Your all that I need

It was a beautiful day and Roxton and Marguerite were on a
hunting trip.
Roxton : Marguerite if we walk a little faster then a snail we
might just catch
something and be home before night fall.
Marguerite looked up and stopped.
Marguerite : tired of my company already John.
She fluted her eyes at him and her voice was soft and salutary,
that made Roxton
stop and look at her.
Roxton : ill never tier of you my dear you make my life a whole
lot brighter, so what
you after ?
Marguerite put on a mock horror face as if to say she wasn't up
to anything.
Marguerite : me what are you implying Roxton, I only asked....
Roxton : yeah yeah, it wasn't what you said it was the way you
said it your after
something I can tell.
He eyed her surpisouisly he knew the tell tell signs.
Marguerite closed the gap between them her movements fluid
like [ like a cat ] she
started to play with his buttons on his shirt.
Marguerite : well there is this cave not far from here that I would
like to investergate
for research reasons of course !
Again she looked at him with her big gray/blue eyes there faces
inches apart he could
almost feel her breath on his lips but he pulled away.
Roxton : I knew it all the way here you kept looking in that
direction that's why you
came wasn't it , not to help me at all , [ he was angry now and
hurt ] for those dame
jewels you love so much.
Marguerite stood back he wasn't happy, how could she turn this
around to her
advantage ?
Marguerite : I know but [ Roxton turned to walk away ] but what
if I make it up to you
later [ he stopped , she knew that would get his attention ]
perhaps we can go on a
picnic just you and me, we don't spend nearly enough quality
time together [ that
clinched it ].
Roxton turned round his anger disappeared replaced with a
smile that reached his
eyes [ Marguerite couldn't help but return it, he did that to her ]
he made his way back .
Roxton : just you and me all alone [ he pointed at her then ] .
Marguerite : err huh, you and me all Alone [ she enfersized that
part ] no interruptions
.... [ she also left that part dangerling like a carrot under his
nose ].
Marguerite watched Roxtons mind weigh up the pro's and con's
,the for's and against,
she already knew the outcome.
As they entered the cave Marguerite took lead she was
convined that behond the
corner lay the most preouis stones that would make her the
richest person in all of
England and solve all her troubles ,of course they would have to
find a way off the
platuea first. The adrenerline pumped through her veins as she
steered round the corner , Roxton was ready for anything and
had already
produced his gun. Marguerite slowly took the turn and came
face to face with a large
dinosaur, Marguerite stood back quickly as did Roxton but not
before grabing hold of
her arm to lead her back outside.
Roxton : Its ok , [ he heard Marguerite snort sarcasticly ] its a
He didnt have time to finish what he was saying as Marguerite
interuped him.
Marguerite : oh THATS alright then [ she scoffed ].
Roxton : sushh keep your voice down we dont want to alarm
him. Its a plant eater it
shouldn't cause us any trouble, harmless things, just back out
Just as he spoke the Triceratops awoke and shifted his weight,
when he caught sight
of the humans he snorted at them then began to move towards
them slowly.
Marguerite : plant eater you say so, why is he making eyes at
Her words were hushed to a whisper, she felt Roxtons grip
tighten around her arm.
Roxton : when I say run I want you to..
Marguerite : RUN.. you want to out run this dino I thought you
said it was harmless.
Roxton : don't argue with me on this for once just do as your
told Marguerite please.
He said this almost pleadingly through gritted teeth,so she
would respond and just
run. When he heard no argument from her he turned just a little
to see if they were
any closer to the cave entrance.
Roxton : ready 1,2,3 , RUN...
Marguerite didn't need telling twice, she was out of that cave
entrance like lighting,
followed closely by Roxton. The Triceratops gave chase as far
as they were clear
from the cave, he then stopped huffed in there direction and
sauntered back inside
the cave.
Marguerite and Roxton ran for a few more metres then decided
that the dinosaur had
given up the chase and stopped to take a breath.
Marguerite : whoa, well that wasn't very friendly of him.
She said between belts of breath.
Roxton : I don't think he liked us intruding in his home. Cant
blame him really I
wouldn't want something like him in the treehouse would you ?
Marguerite laughed and tried to regain her composure, taking
her canteen from her
shoulder she went to take a swig but the canteen was empty.
Marguerite : err Roxton can I borrow your canteen please I
appear to have run out.
Roxton took his canteen and handed it to her, he scanned the
area to see where they
went off course, it was familiar to him and knew they weren't far
from the treehouse.
Roxton : its getting dark we better head back.
Marguerite handed back the canteen and followed after Roxton.
Marguerite : sorry I lead you on a wild goose chase I was
certain that it held promise
and now Veronica is going to be mad because we have gone
home empty handed.
Roxton : oh don't be sorry Marguerite, I'm not I've got a lovely
picnic to look forward
too remember.