix this" said the strange man.

"Who are they Kyuubi?"

"I think I've heard that voice a very long time ago. Is that you Alucard?" mused the fox.

"I'm hurt Kyuubi. To think you can't even remember an old friend that fought through so many wars with you" said the man with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Yes, I don't think I could ever forget that annoying voice. Welcome back Hellsing, what can I do for you in this dire situation?"

The man stepped forward, his true height showing as he loomed over everyone. He was tall, too tall if you asked Naruto who was still sensitive about his relatively above-average height. He had been called out for it too many times as a child to just forget such a complex. The man spoke again, his dark voice carrying over the whole room. "Simple, I came to save my descendant"

"Come again?" Naruto was confused.

Kyuubi looked between the two and then to the fine lady that had been silent all this while and gasped. "You've got to be kidding me. The boy is yours?"

The strange man's topaz eyes shone with an unearthly light. "Exactly, so glad to see you're still sharp Kyuubi. He has her hair and eyes".

"Is that true Integra?" Kyuubi looked over to the silent woman and she nodded. Her long faded blonde hair framing her face, she looked on behind those glasses, her clever blue eyes never losing their confidence. She was staring a Naruto now, almost like she was sizing him up. It was scary.

"There, confirmation now save the boy and we'll talk later my old friend" the man named Alucard's voice changed, taking on a gentle edge that seemed unusual for his character.

"You sure don't ask for much do you?" complained Kyuubi with irritated tone but no one couldn't miss the relief that flooded his red eyes. Someone has intervened and now his hands were free to help.

"Kyuubi what is he talking about?" asked Naruto, completely lost from the whole conversation.

"Ssh, close your eyes. You'll see something good when you wake" cooed the fox as his tails curled around Naruto, cradling him like a child even though he was now a man.

Naruto shrugged, his eyes drooping as sleep suddenly came to him. "Kay", this was fine, he was going to die anyway, why not die in the warmth of an old friend. He laid himself to rest by Kyuubi's feet, allowing the fox's warmth to warm his numb body and heart. It had been so long since he had felt so safe. The 25 year old man closed his eyes.

"Well better get started" said the fox as he transformed into a tall man with long crimson hair and blazing red eyes. He wore a simple white yukata, his nine red tails still keeping Naruto warm as he began to form seals. His whole body began to glow as he called on all the elements he controlled, weaving them like a thread to hold his spell. Slowly with great focus he started to unravel the threads of time, one action at a time. The world began to shatter around them. The Hellsings watched it fall with blank faces. No one could tell if this was the right choice now. The world Naruto created from here could be worse than this but somehow they couldn't help but know it would be better. The boy was a savior after all.

I decided to make this part shorter as an introduction.