And this is it! The final chapter of The Court's Story. I know you all have been patiently waiting, so I won't keep you waiting a moment longer. It's nothing real epic, it just ties everything up. I'm sorry if it's not what you expected, but it took me a snow day to even get started on it.

Two Years After The Attacks

"That a boy" Cody cooed, holding his little boy's hands in his own "Come on, show your father how you can run. Come on, stand up."

Randy was leaning against the wall beside them, looking on with a warm pride in his eyes. He was taping up his wrists for his match later, already clad in his ring gear. Cody sat against the wall, legs crossed and head free of any hat (his smooth tail curled around his waist). They no longer feared anyone finding out, not after the stern 'don't ask/don't tell' policy that Vince set up for them. That's why they let their year and a half old son out without a hat or coat while they were protected in the arena.

Young Alec had the soft brunette hair like his younger father, as well as the chocolate colored ears and tail. But those stormy grey eyes were that of an Orton, and that stare…it was all Viper. He was clinging to Cody's hands at the moment, struggling to get to his feet. He had this intense look on his face, mouth set in a firm line as he tried to please his daddy.

"My strong boys" Randy murmured quietly.

Cody looked up at his master, the thread of his collar catching the light and gleaming brilliantly. He smiled, getting a loving ruffle to his hair. A purr escaped his lips, Alec mimicking the sound. He looked to his son with wide eyes, surprised.

"Did my Alec purr?" Cody smiled widely, hugging his song close to his chest and nuzzling his cheek across his head. Alec responded in kind, clinging to his daddy and burying his face in the man's soft t-shirt. Randy smiled warmly at the display, he never got enough of seeing the two of them all curled together like real cats. His two kittens, his boys, his responsibilities. His son, and his beautiful sub. The father of his child…one of his two real loves in this world. The other was currently snuggling into his daddy.

"You gonna show me how he runs before my match?" Randy teased.

"Oh, right!" Cody giggled, pushing Alec away enough to get him balanced on his feet "Come on, kid, let's show your father what we've been doing."

While Cody was focused on getting his son to walk across the hall, Ted rounded the corner and spotted the happy couple. His ears perked up, a smile splitting his face when he saw his best friend.

"Is that fat thing my nephew?" Ted teased, making his way over to the couple. When Alec was born, Randy had appointed John (and by proxy, Ted) the Godfather of their child. The blonde slid down the opposite wall of Cody, cooing at the toddler and urging him forward with his hands. Alec giggled, stumbling gracelessly over to the blonde and falling into his lap.

"Hey Teddy" Cody smiled at the other, looking him over carefully. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but there was something different about Ted. He looked…softer around the edges, a warmth to his cheeks. And his smell was off. He couldn't be…pregnant, could he? No, Ted would've told him.

/Unless he doesn't know/ Cody's smile turned into a smirk /Oh, awesome. My Teddy…a daddy. Super Cena is going to be pleased./

"Good luck on your match tonight" Ted looked to the master "Do you go on after Miz and Evan?"

"Yeah, me and Swagger" Randy rolled his neck "I'm gonna give that boy a run for his title belt."

"Heavyweight is quite the accomplishment" Cody tilted his head back, looking up at the taller man "Go easy on him, won't you?"

Randy reached down and ruffled his sub's hair once more, "Never, sweetness."

"And Phil will be commentating" Ted was dropping kisses along Alec's head, getting the little one to shake his head and snuffle like a puppy "That'll be interesting. Apparently he's giving Jack tips on how to defeat you."

"I hope so" Randy shrugged "He'll need it."

"Did I tell you the good new yet, Ted?" Cody chimed.

Ted raised a brow, indicating he hadn't the slightest idea. He let Alec use his hands as something solid to get to his feet, coaxing him to go back across the hall to his daddy.

"I'm pregnant again" Cody stated, patting his belly fondly "We found out it's a girl, and she's completely normal."

"What's normal, anyway?" Ted scoffed, giving Alec's tail a little tug and making the boy spazz "I'm happy for you, though, that's amazing. You little fertile brat."

Cody stuck his tongue out at his friend, opening his arms for his toddling son.

"You guys thought of any names yet?" the blonde inquired.

"Not really" Cody puckered up his lips thoughtfully "How about Jasmine?"

"What?" Ted chuckled heartily "What kind of name was that?"

As the boys started throwing names back and forth, Randy let his mind wander. His thoughts fell to that dark time two years ago, when he experienced the purest moment of joy mixed with the deepest sorrow…all within a single minute. The son he'd never know…lost because of a dead bastard and his own carelessness. He shouldn't have allowed his sub to come to the ring with him. They'd lost a child that day, and there was nothing he could do to change it now.

Now, this was his family. The memory would linger, and he'd never forget, but there was nothing he could do.

Randy opened his mouth to voice his opinion, "How about-"

"You have to come back!"

The heartbroken wail came from down the hall. Their heads whipped towards that direction, Cody hugged his son into his arms as if to protect him. In just a moment, Morrison stalked past the hall with a cellphone to his ear. He would've walked right past, but he was crying too hard to see where he was going. He hit the corner of the turn, collapsing against the stone.

"You ha-ave to come back, Shawn" John was begging breathlessly "You left me all alone here, and I-I can't take it! I need you here…"

Morrison continued to cry as he listened to his master, who was currently hundreds of miles away and trying to soothe them. He raked a hand through his raven hair, revealing his flushed, tear-stained face.

"Come back" John sniffled "I want you here. I can't be the next Shawn Michaels, I just…can't! Everyone expects so much, and I lost my title…please come back."

"Johnny!" Ted called, standing up to rush to their friend's side.

John looked up, a look of horror overtaking his face. He darted away down the other hall, obviously ashamed of his behavior. Ted bit the side of his lip, looking to Cody.

"I'm gonna-"

"Yeah, go" the brunette gestured for him to go.

Ted dashed off, set on catching their friend and calming him down.

Cody sighed, looking up at his master, "You know he's pregnant, don't you?"


Cody laughed long and loud at the look on his master's face, cuddling Alec close.

These were the things that made life good.


"This is insane" Evan whined "I can't do this! This was a stupid idea! Why did I ever ask for this?"

Jericho shook his head, standing behind his lover and tugging his Air Bourne tights up around his lithe thighs.

"I'm so stupid, going after the belt" Evan made his master's job harder by squirming around "I'm not ready for this, I haven't earned it!"

"Yes you have, Evvy" Chris countered, finally getting the pants up around the younger man's hips "You've worked your ass off for this."

"I'm gonna mess it up, I know I am" the ravenette rambled, so oblivious to the world that he didn't notice how his master pressed up behind him as he pulled the strings and knotted his wrestling pants "I didn't practice enough, I totally blew it off."

"Stop jittering" Chris grumbled, manhandling his sub into a nearby chair. He dropped to his knees, grabbing the boy's boots so he could start lacing them. Evan kept on chattering even as the blonde shoved a boot on his feet and started slipping the strings through the holes, pulling tight.

"Hi Evan."

The two voices perfectly intertwined, cutting through the high flyer's whine and stopping him abruptly. Evan looked to the door way, smiling brightly when he saw his two friends leaning against side of the doorframe. Alex and Chris were dressed up in their punk ring gear, clad in spikes and leather and chains. Just the way they liked it…just the way Big Sexy liked it. Chris's hood cut off just above his eyes, the spikes along the length of it giving him the look of a demon with a smoldering gaze. Alex's touch of silver eyeliner with the matching silver streak through his faux-hawk gave him an…angelic sheen.

They looked stunning, their overall appearance aided by golden Unified Tag-Team belts around their waists.

"We just came by to wish you luck" Chris stated, looking around the room "Huh, smaller than ours."

"Shut up" Evan glared, but his tone was playful.

"You're going to do great" Alex assured him "We believe in you and all that."

"You brats" Chris smiled fondly, fingers still working on the boots "Where's the big guy at?"

Alex pouted, "He never tells us when he disappears like this, but I'm sure it's something real important."

"Or, ya know, not" Chris countered, getting a jab in the ribs by his lover "What?"

"Anyways" the brunette gave him a glare, then looked to the high flyer "We just wanted to say-"

"Good luck."

The brats jumped when hands landed on their shoulders, the darker Hardy standing between them and standing nearly a half a head taller than them both. He was in his street clothes, shades perched atop his head and his duffle bag thrown over his shoulder.

Jericho raised a brow, "Matt?"

"I wanted to wish your boy luck" Matt nodded towards Evan, who flushed happily in turn "I have to head out of here, I won't be able to watch. Have fun out there."

"Where are you going?" Evan craned his neck to see the piece of paper in Matt's hand. The ravenette flashed it, waving it between the Motor City Brats like a badge.

"I'm gonna go see my brother" was the simple reply.

Alex wet his lips, "How is he over there?"

No one got to see Jeff much, not with him making his way over in TNA. He was champion at the moment, a heel for once. He'd turned into some kind of demon over there, and he seemed to be loving every minute of it. All the partying and grandeur was only to distract him from his loneliness…being away from his family and friends for so long was starting to wear on him.

"He's doing fine" Matt forced a smile "He's doin' what he wants and lovin' it. And it sucks that he's decided to be a heel…" his smile quivered as he tried to laugh it off "But who in their right mind would try to stop Skittles from doing what he wants?"

Jericho knew how close his friend was from falling apart, so he gave him an opening.

"Far be it from us to stop you" Chris waved him off "Go, have fun. Tell Jeff we said hi."

With a nod, Matt slipped on his shades and was gone. It was quiet for a few minutes after he left, filled with the soft sounds of Jericho lacing his lover's boots. Evan kept squirming until finally he burst.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to fight a master?" Evan gushed "I mean, it's Mike! He can be downright evil! He's not going to go easy on me, he never does. Oh fuck, I'm going to get creamed, aren't I?"

Chris chuckled, "Nervous, much?"

Alex glared at his lover, "Be nice."

"I mean, it's not fair for a both of them to have a belt, right?" Evan looked to his master pleadingly, who was smoothing out his tights "Miz and Jack, I mean. Jack's the Heavyweight champion, and Miz is…well, he's the champion! It's not fair, right? I'm doing a good thing. I'm not-" he swallowed thickly "-overstepping my bounds?"

"Stop it, precious" Chris murmured, standing up and pulling his lover to his feet "You're a superstar right now, not my sub. You have every right to face Miz, as much as any other…more even. You'll be amazing. You'll wow them."

Chris leaned in, dropping a kiss on the smaller man's forehead, "Like always."

Sabin nudged his partner, nodding at the hall. They crept away, making sure not to make any noise that would disturb the lovers.

"Speaking of couples holding the belts…"

That voice was unmistakable, they turned with equal grins to face a smirking Justin Gabriel. They turned with equal smirks to face their dark skinned friend, standing there in his angel-gear and grinning like a fox. He was all dressed up and nowhere to go…or so they thought.

"Hey, Jay" Alex stated, looking to his lover curiously "What are you stalking around for?"

"Oh, nothing" Gabriel purred "Hope you've warmed up properly for your match later. You'll need it against my 'Lex."

"Oh please" Chris gave a cocky smirk "It's the two of us against him. Bring it."

Gabriel lifted his hand to his mouth, releasing a sultry chuckle that sent shivers down the Brats spines. He didn't say a word, but he didn't have to.

Alex's mind clicked into place, "You're planning on interfering, aren't you!"

Gabriel pouted rather innocently, "We have to debut as a tag-team some time!"

Alex and Chris gaped, frozen in place as the cattish wrestler stalked towards them. He stopped right in front of them, reaching out and trailing his fingers down the golden plates of their belts. He had a hungry look in his eyes, a huge step above the fallen angel he had been only a few months ago.

"And who better than us against the champions?" Justin whispered, lips twitching out of their pout into a smirk "You two have had it long enough, haven't you?"

Chris went to grab him, but the African dodged and darted down the hall. His laughter trailed behind him, agitating them further.

"You total cheater!" Chris shouted, shaking his fist after him like an old man. Alex huffed and laid a hand on his lover's arm, getting him to lower it.

"It's fine" Alex pressed up against him, sliding his hands up his lover's arms to the base of his neck "Let it go, Demon. We're going to kick their asses tonight."

Chris growled at the use of his play name, but conceded. It wasn't as if he was actually upset, it was just his nature to get hysterical and dramatic. Alex was his rock, keeping him physically grounded to this spot so he wouldn't run off and make an ass of himself. Instead, he dodged around his lover and caught him from behind. The brunette rolled his eyes, letting the other take his hips in a vice.

"Let's have a good luck fuck" Chris murmured in his ear, the air movement tickling his skin "Ya know, for tonight. We're gonna show that baby-master his place."

"It's not our duty to-" Alex cut himself off, his lover's hands ghosting lower to the 'V' of his thighs "Chrissy!"

"Please?" Chris whined, stubble scratching across the man's shoulder now "I want it. You saying you don't?"

"Well, no, but that's not the point-"

"Well what? Fuck me."

Alex's eyes widened, he turned to come nose-to-nose with the man, "Y-You'd let me…?"

The copper haired man nodded quickly, brushing their noses in a very puppyish fashion, "Why not? All you'd have to do is earn it."

Alex bit the side of his lip, anticipation welling and swelling up inside of him. He'd never topped Chris before, he'd never gotten permission. No one but their master had been inside Chris, and that was the way Kevin had always liked it.

"What about Big Sexy?" Alex tried to laugh it off "I don't think he'd like us playing without his permission?"

"What if I said…I got his permission?" Chris slowly started to back off, raking his fingers suggestively over his title belt "What if I told you that if we retain our titles tonight…Master had some delicious and devious in store for us?"

Alex's full lips pursed, "Then I'd know a certain devil has been whispering into our master's ear."

Chris shrugged, turning away to idly make his way down the hall. The brunette waited behind for a few beats, weighing the probabilities in his mind. What if Chris was telling a white lie? What kind of punishment would they receive? He didn't like to be punished…

Wrists bound, gag damp and binding away his words. He thrashed upon the white silk sheets, collar glistening at his throat as he tried to arch away from the burn of hot wax. It dripped steadily down his chest, across his abs, even burning the inside of his thighs. But like the good angel he was, he kept his legs parted and his neck bared. He didn't want to displease his master, but it hurt.

Hurt so good.

Chris was in the corner, watching hungrily. His collar was clipped snug at his throat, bare from the waist up. Leather pants, shredded at the knees, gave him his modesty. The bulge in them was obscene, his face colored so rosy that one would be able to tell his desire even if he wasn't panting like a pup. He was shifting restlessly, wanting to join in, but he was bound to the silver hoop on the wall by a chain that was d-clipped to his collar. The silver hoops twin was just a few feet away, meant for a certain angel when his time .

Looming above him, tall and tan in the golden light, was his master. He was brandishing a deep blue candle, tilting it just enough to let a few drops of wax spill when they pleased. His lips were curled into a grin, his silver hair unbound and curling at his shoulders. He was all that was man, smelling of musk and decorated with scars. Scars that came with the industry, and some from enemies long past and too close.

"Have you had enough, Angel?" Kevin crooned, always so sweet and soft with his bright one.

Alex nodded, getting a heavy splash of blue wax across his pec. He cried out, shuddering so hard he was sure his skin was crawling. As it cooled, the pleasure turned his cry into a moan, nipples hardening under the stimulation.

"Then you shouldn't have fallen so hard" the older man growled, thoroughly displeased with how his pet had been acting the past few days. Chris had convinced him to do some rather naughty things with other wrestlers, tricked him into some prime positions and against them nearly naked a few times. All because of a few words and some nudges from his partner, and with that he landed into some serious trouble with their master.

Kevin didn't take lightly to people feeling up his angel.

"You knew better" Kevin clawed his fingers through the wax "You're my good boy, I taught you better than to rub your sweet ass against just anyone. You belong to me, and I will not-!" he punctuated this by closing his big hand around the smaller man's throat "-have you smelling like other men. Do you hear me?"

Alex nodded frantically, little whimpers escaping past the gag. He couldn't take much more, Kevin was never this brutal with him. The thick hand around his throat eased, slipping away to be replaced with sharp teeth and a slick tongue. His whimper fazed out into a sweet whine of relief as the sensitive skin was suckled and marked to his master's content.

"You disobey me again, and you'll get it ten times worse."

The threat was made in soothing vibration against his jugular, and he nodded…more leisurely this time.

"My innocent boy" Kevin rumbled in his ear, easing the pain away with a few strokes of his solid palm "Are you ready to watch our Demon receive his punishment?"

"Oh God yes" Alex breathed out loud, the ecstasy in his voice shaking him from his own fantasies. He blinked rapidly, dissolving the images behind his eyelids like an old film tearing apart. He dashed aside his skepticism and his blatant doubts, letting his feet take over.

"Chris, wait!"

Alex hurried after his lover, ready to cash in that offer.


Edge watched Shane carefully as the man put together two contracts. One for him, the other for his submissive lover. His eyes were sharp, trained on every movement, making sure the man didn't slip anything else inside them.

Shane sighed, looking world-weary, "Wanna check again?"

"No" Edge sat back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest "I trust you."

Shane muttered and went back to organizing the contracts. His cheeks were pale, the dark circles under his eyes confirming his hectic schedule. Poor guy worked himself to the bone, and yet Stephanie remained the favorite. It was how the McMahon family had always worked, even the wrestlers could figure it out. And to think, he used to be so carefree.

Christian was in the seat beside him, one leg idly crossed over the other while his hands took home on the rests of the plush chair. Though they had come here with a very serious purpose, his eyes lingered out the window and his thoughts were somewhere far away. There was a troubled expression marring his brow, but otherwise he was as handsome as ever.

Adam reached out and touched his lover's forearm, but there was no response.

Undertaker was leaning against the wall by the door, arms crossed over his chest. His head was tilted down, shades covering his eyes and leaving an aura of mystery around him. It was all an act to intimidate Shane, and it was clearly working.

"Here we go" Shane pushed the contracts in front of the two men, the two stacks almost completely identical "Five year contracts for the both of you. A couple of proper title runs, three good feuds, and almost no jobbing. Does that please you?"

"With all the time and effort you put into it?" Adam sighed in relief, starting to flip through his own "Yes…yes it does."

Jay turned from the window, letting his eyes rest upon his own binding contract. All he had to do was sign it, and he was free. With their retirement pay, they'd be able to live out the rest of their lives the way they wanted. Sure, they'd still show up for house shows and maybe even management…go on tour like superstars were bound to do…maybe even get into the Hall of Fame. But all that was part of the job, they wouldn't have to risk their lives anymore. His bandaged shoulder was enough to make him see the true danger in their job.

A few weeks ago, he'd torn his pectoral muscle. He'd seen it happen to half a dozen guys, and back then he'd been so sure it'd never happen to him. Yet here he was…arm slung in a cast, unable to wrestle for at least two more months. Thankfully he hadn't completely destroyed himself, the doctor said he'd hurt himself in the best way possible.

Thank God for small favors.

"What's wrong, angel?" Edge murmured, leaning in and running a hand across his lover's chest "Your shoulder bothering you?"

"No, I'm fine" Jay replied, an automatic response for his master's concern. But he didn't pull away like he used to, he let Adam fuss over him. With each brush of his fingers, he left his scent on the slighter man…like a big cat claiming his territory.

Shane watched them scan their contracts with a sour look on his face. He was obviously holding something back, and soon enough he couldn't stop himself.

"You're not going back to TNA, right?" Shane gushed, dark eyes taking on the glisten of a puppy "Please tell me they didn't make you a better offer? I'll triple it, whatever it is!"

Christian cringed at the company name. He despised that place, Angle's essence lingered there like a bad stink. His, as well as Raven's and AJ's. God, they had cost that company plenty of money already, it wouldn't be a surprise if they tried to claim them.

"No" Edge replied sharply, fingers gently grazing his lover's arm once more "It's just…we've been in this business a long time. Nineteen years now. I think twenty-five is a good cap for our careers, don't you?"

Shane pursed his lips in an almost-pout, like he was debating on whether the man was telling the truth or not. But Jay's dejected nod assured him that he was indeed being honest. If these two were fake-retiring in a few years, with a real retirement just a year off that stint…then how long before Undertaker retired?

"Mark" Shan piped up, then shrank back when the man raised his head and gave him a shaded glare "Nothing, never mind."

Mark smirked, he didn't even have to growl anymore to get respect…seems they were learning.

"Give me a pen" Jay stated, ready to end this.

They had talked long and seriously about this joint decision, but Adam could feel some resentment coming off his angel.

"Jay, you don't have to-"

"I'm doing what I want, just like you" Christian snapped "I'm just cranky, okay?"

Adam backed off, letting his lover have what he wanted. He'd known his brother long enough to know when to back off, and this was not the time to push.

For now, he'd be content with what he had, and help his lover heal.


There was something disheartening about the end of a show. It was a time where the hard earned magic of the superstars faded and the afterglow of a show-well-done settled over the crowd. Larger-than-life superstars shrank and became mere mortals again. Their weary bodies could be seen in the underground parking lot, trudging along with only the hopes of a cool bed and a hot meal in mind.

Stars started filing out, drifting toward their cars like ghouls.

The most notable were the two biggest champions in the business…walking together, with two possible champions. They were walking in pairs, the two subs behind the two masters. As usual, Miz and Alex had their heads together and were whispering about strategy and that night's match against Evan. Their grins were equal, their white teeth shining the dull light. Equally handsome faces were inches apart, one would think they were lovers…or a pair of thieves.

Their actual lovers were behind them, Jack with his belt across his shoulder and Justin with his pout in full bloom.

"It-th okay, man" Jack assured the boy, draping his thick arm across the man's shoulder "You tried. Those Brats are in sync, you can't be down on that. You held yourthelf well out there."

Justin smiled up at the bigger man, glad that he had at least proven himself worthy of going up against the champions. He let himself be dragged into Swagger's side, giving a playful growl but otherwise showing no protest. They watched their masters fondly, both thinking (without knowing it) of how lucky they were to have such charismatic masters.

The next couple to spill out of the doors were much less bright, a shadow seeming to follow them. Christian was walking slowly, duffle bag slung over his good shoulder. Adam was following him very closely, ready to catch the bag if his brother's body was going to give out. But Jay was determined to do it by himself, and that was something he just had to respect.

"I'll get the car door" Adam offered, pulling out the keys and going on ahead to the silver rental car. He didn't want to step on his brother's toes, and he was sure that this action was subtle enough to keep his sympathy known but not pressing. Shit, his brother had torn his pectoral muscle! That was one of the most serious injuries one could get in this industry! He'd torn his own Achilles heel not too long ago, and he could still recall the painful months of recovery. He had been torn out of a prime feud spot for that. He'd lost his title belts because of it. And who'd replaced him? Fuckin' Big Show. Jay had been by his side as much as possible, staying off tour for days just so he could play nursemaid.

/And what a naughty nursemaid he was/ Adam grinned to himself, unlocking the passenger door and swinging it open. He hadn't so much as tossed his bag in the back seat when he heard a muffled yelp and a thud, a sickening noise if there ever was one.

Adam whipped around, wincing when he saw his lover collapsed on his knees with his duffle bag haphazardly at his side. Jay was cradling his injured shoulder and arm, brow creased and mouth twisted in pain. He hurried to the man's side, dropping down next to him and immediately reaching out to caress his injured shoulder.

He older blonde was surprised when his lover cuddled up into his chest, burying his face in his neck and letting his weight rest on him. It broke his heart, and the sweet sigh of relief that escaped Jay melted and reformed the sacred organ. He tightened his grip, letting his strength pour into the other.

"I got you" Edge whispered, that gleam of dominance back in his eyes "Come on. Let's get you in the car."

Jay gave a weak protest, "But…"

"No 'buts', you're listening to me now" Edge easily picked his lover up off his feet, making sure his grip was firm before he headed towards the car again. Jay didn't resist a second more, letting his master do what he would with him.

From his motorcycle, Morrison watched the scene. He idly reached up and touched the bit of scar on his face, an ache for his own master was filling his heart. It was dulled by the fact that he knew he'd be seeing the man soon, he was going straight to the airport once he got on this metal deathtrap. He had been upset on the phone earlier, and Shawn had demanded that he get home as soon as possible.

Without a second thought, he swung his helmet off the seat and on his head. One would be able to tell how eager he was by how he ignored his hair, he didn't give one thought to mussing it up as he buckled his helmet in place. In just a few moments, he was straddling the machine and coaxing it to life.

"He'll kill himself on that thing" Chris muttered, shifting the weight on his back. The weight gave a yawn and curled it's arms tighter around his neck. Jericho smiled and let his sub get comfortable for continuing, the car just in sight.

Evan released a sigh that sounded a bit like, "Mrrrr…"

"Tired, precious?" Chris cooed.

"Mm-hm" doe eyes fluttered open, lithe body completely spent from the match he had against Miz "Did I do good, Master?"

"You did very well" Chris replied, his smile even softer "You gave Mike a run for his money. You showed them, precious. I swear."

"Mmm, good" Evan started to doze off, burying his face in the back of his master's neck. He inhaled his scent, a low musk of Diesel cologne and man. It made his cock twitch in his the confines of his jeans, something the blonde felt quite clearly.

"Naughty boy" Chris growled lowly, his step quickening at the thought of rewarding his sweetling.

Evan parted his lips, letting his teeth scrape across the nape of the blonde's neck. He felt his master's grip tightening on his legs, a sign that he was winding him up. He was completely spent, but he was in for some good old-fashioned loving.

"Aren't they cute?" Chris whispered into his lover's ear, dropping a kiss just behind it to punctuate the sentence.

"Yeah" the brunette agreed, letting his attention fall from the couple so he could focus on his lover "Hey, do I have a…?"

Alex gestured to his neck, indicating a hickey. The other didn't look, merely nuzzled the skin with his nose.

"Not a one that our master didn't put there" he lied.

Alex sighed in relief, letting his guard down. He weakly batted at the copper haired man, not really trying to put up the resistance nor accepting it completely. He smiled softly, secretly enjoying the puppyish actions of the man. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, Chris froze at his side. Two big hands settled over the nape of their necks, making them freeze. A warm body pressed up behind their own, getting right in their personal space.

"And how are my boys doing?" a low voice rumbled.

"Master…" they both purred, arching into the touch in almost unison.

"Where have you been?" Alex added.

"I was with Cena, talking to some important people" Kevin replied "We're working on getting a bus for the subs to ride in on long trips.. We're tired of you being unprotected all the time."

"Thank you" Alex replied, his heart picking up it's pace in excitement "We appreciate it, Master."

"What have my boys been up to?" Kevin inquired, brushing a kiss through Alex's brunette tresses "Nothing bad, I hope?"

"Nope" Chris answered automatically.

Kevin was inclined to believe them, and started steering them toward his truck, "Good."

The brats exchanged glances, thinking they had gotten away with their rough tryst. What they didn't know was that at that moment, Kevin glanced down and saw the little love nips decorating his angel's neck. A scowl twisted his lips, even though he knew (without a doubt) that Chris was the one who left them. His hands tightened on the backs of their necks, making the two boys arch and keen.

"Master" Alex's whined, the man's thumb digging into his jugular where one of the

"Did my boys get naughty without my permission?" Kevin growled "Again?"

"No" Chris lied automatically.

Kevin squeezed them harder, forcing their heads down submissively. They got to the truck, where he forced them both to a standstill with pure strength alone.

"I'm sorry" Alex exclaimed, he could never lie to his master.

"I know you are, Angel" Kevin pinned the brunette up against the truck, chest and stomach flat against the cold metal. He squirmed, but froze when his master gave a bark to stop. He shuddered under the touch, listening for what his lover's punishment would be.

Kevin dragged Chris to his chest with the other hand, bringing their faces close. The boy looked nervous, but not scared…not yet.

"My little demon" Kevin bent his head down, running his canines down the curve of his neck. The younger man shuddered, but kept his mouth shut.

"Did you -once again- play behind my back?"

"No, I-"

"Don't lie."

Kevin dug his teeth into the sensitive flesh, making the copper haired man writhe.

"I'm sorry" Chris purred, his cock stirring restlessly inside his jeans at the rough sensations "You know I can't resist him."

"My horny demon" Kevin corrected himself, breath tickling the oversensitive flesh. He let go of both his boys, a smirk twisting his lips now.

"Get in the truck" Kevin ordered "I think it's time we had a nice, long playdate. Don't you?"

Punk shook his head as the threesome disappeared into a high truck together, his heart warming at the sight of Kevin carefully helping each of his boys into the vehicle. The way he slapped Chris's ass, the way he stroked Alex's thigh…sometimes it just got on his nerves. He was standing in the doorway to the underground lot, observing his colleagues as they made their way to their respective resting places for the night. Most were alone, but there were some lucky few that had managed to pair off and were off to a night of lovemaking.

"Lucky, lucky boys" Phil sneered, dragging himself down the stairs. His feet made an awful scraping sound against the cement, rolling his neck in hopes of easing the ache there. He looked almost completely different from the image he had portrayed just a year ago. His long dark hair had been sheared in some stipulations, and he'd decided to put some blonde highlights in once his hair had grown out. He loved how he looked now, it was just the change he needed. He'd toned up, his muscles were coming in firm and swelling at his biceps like they'd once done. He'd been on a bad road there for a while with his Straight Edge Society…

"Where do you think you're going, pretty boy?"

That rough rumble sent delicious shivers up Punk's spine, his eyes fluttered shut so he could savor the flavor it. He knew his master couldn't be far away, though he had let himself be fooled into thinking Mark had abandoned him.

"Mark" Phil turned at the bottom of the steps, squinting into the shadows "…master?"

From the darkest part of the side stairwell emerged his master, in all his dark glory. He had a smirk on his face, the first sign that he was up to no good. He looked as intimidating as ever, and just as powerful. Phil had to resist the urge to drop to his knees right there, to kneel in a sign of respect and submission as all should do in the presence of The Undertaker. His master, his lord…all that he followed.

"My prince" Mark smirked, holding out his hand. Punk stepped forward and took it, finding himself pulled into the dark and hidden in just moments. His master's hands were all over him, gliding down his arms and over his hips…through his hair, along his back. One palm settled on the back of his neck, right over his hidden tattoo. Phil leaned into him, sighing in content.

"Master" escaped him once more in a relieved purr, cheek pressed against the older man's thick pec.

"We have some things to talk about, my prince" Mark stated, though he knew it would upset his sub.

"About what?"

"About…my retirement."

Phil ripped himself away from the man, staring up at him in shock. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, his ears were burning.

"Mark!" Phil couldn't stop from shouting "What the hell do you mean 'your retirement'? You're not retiring! You're going to be hear for…for…!"

"Five more years" Mark seized his lover's flailing fists, holding them to his chest "If my body holds out that long. I'm getting on in years, prince…you know that better than anyone."

"You're lying" Phil let his hands roam over his master's chest, the muscles there firm and strong "You're fine! Don't talk like that! Besides, you wouldn't start training a new Head Master without telling me!"

Even as he said it, he knew he was wrong. He knew from the look in the older man's eyes that he had already picked and started training someone, his successor already in prime place for take over at a moment's notice. It broke his heart, he didn't want to think of this strong man all weak and crippled by serious injures. With the stunts Mark pulled, it wouldn't be long off.

Phil's resolve started to crumble. He cleared his throat, wetting his lips, trying to coax words out.

"Who is it?" he choked.

The doors at the start of the stairwell burst open, a boisterous laugh escaping and echoing into the complex. Phil found himself pulled to his master's chest protectively, Mark's back flush against the cement side of the stairwell. They watched the steps carefully, both breathing a sigh of relief when they saw a very familiar set of broad shoulders swathed in lavender.

Cena was laughing at a joke his boy had just told him, the blonde at his side. Ted was chuckling softly, giving a little yelp when he was yanked into his master's side. They passed soon enough, making their way towards the back of the parking lot.

"Cena?" Punk inquired in a rather deadpan "Really?"

"Yes, Michael, really" Mark teased lightly, hoping to ease his pet's concerns "You knew I was favoring him to take over."

"Still…" the younger man sighed in almost disappointment "So soon?"

"It had to come eventually" large palms smoothed over his shoulders "You knew that."

"It doesn't mean I have to fucking like it" Punk growled, though there was a hard-earned respect lacing in his tone "But he is a good…I'd follow him, if you weren't around."

A brief, relieved smile graced the Deadman's face. He knew he could trust his pet's judgment if nothing else in this world. He dragged him into another embrace, letting the slighter burrow into him.

"We won't think about it tonight" Mark murmured into blonde-highlighted hair "Tonight…let me treat you. I'll get a suite, and we'll celebrate your return to RAW properly."

Punk nodded against the man's chest, relaxing into the touch like any good sub would.

The day he would have to travel without his master around was one that was far off.

Ted gave a gruff laugh as his master wrapped an arm around his waist, yanking him into his side. He was led along at a jaunty pace, his feet struggling to keep up with his master's long strides.

"Where were you for hours?" Ted faux-whined, letting himself be all but dragged to the car.

"Met up with, Nash, kitten" John replied, squeezing him experimentally "Getting you guys a bus…and…hey, have you been working out?"


"Hmm" John squeezed him again, noting the firmness of his boy "Nevermind."

Ted's brow creased, but he didn't say anything.

John threw up a hand in a wave at his best friend as they passed. Ted managed a quick wave before the two disappeared behind the row of cars.

Randy nodded in acknowledgment, lips twitching when he saw how plump Ted looked. By no means fat, but…healthy.

"He's got that glow, doesn't he?" Cody asked, his voice floating out from inside the car. He was busy buckling little Alec into his car seat, the boy quite memorized by the cold teething ring cradled in his palms. He gazed at his daddy with big blue eyes, the edge of the chew toy stuck between his lips. Cody smiled and cooed at his boy, dropping a kiss on his forehead before ducking out. He laid a hand on his own tight belly, the before mentioned glow gracing his own cheeks.

"You cat boys" Randy teased light heartedly "You need to leave pregnancy for the women."

"You're just jealous" Cody sidled up to his lover, lips curled into a grin. He pressed his boy up against the he'd older man's, strong arms instantaneously wrapping around his back. It was a natural reaction by now, a natural love - a natural connection. Just like it had been from the beginning, all those years ago. They couldn't remember a time when this was awkward, or a time when neither harbored this unbridled love. Randy nuzzled the boy's head, catching his wonderful scent.

"You ready to go home, sweetness?" Randy murmured, lips brushing the brunette's sensitive ears. Cody shivered and nodded, he'd wanted nothing more his entire life. Home meant a familiar bed and good food, it meant a nursery for Alec, it meant playing with his son in front of the fireplace was Randy watched football. It meant normality. He loved the life they led, but sometimes…it wore him out.

A knuckle curled beneath Cody's chin, raising it enough for his master to capture his mouth.

"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" Randy murmured, reflecting one of the first things he ever said to his pet "Ever will see."

Cody smiled, eyes closed in bliss. He nuzzled his master's chest, a low purr escaping his throat.


"Yeah?" Randy pulled away, locking eyes with his baby.

"Is this how it'll always be?" Cody whimpered, hope shining in his eyes.

"Of course" Randy ran his fingertips down the flushed cheek, a crooked grin twisting his lips "And be-damn anyone who tries to change it."

Cody nodded, glad that he could trust his master to keep their lives stable.

As all the pets trusted their masters to do.

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