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Chapter 3

Never the Pleasant Trip

Headmaster's Office

Squall was patiently waiting for his superior to organize his work and get himself together for what was about to come. Selphie and the others were getting ready for departure. During the preparations, the headmaster had shown Squall a very concerned look as he was asked to join him in his office for certain news of his.

Finally, Cid had collected himself as he took a deep breath, placing both elbows on the desk looking directly at the Seed.

"Squall Have you ever heard about Professor Sieg?"

Squall seemed quite surprised to hear such a random question

"Um...Yes I remember studying that back when I was a student. He was the one who researched the behaviours of the monsters that roamed within the Centra ruins and Esthar plains."

Cid nodded and was a bit amused at Squall's usual monotone voice.

"Well, did your insctructor by any chance teach you the 'bestia evolución' theory?"


"He believed that monsters are able to evolve for the better in order to increase their chances of survival in this world."

"Evolve?" Squall asked.

"An example would be changes to internal and external body structures."

Squall did not seem affected by these words of a mere prediction "But this is just a theory I'm assuming."

Cid glared at Squall for a moment. "There have been reports of a high increase in the Bite Bugs population."

Cid had then taken out one of the documents that he carefully organized onto his desk.

"About a week ago, some of our students were sparring outside in the fields, they came across one of the Bite Bugs which was reported to have grown in size and that the venom it was carrying was highly acidic almost equal to a viper."

Squall just placed his head on his hand as he leaned back from his chair. He did not seem astounded from what the headmaster was discussing.

"In a matter of seconds, swarms of Bite Bugs were surrounding the group. Their behaviour seemed rather aggressive rather than our of defence."

Squall leaned closer to the desk with a very puzzled expression.

"I see you are starting to take some interest into the issue," Said Cid in response which made Squall smirk in a slightly embarrassing manner.

Cid had then picked up the stack of papers that he had organized thoroughly.

"I understand that you have to leave soon and you are obviously eager to see Rinoa but I would really like you to look over these," Said Cid as he handed Squall the documents.

Squall merely flipped through the pages for a few seconds. Squall paused for a while just to look at the front page which had made Squall's eyes widen in shock.

"It says that one of the students was vomiting and had even temporarily lost an estimated 40% of his average sense,"

Cid slowly nodded without any expression.

"Sir, what is going on exactly? Why are you telling me this?"

Cid leaned back from his chair and took a deep breath

"This might in fact be relating to Seig's theory. Once you see the rest of the documents I think you'll understand what I mean."

Cid looked away and stared at the window across from him.

"How this all started, I'm not too sure."

But before Squall could even read through the rest of the pages, he was interrupted by the intercom.

"Squall it's Xu we are ready for the departure get everything that you need and meet us at Raganarok's dock point."

Squall stood up from his chair along with Cid who gave his final words out to Squall "Be careful Squall, the world may seem safe but it only looks safe. As a Seed I order you NOT to keep your guard down."

Squall nodded in response and gave out the traditional salutation as he went off for his first mission in a very long time.

Esthar – Presidential Palace

The halls of the palace were well guarded by Esthar militants. The staff were all preparing for the Conference. Not even the slightest error was acceptable for such an occasion. And that slightest error may even jeopardize not only an innocent girl's freedom, but that fate of a nation. It was a risky operation but it was now or never.

Inside an elegantly designed bedroom, away from all the commosion, a young girl who went by the name of Ellen Loire was standing right across the window. She had hoped this day would finally arrive. Praying to what was once the mother-figure in her life, Raine Leonhart, to bless this day as it where no other.

"Ellone honey, are you ready?" Suddenly her guardian had entered the room in his casual everyday outfit.

Ellone nodded in response "Yeah I'm all set. Is She...?"

"She's at the facility. They're just getting ready"

"Are you sure she's going to be okay" Said Ellone a very concerned tone.

Laguna then walked towards his niece, who he had treated like his very own daughter. As he gently embraced her in a hug he whispered in his ears "When you know she's ready to go home, then you know she'll be okay."

Ellone smiled warmly in his embrace "Then I guess she's ready"

Traveling through the Balamb-Esthar Oceans, the Ragnarok was calmly advancing to its destination. It had truly been a sight to see for such a magnificent airship powerful enough to defy the heavens. Unfortunately, for the passengers inside of Ragnarok, it was a completely different story. It almost seemed too quiet without Zell popping up one of the most common travel questions.

"Are we there yet?" Said Zell who was sitting near the control board across from Selphie.

Selphie sighed from Zell's constant aggravation "Zell you asked this ten minutes ago and the answer, ONCE AGAIN is no!"

"Alright gee."

Zell was never the type of person you would take to a two-hour trip without something to keep him busy. After the previous Sorceress war, SeeD did not exactly have a sole purpose which gave Zell less work to do which meant fewer missions. At times he had been able to keep himself busy with the little things that went by in his everyday life. Though after Rinoa had left Balamb, Zell had nothing else to do. Quistis and Irvine became Instructors. Selphie had taken charge of the 'Garden Festival Committee', while Squall was too busy running the entire place under Headmaster Cid. The most he had done in Balamb was occupying the Training Facility for students in training sessions and checking for any available missions he could attend.

The only thing he could do as of this moment is strike up a conversation or just bug Selphie and see when hell breaks loose.

From the other side of the bridge, their leader can be seen looking thoroughly through the documents that Cid gave him. From what Zell could see, Squall did not keep his eyes off those stacks of paper he had brought to the trip ever since they departed.

The martial artist seemed quite interested at what Squall was reading as he decided to grab his attention and hopefully strike up a conversation "Whatcha readin'?"

Squall muttered under his breath "Reports,"

Zell raised one of his eyebrows answers at such an answer as he decided to find out more on what Squall was actually reading.

"Care to venture for a little more detail?"

But Squall could not even make eye contact with his SeeD partner "Balamb reports."

Though Squall seemed a bit stubborn and not in the mood for casual conversation, Zell was determined to find out exactly what was going through Squall's mind and just what are those set of documents he seems to be so intrigued to look through it.

"What are the reports about?"


"What about monsters?"

"Strange activity."

"What strange activity?"

Squall was not taking Zell's game too well as he finally let go of the documents and looked directly at the martial artist.

"Zell!" At that point on, Squall was far too irritated in order to play around even for the sake of his comrade's curiosity. Though it wasn't much of an outburst, Zell still seemed a bit shocked at his leader's reaction.

There was a moment of silence between them as Zell just stared blankly at the ground. All that could be heard were the tapping sounds coming from the control board that Selphie was operating.

It wasn't until Selphie had let go of the manual controls and steering wheel that she decided to break the silence.

"Ragnarok...initiate Auto-Pilot Mode" Said Selphie as she turned around to take a glimpse at what just happened.

They both seemed slightly embarrassed in their own way. Squall seemed regretful of his cold attitude towards his friend while Zell just felt as if he should be apologizing; knowing Squall has gone through more stress than anyone out of this group.

"Well isn't anybody going to say their sorry?" Said Selphie.

Zell felt that he should be the first to speak.

"Er Squall....listen man I'm really sor-"

"No, it's not your fault Zell," Said Squall. He did not think it was right for Zell to apologize. He had every right to know what was going on.

Selphie crossed her arms, leaning forward from her seat as she decided to resolve the slight tension between them.

"Maybe it's best that Squall finishes it before he explains,"

Squall then turned to Zell as he nodded in his direction. Zell he gave out his trademark grin while showing a thumb up to his leader.

It was not long before everything went back to normal as Selphie decided to navigate the ship to their destination. Unfortunately, in less than a minute Zell decided to go back to his normal routine with Selphie during this entire journey.

"Are we there yet?"

"OKAY THAT'S IT!" Said Selphie as she grabbed her nunchuks and started swinging it carelessly at Zell's direction, making him fall off his seat in the process. Selphie, still enraged, got off her seat and got herself ready in her battle stance.

"W-W-Wait Selphie THE SHIP!"


Squall sighed in frustration as he slapped his forehead. He decided to break up the two.

"Alright that's enou-"

Suddenly a strange loud noise was heard. Everyone froze in shock from the sound. They slowly looked around for the source. Nothing could be seen from outside the bridge.

"What....was that?" Said Selphie.

"It sounded like....," But Zell could not even figure it out.

The same noise was heard. This time, it wasn't just any noise, rather it was a scream, a demonic howl that broke through the steel walls of Ragnarok and echoed through all parts of the ship.

Squall and Zell stood still in their positions as Selphie slowly paced herself back to her seat. But before she could even get close to the controls, the ship shook in an unknown collision causing Selphie to fall to the ground under the impact. While Zell was holding onto one of the arm chair Squall has had enough strength to keep him in balance as he brought himself up and decided to take action.

"Look through surveillance!"

Selphie nodded from his command as she dragged herself to the pilot's seat.

In a matter of seconds the monitors at the top of the controls were activated, revealing the outside world form Ragnarok.

Through the security cameras they could see an aerial creature attacking the cockpit. But it was not just any monster. Its enormous claws that were tearing through the door of the cockpit were capable of crushing any average man in a matter of seconds. From its back, a pair of demonic wings were hovering the creature in the air. But what truly, distinguished this beast from all other monsters in this world, was its lower half of the body which looked like a protective shell with a sharp needle being pointed in the end of its body.

Squall's eyes widened in shock "Elnoyle!"

"What the fuck is that thing even doi-"But before Zell could even finish that sentence, the ship suddenly accelerated in speed causing Squall Zell to practically fall to the ground once again.

Selphie was trying her best to fend off the monster before it could cause serious damage to their ship.

"Ya know a little warning would've helped," Said Zell who was crawling his way to the nearest passenger seat.

Squall who was seating across from Zell decided let Selphie take care of the situation.

"Selphie!" Squall called out "Manoeuvre Ragnarok at its highest speed and ward off that thing!"

"Roger that!" And with that, Selphie pulled a nearby handle. Within a split second, the ship was accelerating at an alarming rate.

The ship was moving at an incredible speed, moving from region to region going through all different directions trying to throw off the Elnoyle. The ship was not only changing direction but rather jumping into different directions; causing the ship to practically rotate into different positions. Everyone inside Ragnarok were struggling from the overwhelming pressure that they were going through.

From what Squall could see through the surveillance cameras, the monster was struggling as its grip tightened onto the metal bar near the cockpit, with its nails digging into the surface of the ship.

"Damn it! That thing is still trying to get in!" Said Squall "Selphie!"

"This is gonna get a little rough, hold on tight!"

Suddenly the ship slowed down as it gradually elevated upwards, directing itself to the sky. Soon enough all they could see from the bridge was the sky.

Zell felt extremely uneasy and at the same time terrified for what was about to happen.


"Saving our asses!"

And within a split second the ship had skyrocketed along with the Elnoyle still keeping its grip. The entire ship was shaking from the incredible speed it was going at. After every little second the Ragnarok had accelerated as it furthered closer and closer to the inner atmosphere.

Squall was trying his best to concentrate from all the pressure an the speed of the ship pushing him against his seat. He was keeping his eyes on the monitor, watching as the monster was struggling its hold onto the ship. Zell, on the other hand, was trying to keep his calm, unsure about Selphie's intention but still placing his trust onto her.


"Selphie you have to stop!" Said Squall

But Selphie could not hear a single word. The Sun's bright streams of light ahs engulfed the entire bridge as the group could not even catch a single glimpse of their surroundings.

Squall was getting frustrated as he could not even look at their outside surroundings. He was starting to wonder what was going on with Selphie. He pushed himself under the pressure to lean closer and see what was going on with Selphie. She did not look well, she may have gone through a state of shock from being exposed to the immense speed the ship was accelerating at.

"Selphie! Snap out of it!"

She was starting to lose her main focus as she found herself almost in daze. Her eyes widening, skin turning pale white, almost in a state of shell shock as she just kept her position in the control system. It was not long before she fell aware of her surroundings.

The ship was starting to shake uncontrollably. Elnoyle's grip was starting to loosen. It was not long before the ship would lose itself from the pressure.


Zell took a deep breath as he called out to Raganrok's pilot.


Soon enough the ship just seemed to stop moving as it almost stood in its position for a few seconds. With those few seconds to spare Selphie was brought back to her senses. The ship was beginning to rotate backwards as it aimed directly for the ground. In a matter of seconds the engines were starting up again.

Squall was starting to wonder if Selphie was aware of what was happening or if she was even conscious.


Though still trying to get a hold of herself, Selphie was able to finally to speak up. .


And thus Ragnarok's engines fired up moving at an unbelievable speed. The ship was now aiming itself towards the very surface of the plant. It was not long before Squall and Zell noticed that the monster was no longer in sight. Their ship was safe, but it was still in motion and moving at incredible speed.

"Selphie!"Squall called out "It's gone now, slow down!"

The SeeD finally gave in as she slowly loosened her grip on the controls and began to rotate the ship towards the horizon. The party landed in the nearest land space possible.

In just a minute the ship made a complete stop to its unknown destination. The group finally took a deep breath, relieved to have finally escaped that unbearable danger.

Squall was able to slowly stand up, followed by Zell who felt very light-headed under what te entire group had gone through.

"That...was..AWESOME!" Said Zell who was still trying to keep himself in balance.

It was not long before Selphie turned and pushed herself up from her seat. She still looked pale and somewhat dizzy. She suddenly collapsed onto the floor before she could even get off her seat.


Zell ran towards her in shock as he placed her arm around him as he gently lifted her up form the ground.

Selphie gently rubbed her forehead "I'm fine really."

Squall walked up to her as he helped Zell lay her down onto one of the passenger seats


Soon enough Selphie fell back as she drifted off to sleep. Zell and Squall who were starting to feel a bit better, decided to take charge while their pilot was resting up. She certainly deserved it for that suicide mission of hers.

Squall took deep breath as he looked through their surroundings "Ok first things first."

Zell turned to look outside. There was nothing but sand surrounding the ship, not a soul or a single sign of civilization could be seen.

"Where the hell are we?"

Admist the chaos they had just fought through. Quistis who was temporarily taking charge of

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