Chapter 64

Prompt: Stretch

Title: Forbidden Stretch
Word count: 200

"Hephaistion, can you get that scroll up there for me?"

"Sure Alexander, is this the one?"

"No, not that one. I need the big map that is sticking out from the shelf one above it. I would like to map the route taken by Darius."


Hephaistion tiptoed to reach out. His slender and elegant calves were stretched to maximum defining the clear line, which separated his powerful thighs from hard round bottom. Alexander licked his lips while slowly gazing at Hephaistion's back view from bottom to top.

As Hephaistion extended his arm, his muscular and inverted triangle shaped upper body with narrow waist became even more noticeable. Alexander could not help running his palm along the gentle curve of Hephaistion's forbidden underarm to hipbone. His hand moved before it registered with his brain.

"Alexander …"

Hephaistion protested weakly with alluring and sexy raspy voice while shivering with a sudden sensation.

"Leave it there, Hephaistion. I have changed my mind."

Unable to resist the temptation anymore, Alexander tugged Hephaistion by the elbow, and pulled him into his bedchamber.

"I think I will map you instead."

The last coherent thing that Alexander could think was never let Hephaistion stretch in public.