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Remy Could hardly contain the buoyancy of her heart, she smiled as she made the coffee, and humming along her lips was a blues song Greg had played for her.

She didn't see the quizzical look Chase gave her as he noticed this new Remy Hadley, as beautiful as she was he always considered her somewhat cold. It was irritating to see such unabashed joy when your life is falling apart, when you were utterly miserable.

Why is she so damn happy? I mean she's broken up with her boyfriend, she nearly lost her job, and she is dying! What is that good? What can make a person who has every right to be miserable be filled with joy? I am pretty sure it's not religious experience… Then it must be…love! But who? I know it's not Foreman he already has a new girlfriend. This is driving me crazy.

The other fellows couldn't help but notice the normally stoic Thirteen was ebullient. The stared at her and she wandered around cleaning up, and grabbing charts, as if the rest of the team weren't even there.

The staring is starting to get creepy. These guys are never going to let it go, until I give them something…

"Will you three quit staring at me? We have to get these charts done before the review. Now let's get to work!"

They looked a little sheepish, but Foreman couldn't let it go.

"Who is it?" His tone had a hint of anger in it.

"What? Who is what?"

"Who are you fucking?" Now his voice went up as his anger tightened his vocal chords.

Taub and Chase looked at each other and started to leave, as juicy as this was they didn't want to be in the line of fire.

"SIT!" Her expression left them no wiggle room, and they sat.

Oh God how I want to tell him, just to see the look on his smug face!

She chose valor and used discretion. With a sweet and genuine smile, she replied to his outburst.

"Whoever they, I assure you they make me happier than you ever could."

The temperature dropped twenty degrees, her words were icy barbs aimed at Foreman. However, Taub and Chase, were taking on shrapnel, they were collateral damage. If a black man with the beautiful deep pigment of Foreman, could pale with her words, then her other colleagues learned the lesson to never cross Remy… or date her.

Foreman got up wordlessly and left. The awkward silence of the moment hung in the air, until Thirteen stood up and said, "Okay now that's out of the way let's see if we can get some work done."

She acted as if it was nothing to destroy Foreman, and truthfully, it was.

As the drama in the conference room unfolded, Greg was lying on the roof. His pea coat was great but even the sturdy wool couldn't ward off the ice and patches of snow where Greg's too still body lay. His face was pale and his lips purple, he was breathing, but only just. He needed someone to miss him, to save him, because right now, he was dying.

Wilson sat in his room contemplating the news House had just given him. He had to admit he was feeling jealous. Jealous of House for finding love with a beautiful young woman, and jealous of Thirteen because she was the one who broke through all his defenses to House's soul. Wilson was angry; he discovered he didn't relish thought of having to share his best friend with anyone. Everyone knew Wilson had exclusive friend rights to House.

This is how he must have felt when I was with Amber. It sucks. I can't imagine how this is going to work… House is happy, the happiest he's been in years and all I can think about is how him being happy means I am out of job, that I am alone… God I am a selfish prick.

Wilson felt a lone tear escape and run down his face. He wiped it away and turned over, his back to the door he cried until he fell asleep.

Cuddy walked in to the diagnostics department pissed off, as usual.

"Where the hell is House? He was supposed to be in the clinic two hours ago. The clinic is full of flu patients, we need everyone available working. Since you do not have a case I expect all of you downstairs in ten minutes!"

The team minus Foreman, gave a collective sigh and started trudge down to the clinic.

"By the way where is House?" Taub asked.

"I think he's with Wilson."

"Well his room is on the way we'll fetch him and Cuddy will quit screeching." Chase's tone was playful but it had an edge of truth in it.

They were at Wilson's room in a matter of minutes and found him just waking up from a nap.

"Hey Wilson sorry to bother you but do you know where House is?"

Wilson looked at Remy with a knowing look, mixed with sadness and anger. She knew that he knew.

"He was here about two hours ago. He left to make a phone call on the r—Oh crap, get your asses to the roof I'm calling a rescue team."

Remy's face blanched and she suddenly felt weak in the knees. It was the second time today Greg had done that two her, one from desire and lust, the other from scaring her. She enjoyed the first reason, but found the second terrifying in all its implications.

Taub and Chase were already out the door before Wilson could finish dialing. But Remy was immobile, her face pale, her hands and legs trembling.

Oh my God she does love him!

The realization made him flush with shame over his petty jealousy.

"Remy? Are you okay?" There was a nod an indiscernible.

"Why don't you sit down? Good now I'm going to see what's happening with Greg, I want you to stay here. I promise I will update you on everything when I know something. I know you want to be with him but you're in shock, and you don't want to have to deal with the reaction of you and House being a couple during this."

Again she answered with a dazed nod.

Wilson sighed, and shuffled out into the hall. He called a nurse over.

"Dr. Wilson? Should you be out of bed?"

"I'm fine Kim, I need to take care of something. Could you please check on Dr. Hadley for me. She's not feeling well."

"Oh the poor thing… Of course I'll take care of her."

Wilson bestowed upon her his super special Boy Wonder smile and said, "Thanks so much Kim I really appreciate it."

The young nurse shivered at the smile and the grateful words. Those dimples made her melt.

"No worries Dr. Wilson." He couldn't hear her he was already in the hall headed for the stairwell.