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Chapter 1 Drifted Apart

Esthar - Presidential Palace 2:00 AM

"Damn it Odine, this is not what you were ordered to do!" The screams of the Esthar's leader ripped through the walls and secured doors of the luxurious architect. Never have Laguna's men ever seen such anger in his eyes. "Answer me Odine!" Laguna shouted once again.

" It vas a mere 'power boost' Mr. Loire. It vas just a smell experiment to see vether her powerz have reached a limit" said Odine. Though trying his best to defend himself,Dr. Odine was quite shocked too see Laguna's reaction to all that he has done.

Laguna was still not satisfied with his explanation as he got off from his desk. "You listen to me Odine, you were ordered to keep her powers in tact NOT experiment on them!" said Laguna "She is not a toy that you can play around with for your own personal gain!"

Out of nowhere, the mad scientist began to form a smirk " But don't you know ze potential of this girl's power? after all vy would ou bring a sorceress to esthar unless it vasn't for power?"

"I did this to protect her damn it!" Laguna defended himself knowing that Dr. Odine was just trying to play his little tricks on him. "Now listen to me, the meeting is in two days and you obviously cannot be trusted, therefore, I'm having Kiros and Ward watch over you for these few days." Laguna had finally calmed himself down as he sat back down in front of his desk. "If you even try to use her powers like that again, I will send you to the ruins of Centra plains."

Odine's eyes grew wide in shock to that threat "How dare you even-" but before he could finish that remark, his assistant cut him off " Rest assured Mr. President, It will not happen again." Laguna nodded in response.

As Odine and his assistant were about to leave, one of Laguna's men asked "Mr. President , should we inform Balmb Garden of this meeting". Laguna showed a very confused expression which then had changed to shock.

"AH CRAP! That was supposed to be about a week ago." said Laguna; his head facing the ceiling while slapping his forehead. "Oh boy, my son sure is gonna kill me eh?" said Laguna, who gave out an embarrassed smile to the soldiers who were quite surprised at his sudden mood change.

Somewhere in another part of the Presidential Palace, a dark haired girl was sitting on her bed just looking out her window. As she was gazing at the incredible city of Esthar, all she could think of was her knight. Before she went off to sleep, she gave herself a warm smile as she held her two rings tightly knowing that she would soon be home.

Balamb Garden – Headmaster's Office 5:00 PM

There had never seemed to be any peace and quiet for the headmaster of Garden who was at the brink of retirement. Whether he was involved with the arguments between leaders, civilian complaints about the monsters in the island, or just the boring life of being stuck in an office. With nothing to do but paper work along with the occasional phone calls, all the headmaster could possibly do is stay in his office in case anything was to come up. Balamb Garden seemed to have lost its spark after the war was over.

Suddenly the doors to his office were opened revealing a young woman with short black hair named Xu who seemed to have a very happy yet surprised look on her face.

" Sir, President Loire has sent a message" Said Xu.

Cid gave quite the confused look at Xu wondering what could the message be about until Xu explained to him "It's about Rinoa" as she said with a smile forming on her face.

Cid confusion had turned to joy as he ordered Xu "Quick get Squall and the others!"

Xu nodded and quickly left the office with no hesitation.

Balamb Garden- Training Centre

Inside the Training Centre, a prehistoric monster could be seen, ready to charge at any moment. With its eyes turning crimson red and its jaw gradually opening it and charged at the first target it laid it's eyes on. And its target was a very unfortunate martial artist.

"Crap, crap, crap ,CRAP!" said Zell; trying his best to avoid being torn to shreds by the blood crazed T-Rex. But once he had dodged its deadly jaws, he was pushed against the fence by its powerful tail that acted like a giant whip.

The T-Rex charged once more, but to Zell's advantage, he was able to quickly dodge the T-Rex's attack which ended up ramming it's head against the hard fence. The impact had caused the prehistoric beast to go berserk and concentrate all its attacks on Zell.

"Um a little help here?!"

Just across the battlefield a young instructor who went by the name of Quistis Trepe was preparing herself for the next move. She acknowledged her allies plead of assistance as she brushed a strand of her hair away, beginning to cast her magic. Concentrating with body and mind a light blue ball of energy formed on the palm of her hand as she called upon the name of the spell "Blizzaga!"

Soon an icy mist was formed around the T-Rex as a trail of ice formed around its legs and gradually spreading through its entire body, causing it to freeze in its current position. In a matter of seconds the beast was a mere ice statue.

"NOW ZELL!" Quistis yelled out to her ally.

Zell gave out a grin as he quickly jumped in the air ready to strike a deadly kick to the T-Rex's head. The attack cause serious damage, but unfortunately was not to knock out the enemy. Soon enough the T-Rex was back on its feet. It almost seemed like the more damage it was taking in, the faster and aggressive it got.

"Damn it, this will never end!" the man scowled at its endurance.

The beast soon charged at the two with all its might; moving at a faster pace by the second. Zell was ready for a drop kick attack when he stopped to hear Quisits call out "You're up, Commander'"

As Zell looked back, all he could see was a man all dressed in black, holding one of the most powerful weapons in Balamb Garden, the Gunblade. The blade swiftly pierced the T-Rex's chest like knife through butter. The battle was over.

The man turned, walking towards his allies with his usual blank facial expression "Please do me a favour and stop calling me Commander"

Quistis merely giggled at the response while Zell stood up and saluted to the Commander of Garden in a dopey fashion "Ay Ay, Mr . Leonhart"

The man let out a low chuckle at Zell's goofy behaviour "Alright time to head back,"

It was not long before Zell popped out the question "umm guys?...are we out of shape?"

Squall merely rolled his eyes at his question, leaving Quistis to answer " Don't worry Zell you should probably know these things get stronger by the hour."

She soon went on "Consider this like a ...SeeD workout"

Zell soon sighed in relief at the instructor's explanation. It seemed as if his worst nightmare was to be out of shape and not ready for any possible battle.

As they had left the training centre, they soon stopped as they heard a familiar voice calling out their names "ZELL,QUISTIS SQUALL."

It wasn't long before they realized it was Xu who was running as fast as she could to get to them. As she finally reached, she quickly brought out the letter that Laguna had sent.

"It's about Rinoa"

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