I'm trying to make a serious fic for once; this is the end result.

Disclaimers: Kingdom Hearts is not mine.

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"I've been to see them." the cloaked figure takes a seat by the silver haired boy.

"Good for you; so what?" He smirks.

"He looks an awful lot like him." The figure comments and tosses a stick into the water.

".... Not surprising in the least." The boy says and tosses a stone into the water, chasing the stick.

".....True. And Riku looks like you." The figure laughs.

"... Now you're just making fun of me. Considering I'm his just shadow and all." He scowls.

"You should take another name."

"Huh? Where the fuck did that come from?" the boy asks.

".... A new name. Riku Replica is a mouthful and Repliku's annoying." The figure says seriously.

"... What's wrong with it?" Riku Replica/Repliku asks.

".... You should take another name. And then you won't be Riku's shadow anymore. Here, I'll help." The figure pauses, contemplating names.

"... Hmm... Can't be Sora or Riku." Repliku jokes.

"Hahahahaha!" The figure laughs, their body trembling from the laughter.

"Geez, wasn't that funny." Repliku sighs and shakes his head.

"... I haven't had much to laugh at in a year or two. Sorry for laughing." The figure says and chuckles a bit more.

"...Hmm.... I can't think of any names." Repliku says.

"How about 'Haru'?"

"... Haru?" The figure nods.

"..... Yes, I think it suits you." The figure takes their hood off and smiles at Riku Replica.

"... Haru.... I kinda like it. But what does it mean?" Repliku asks.

"... Spring."


"Spring is a time of new beginnings. And a time of final good byes. You need to say good bye to your past. And look to your future." The figure sighs, content.

".... Geez, get that off a fortune cookie?" Haru comments.

"Haha, you sound just like him." The figure laughs quietly.

"You really miss them, don't you?" Haru asks.

"Yes... They are my best friends. Of course I would." The figure sighs, and is quickly lost in memories.

".... Are you going to change your name?" Haru asks.


"I mean, you're the same as me; are you going to change your name too?" Haru asks again.

"No. I like being stuck in the past." The figure smirks.

"Lame. If I have to change MY fuckin' name, YOU have to too!" Haru says.

".... Hmm... What do I have to lose? Maybe I'll take a new name." The figure grins.

"Geez, for a minute there, you looked just like him." Haru comments.

"Like who?"

"Sora." Haru says.

".... Hahahahahaha, of course I would!" The figure starts laughing again.

"You never told me... just what your connection to him is."

".... I'm his shadow, created from the memories he shared with the Princess of Heart. How he remembers her." The figure says.

"... Then what's your name? Your true one, anyway."

"... I don't actually have a real one."

"... And you just add an 'X'. To get your name." Haru figures out.

"Yes.... You can call me whatever you want, I really don't care." The figure shrugs.

"....Are you trying to get the Organization back?" Haru asks, changing the subject.

"... Why the heck would I do that? I just want to have ice cream with them one last time." The figure says.

"... Ice cream?"

"... Hmm. The icing on the cake." The figure laughs and smiles gently at the sky.