Co-written with Leigh-Leigh.

Leigh has wrote the first chapter, I shall be writing the second one.

Of Green Eyes and Fish boys.

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Cormac Limbs had seen many freaks in his lifetime. Ranging from normal people with lobster disease, to an extremely tall man who could use telepathic powers, you name it, and he had seen it. Until the day, he discovered something he had not seen before: a small family of freaks. They were four of them and they were all kin to each other.

The one he had gotten to know first was the oldest, Neta. She was a woman in her early twenties, and she had a strange pigment of skin. It was light green. She had dark green leaf markings trailing from her face down to her toes. Her hair was a deep brown, the color of soil. Her eyes were light green in color.

The next one was a girl, around fourteen or fifteen. She was a strange character; she always wore a black cloak with the hood pulled over her head.

Cormac had later learned it was because she was half-tiger. Her name, appropriately, was Felina Stripe. She had stripes covering her whole body, her face was adorned with the markings as well. Her hair was black and she had a small streak of white on black side bangs, covering her right eye. Her eyes were different colors, due to her injury of one of the eyes when she was three. She had a light green eye on her left, and on her right was an ice blue one. She was a normally quiet girl, but if angered, she would defend herself (Cormac had to learn that the hard way).

After meeting Felina, Cormac met her younger sister by two years. Her sister was the normal-looking one of the group, though she acted far from it. Her deep red hair was normally pulled into a ponytail because she claimed it 'got in the way' when she was trying to learn how to do aerial tricks. Her eyes were light blue, with a green rim around them. She was a tomboy, but she could be girly if she put her mind to it. Her name was Bree-Kazu. The youngest one had the name Aveline. She had corncob yellow hair had came to her shoulders. Cormac thought she was normal. Her light green eyes were usually full of merriment, as she helped her Aunt 'Bree-Bree' prank her Auntie 'Lina'.

Cormac had found these girls in France, helping work for a circus owner, who did not really give a care in the world if the girls left or not. He just gave them a place to stay and they could come and go as they wished. Cormac had asked the girls if they wanted better living conditions. Neta would not let her younger cousins go, if not for Cormac promising that they would not have to pay anything. Neta was a person who did not like to spend what small amount of money she had to her name, and often bargained and stole what she needed to help out her family. Felina hesitated on traveling to see this 'wondrous freak show' as Cormac had put it. He promised her she would fit right in. She agreed after listening to his description of the acts. Bree and Aveline agreed quickly, because they were excited to go see the talents they had at 'Cirque Du Freak'.

Therefore, one night, Cormac set out with the four, not knowing what he got into. It turned out Neta could control plants and help them grow, and even attack a person with them. Felina, on top of being half-tiger, had anger management issues. Bree had a major problem when it came to having sugar. In addition, Aveline, the one he expected to be normal, was a shape shifter. The nights they were traveling to the Cirque, Bree and Aveline would get hyperactive and usually have fun by annoying Cormac. Felina and Neta would just stand at his sides, and not say a word.

Finally, the day came when they would arrive to the Cirque. Cormac just hoped Hibernius would not scold him about not writing to him about the new arrivals, but he then thought Hibernius would enjoy extra help and acts at the Cirque. As they walked down the road, Bree and Aveline were unusually quiet. Then hell broke loose when Bree made a comment on Felina's height of only five feet. Bree was taller by about two inches though. They yelled at each other, and Neta ordered them to stop.

"Are we there yet, Cormac?" Aveline asked, her light green eyes staring up at the man.

"Not very long," he replied, with a small smile at the younger girl.

He liked her innocent questions, until they got to questions like why the sky was blue and white, and why fish could not fly. He shifted a bit and moved his bag to his other shoulder. He looked back at Felina and Bree, who were quiet now.

"What has gotten into you two?" Cormac asked.

"I am looking for a big top tent," Felina replied, her eyes narrowing ahead of her.

Cormac let out a laugh, and Felina frowned.

"What are you laughing at?" she demanded to know.

Cormac, still chuckling lightly, replied, "There is no big top tent unless we have shows outside. It's like a real camp, with tents, trailers, and vans."

Felina nodded in understanding, and Bree piped up finally.

"What does the Wolfman eat?" she asked.

"Meat," Cormac answered, the girls stared at him, "just don't go near him and you'll be fine."

They walked in silence for a while, until Cormac had a big grin plastered on his face.

"We're here,"

He led the group, with Neta following directly behind him, Felina and Bree behind her, and Aveline trailing in the back. As they entered onto the campground, Cormac got attention immediately.

"Cormac! You're back!"

"Cormac, do you remember me?"

"Did you bring anything to show us?"

There were just a few of the things said to him. The four girls trailed behind the group following Cormac. Bree frowned.

"I can't see him!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly the group split into two groups. The girls could not tell which group contained Cormac.

"Ugh, screw this," Neta said, moving forward, toward a group of people by a fire.

She moved towards a blond haired woman, who was cooking sausages. Her cousins followed her quickly.

"Excuse me," Neta asked the woman, "do you know where new arrivals are supposed to report?"

The woman stared at her, and then barked at her. She sounded like a seal. Neta's eyebrows furrowed together.


A man beside the woman laughed.

"Madame Truska does not speak English," the man explained, he stuck a hand out to Neta, "I am Hans Hands."

Neta took his hand and shook it.

"Neta Greene,"

Meanwhile, Cormac was at Mr. Tall's van, a group of people around him begging for a demonstration of his regenerating abilities. He glanced around, but did not see his traveling group.

"This is not good…"

While he looked around for the girls some more, Felina and Bree went off exploring. Felina finally put her hood on her cloak down, to reveal she did not have any human ears, but two round white tiger ears resting at the top of her head.

"I wonder what the snake boy looks like, he may not have legs!" Bree exclaimed, but really, Felina could care less, "and I can't wait to see this performing spider!"

"You're afraid of spiders," Felina commented.

Bree shrugged.

"I'm still excited to see it,"

Felina giggled. The two continued to walk around the camp and talk, until two people crashed straight into them. They all staggered back a bit.

Ugh, who has that hard of a head? Felina thought, glancing at the pair before her. It was a boy, wearing a…burial suit… and the other was a boy with scales covering his body.

"Ow! You have a hard head," commented the boy with scales, the comment directed at Felina.

"Well, yours isn't exactly a soft feather pillow," Felina retorted.

The four stared at each other. The boys, Evra Von and Darren Shan, looked at each other, and then back at the girls.

"Who are you?" Darren asked.

Felina noticed them staring at her ears, and quickly pulled her hood back over her head. Having people staring at her eyes when they just met her was a pet peeve of hers.

"Felina Stripe," she murmured.

"And I'm her sister, Bree-Kazu, but you can call me Bree," Bree said, smiling.

The two boys looked at each other once again.

Why the hell are they here? Evra thought.

Why the heck are they not saying anything? Felina pondered, it's creeping me out!

"So," Bree said, breaking the silence, "what are your names?"

"Oh, and is there a reason why you're wearing a burial suit?" Felina added.

"I'm Darren Shan…and I guess it's because I have nothing else to where," Darren told them the truth, but not the real reason why he was wearing it.

"Evra Von," the snake boy said quietly.

The girls nodded, glad to know they just knew names of people there.

"So, are you a fish boy or something?" Felina asked, raising an eyebrow.

Evra frowned.

I am obviously a snake boy!…Right?

"Snake-boy," Darren corrected.

"Oh, sorry," Felina murmured.

Stupid. Why did you not notice that? She scolded herself in her mind. Darren noticed something.

"Why are your eyes different colors?" he asked Felina, she looked at him.

"My blue eye has really bad vision, everything looks blurry," she explained, "Bree hit me in the eye with a hammer when we were younger."

Darren stared at the two.

Strange… he mused to himself.

"Why are you here for?" Evra asked the two.

"Cormac brought us," Bree replied, with a smile.

Evra's face lit up.

"Cormac's back?" he asked.

Bree nodded. Evra grabbed Darren's wrist and began walking.

"You've gotta see this guy!" the snake boy exclaimed.

Bree and Felina followed closely behind, not wanting to get lost. They all walked to Mr. Tall's van, where a crowd had gathered around Cormac, Neta, and Aveline. They had no idea what was in store for them.