A/N I though this was a fun idea for a oneshot. I'm starting to think about starting a collection, even though I know it's so cliché. I started another one (not related to this one) but it's so dang long that I think it's going to be a two or three shot instead. Anyways, I don't own it, and I hope you enjoy.

"Please?" The small green boy begged. He changed briefly into a kitten, giving Raven 'the face'. He was more adorable, and therefore much more accomplished, at said 'face' than is father.

Raven's eyes softened. How could they not? the other Titans wondered as they watched. The child's' dark green, almost black, eyes tore the heart with their deep innocence.

"Fine," the empath sighed, sounding almost exasperated. It was all for show though, as all of the Titans and the child knew she thought the boy was adorable. Who couldn't? the Titans wondered.

The mini-changeling shapeshifted back into his six-year-old self and clapped enthusiastically- a habit he'd picked up from his 'Auntie' Starfire. Raven rolled her eyes, but a soft smile played across her features. The small boy reminded her and the rest of the Titans of how a very young Beast Boy would act.

The smaller shapeshifter was an almost perfect imitation of his father. Besides the obvious light green skin, the dark green eyes, and the powers, the boy was still a mini-Beast Boy.

He constantly exuded energy, far beyond the normal capacity of a six-year-old boy. He loved to get into trouble, much to the dismay of the other Titans. He played video games with an intensity known to few. He had a lame sense of humor, even worse than most children his age. He even ate tofu. Sometimes, the Titans wondered if their friend, Beast Boy, merely made an accidental clone of himself and told them that he procreated as a cover-up.

"Aw man!" The clone whined, sounding so like his father for a moment that Cyborg even let out a chuckle. "You cheated!" He accused, pointing at the dark sorceress sitting before him.

"Collin, as much as your father may disagree, losing does not mean that the other person cheated. You may be six, but you need to learn to be accountable for your own actions. Do you understand?" The Titans retained giggles at the dejected look on the small child's face, but they knew he understood. For all that he was six, he still had an incredible intellect, and knew how to admit when he was wrong.

"Okay," the boy sighed dramatically. He sulked for a moment. "One more?" He asked eagerly, one lower fang protruding from his mouth. Raven nodded and his face lit up in childish delight. "One. Two. Three!" He shouted joyfully as the Titans watched in amusement.

The changeling tried with all his might. He unintentionally struck funny poses as he strained to beat the unyielding empath sitting across from him on the floor. Finally, his dry and burning eyes couldn't take it anymore, and he slumped to the floor in defeat. He closed his eyes and began to let them recover.

"I guess you'll have to practice." Raven told the child with a smirk, before calmly taking a sip of her tea.

The common room doors swished open to reveal a much taller (though still not extremely tall) version of the boy. Beast Boy traipsed through the common room and a grin attached to his face as he saw his son blinking rapidly to re-moisten his now irritated eyes.

"Oh Collin?" I have a gift for you!" Beast Boy called tauntingly as if he didn't see the kid sitting a few yards in front of him. "Where are you?"

"I'm right here!" The six-year-old cried, jumping up and down in excitement.

"Where?" Beast Boy smiled teasingly as he shaded his eyes with his hand as if he was searching.

"Right here!" Collin jumped up and began to pull on Beast Boy's pant-leg.

"Oh, I didn't see you buddy. You're too short." Beast Boy bent, meeting his miniature at eye level. "So, I got that thing for you, just like I promised. It was rough, I had to fight the closet monster." Collin held a hand out in anticipation.

"Magic words?" Beast Boy asked his son, raising an eyebrow.

"Please?" The boy blurted excitedly.

"The other magic words." Beast Boy commanded with a wicked, mischievous grin.

"Aw, come on dad. Don't make me say it. It's embarrassing." The child protested.

"I'm waiting for the magic words." Beast Boy emphasized his point by tapping his foot impatiently.

His son sighed and rolled his eyes. "My dad is the ultimate, coolest, bestest, most awesome ninja-assassin-y, chosen-y one, amazing, most miraculous dad in the whole universe." Collin said flatly, before rolling his dark green eyes again. "He also has bad grammar," he muttered under his breath.

"I see she beat you in a staring contest. What did I tell you?" Beast Boy was obviously messing with his son and drawing this out for all it was worth.

"Yeah, she beat me. You were right daddy, she is the 'Ultimate Staring Contest Champion'." The younger changeling held the slightest tone of almost suppressed awe in his voice as he glanced over his shoulder at Raven.

"Did she cheat?" Beast Boy asked with a wink.

"She told me not to blame other people when I lose." It was comical to watch the young boy repeat Raven's critical tone on his father. Beast Boy raised an eyebrow and shot a look at the smirking empath.

"She would." He nudged his son playfully. "She's right though...I guess. She doesn't have to cheat at staring contests though. Once, when we were teenagers, she thought she was gonna end the world and she barely even twitched."

"Uncle Cy, is that true?" Collin asked with bright, wide eyes.

"Yeah buddy, it's true." Cyborg responded without hesitation.

"Yep, she was real brave." Robin added as Raven scoffed.

"It's true. She was quite brave." Starfire chipped in.

"Don't listen to them, Collin." Raven ordered him, hiding a smile.

"I told you that was my favorite story, didn't I little man?" Beast Boy asked him, even though everyone already knew the answer.

"Only a million times dad." Collin retorted, clearly getting impatient at having to wait for his gift longer.

"Did I tell you about Trigon the Terrible? Did I tell you I defeated him single handedly?" The rest of the Titans rolled their eyes. "Did I tell you why it was my favorite story?" Beast Boy's smile was steadily growing.

"Da-ad!" The boy whined.

"Fine!" The man sighed and pulled from behind his back a medium thick novel. His son snatched it from his grasp and ran off in the direction of his room. "I can't believe I got a son who reads. I mean, he's only six and already reading on a fifth grade level." Beast Boy said with a sigh, watching the boy run off.

"At least he got something from me."

"Two really. He's not a bit romantic." Beast Boy replied, helping Raven to stand. "I mean, I've only told him the story where I realized that I was completely in love with you a few times and he acts like I'm trying to pull his teeth."

"Well, I suppose I had to show up in his personality somewhere." Raven agreed, brushing herself off.

"Just think, Rae. With your brains and my good looks, our little guy won't be able to beat the ladies off with a stick!" Raven elbowed her husband in the ribs.

"I don't want to worry about that for a while, thank you." Beast Boy nodded and laced his fingers with hers.

"Hey mom, dad!" Collin called sprinting back into the room. "Guess what? I have a new joke!" The Titans groaned.

"If his humor stays as bad as yours though, I doubt I'll have to worry about it. For a very long time." Raven told her husband loftily.

"Hey, I got you to like me!"

"No. You got me to love you, you dimwit." She answered affectionately and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Gross! Mom!" Collin cried in disgust. Raven smiled at her son.

"You're joke, honey?"