Chapter 1

Title: No Such Life
Word Count: 100

It was bliss. When Hephaistion was sent to build a bridge, Alexander sought comfort in Bagoas, only in Bagoas. His impious mind wondered, if Hephaistion were gone, then the King would be his, only his.

The long awaited day had come. Now Hephaistion was gone forever. Bagoas fervently waited for the King, days and nights, while his king stayed with Hephaistion, with dead Hephaistion.

When the King finally came out, Bagoas realized that there would be no such a life as happily ever after for him with the King. Alexander belonged to Hephaistion, only to Hephaistion. How silly he was.

Title: One of Many Evenings
Word Count: 100

My eyes are fixed on your hand that holds a goblet. A thick ring of lapis lazuli defines the delicateness and slenderness of your fingers. I imagine them wrapped around my flesh, kneading firmly with just the right pressure, stroking gently up and down, and squeezing tightly from time to time.

You lick your lips seductively as if you can see the inside of my head. I surrender and sigh with anticipation.

"Are you dreaming again?"

Your warm breath tickles my ear. I swallow hard and just nod.

"Come to bed Alexander, I will give you another neck massage then."

Title: One of Rare Evenings
Word Count: 200

It was not so often that Hephaistion lowered his guard and let the power of wine takes over his sense. But tonight, he was drunk, so helplessly drunk. Hephaistion stood in the middle of the hall slightly swaying from side to side.

As he closed his eyes, and cocked his head to the side, he lost his balance, and stumbled a few steps backward. A strong arm quickly grabbed his slender waist, and steadied him, letting his back arch to expose the forbidden tender throat. Hephaistion's lips curled up but his eyes were still closed.

He wrapped his arms around the thick neck of his saver in attempt to stand up straighter. Yet, he failed miserably and crashed hard against the broad chest of Black Cleitus. Hephaistion chuckled uncontrollably. Cleitus held him even tighter, slipped his forefinger under Hephaistion's chin, and gently lifted his face.

Hephaistion's eyes fluttered open at that moment, and Cleitus was lost. All he saw was teasing flame of blue orbs and slightly parted red moist lips that ignited his lost passion so painfully. When he almost tasted his sweet reward, Alexander came and robbed the gift from his custody, leaving Cleitus with nothing but yearning.

Title: Once in a Blue Moon
Word Count: 300

Cleitus was attentive that night. He was carefully watching the scene in front of him. Rewarded, he thought he had seen it all, at least what went through Hephaistion's mind. Cleitus did not miss a sign of pain that surfaced for a moment on the perfect face of the younger man. Although Hephaistion was standing stoically as usual, his blue eyes were fixed on Alexander and a Persian eunuch with boiling bitterness.

Even from this far, Cleitus could see that the king was heavily drunk, and sensed that every movement of the king's toward the boy was fruits of seeping lust. When the king smiled ecstatically against the boy's silky black long hair, Hephaistion pivoted, and swiftly left the banquet hall.

The mask Hephaistion put on was almost perfect, but Cleitus caught a faint twitch cross over the thin skin under his eyes as he passed him. Quietly, Cleitus followed him. When Hephaistion was out of the hall, and nobody was around, his posture sulked, and he put his hand on the column to support himself.

Cleitus approached him from behind, and slipped his arms around the younger man's narrow waist. Hephaistion tried to escape at first, but when Cleitus pulled him closer against his chest, Hephaistion's body relaxed, and leaned heavily against the older man as if he was utterly defeated.

Cleitus turned him around in his arms, and kissed his lips passionately. It tasted of the mixture of sweet wine and salty tears. He tightened the hold around Hephaistion's torso, and pressed the younger man even harder to him by squeezing his other hand on Hephaistion's perfectly round bottom. Cleitus swallowed the other man's moan in his mouth with delight.

Then, a strong hand gripped his shoulder, and Alexander's warm breath whispered into Cleitus' ear.

"Thank you Cleitus. I will take it from here."