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It was her and the wolfman, fighting against each other.

Felina jumped to the side, narrowly, missing the strong jaws which was about to latch onto her leg. A thin line of blood ran down her arm, where the wolfman, had struck a hard blow to her arm. She grumbled to herself, so far, she had only landed a few hits to his face which had not really helped at all. Half of her body felt all bruised from where he had caught a hold of her and slammed the tiger girl into a tree thus after she had aimed a punch to his snout.

It was a rare moment to where their eyes locked together, as they were battling against each other, the wolfman growled, Felina hissed baring her teeth and the fight began again.

She wrapped her arms around his body tightly, pushing herself against him, as he tried to grab a hold of her. Clawing at his unprotected back, the wolfman howled with rage. He tried grabbing onto something to pull her back, when his hand brushed against her tail. His eyes lit up, latching onto it, he gave a hard yank.

A ear-piercing scream came from between her lips, as the wolfman yanked her tail hard. Stumbling back, she tilted her face to bare her teeth just before his long claws contacted with her face. Instantly blood oozed out of the cuts, as she fell to the ground. Felina could do nothing but stare up hatefully at the wolfman, as he towered over her.

Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he yanked her up, earning a hiss and foul language thrown at him. He drew his arm back, before flinging his arm forward, sending the tiger girl against the tree. The wind was knocked out of her, as her back and head slammed against the hardness of the bark from the tree. Sliding down, she slumped to the floor, a small whimper came from her before she slipped into unconsciousness.

Watching the unconscious girl, the wolfman gave a grunt, satisfied. Throwing his head back, a long loud howl was heard before he took off, after the one he had his sights on first. Sam Grest.

Bree stepped in behind him, holding Aveline.

"Bree? Aveline? What are you three doing here?" Sam asked, tilting his head to the side, a innocent look on his young boy-ish face.

"Bree and I followed you, then Felina showed up with Aveline." Darren replied.

"I thought you was the wolfman, I'm sorry."

"Good God, Sam," Darren grunted, "Don't waste time saying sorry, we need to get out of here."

The four of them huddled together, desperately trying to think of a plan which would save their asses. Aveline clung onto Bree, worry and fear clouded her light green eyes.

"Does anyone have a weapon?" She asked quietly.

"I have one." Sam said, bending down to pick up a small metal pole.

"It's better then nothing," Darren mused, glancing out of the window, he paused, "How are we going to get to the station house? It'll be a long run and the wolfman could jump out from anywhere, if he's gotten away from Felina."

"We'll run like hell and hope we make it if he is there but Felina will save us." It was Bree who had spoken up.

Aveline nodded, "Auntie Lina won't let him get away from her!"

"I hope so." The young half-vampire said softly, he turned to look at Sam, "Are you ready?"

"Can I have a few minutes?" He asked, Darren nodded slightly.

"Why did you come back, Sam?"

He looked up at the taller boy, "I wanted to join Cirque Du Freak with you, Darren."

"Even after everything I told you?" He whispered, guilt seeping into his voice.

A nod. "You're my friend, us friends stick together, right? I could have cured you."

Grinning, he shook his head, "You're a moron Sam."

"So are you." He replied cheekily, a small smile had lit up his face.

"When we get back... feel free to join, you won't have to worry, right girls?"

Bree and Aveline smiled at the two, "Sure!"

"On the count of three, we'll run." He ordered, looking around at them. A grim look on each of the faces.


They all got ready to jump down from the carriage, Bree holding the young girl closer.


The three leaned forward, the adrenaline running through every inch of their body. They were ready to run.


This was the cue, Sam leapt first from the carriage, followed by Bree and then Darren. Aveline was the one who spotted the wolfman under the carriage but by then it was too late. As she opened her mouth to scream, before Bree had reached the ground, his hairy hand flew up and wrapped around Aveline's skinny leg. The red haired teen landed awkwardly, falling to the ground as he jerked his hand back, the plan to drag Aveline under the carriage.

"Auntie Bree-Bree!" The smaller girl wailed, clinging desperately to her aunt. Bree gave a yell, pulling her leg back then kicking out at the wolfmans face.

Darren and Sam quickly skidded to a stop and turned. Watching the teen aunt try and pull her niece back from the grip of the wolfman, they snapped back to focus. Sam was the first to run forward, swinging the metal pole. The older boy yelled at him to give him the weapon, Sam didn't listen. He wanted to help Bree and Aveline. Throwing all his weight behind the pole, he swung it down, landing a hard blow on the wolfmans arm.

He gave a pained howl, as he let go. Darren scrabbled over, pulling Bree up quickly. Lashing out again, the vampire yelled at Sam to run. Together the three of them took off towards the station, Aveline tucked away in Bree's arms.

Pulling himself up, the wolfman threw himself after them. He may have been playing before but now he was beyond furious. He was catching up to them quick, they would not make it all the way. Bree seemed to know this too.

Turning sharply, she stood her ground, as every leap he got closer and closer. Aveline screamed at her, tears slidding down her face. Just before the wolfman crashed into her, she turned her back to him, closing her eyes tightly. Crying out, she fell to her knees, as he slammed into her. Falling onto her stomach, she leaned to the side slightly to keep the weight off of Aveline but kept her niece out of sight from the beast above her. She laid still, hardly daring to breath.

The idea was distract the wolfman from going after Sam and Darren by letting him crash into her, it seemed to work. They were over halfway to the station when the wolfman remembered about the two boys.

Running past the two young girls, who he thought were unconscious or even dead, he went towards the two who were still running.

Sam was slightly ahead of Darren, when he seemed to realize Bree and Aveline wasn't with them. He looked back, his eyes widening in shock.

"Darren! Bree and Aveline!" He cried out, through he kept running, his sprint had slowed slightly.

Looking back, the half-vampire cursed, before turning, "Sam, keep running!"

He took off towards the wolfman who was charging straight at them. He threw himself at the running wolfman. This caught him out, as they both fell to the ground. Throwing as many punches as he could, Darren dodged as the wolfman striked out.

Letting out a cry of rage, he lashed out at the boy. His hand swatted him around the head hard, as he fell to the side. Grinning evilly, the wolfman lashed down, snapping at teeth at Darren, about to rip of his face before a block of wood hit him in the head. Snarling, he looked around, spotting Sam standing a little way off.

Climbing off of Darren, he ran at Sam, howling with rage. Pushing himself up, Darren ran after him, worried for his safety.


The wolfman had heard the boy running behind him and turned, swiftly lashing out, knocking him over. Hitting the floor hard, all Darren saw was stars everywhere. He whimpered out Sam's name before slipping away into the darkness.

Awaking a few minutes or longer, his eyes fluttered open. He groaned, pushing himself up.

At first all he could hear was sniffles, looking over, he saw Bree holding Aveline close, whom both were crying. Next he heard the sounds of someone munching. His eyes traveled to where the wolfman was crouched over something, munching. He stared in confusion.

Then the awful truth drawned on him. Sam!

Ignoring the throbbing pain in his head, he ran off towards the wolfman. Seeing the mess under him, he knew he was too late.

"You beast!" He screamed, lashing out towards the wolfman, he tried shoving him away but Darren kept hold, pulling at his ears. Growling, he pinned down the young boy. Opening his mouth, he ducked his head down to rip out his throat.

A scream came from Bree and just before the strong jaws reached his throat, a pair of hands shot out and grabbed hold of the wolfmans muzzle. Yelping he tried to pull his head away before a hard blow landed at the back of his head. The wolfman fell limply, unmoving as Darren looked up to see who had saved him.

"Mr. C-Crepsley!" He whimpered.

Larten looked down at assistant, checking over the wounds he had. A snap was heard as Bree slowly made her way over, clutching Aveline.

"Bree, Aveline, are you okay?"

"We're fine..." Bree answered quietly, her face pale from shock.

"I came as fast as I could," Larten gasped out, then glanced at Sam, "I can see I did not come fast enough for some."

"H-how did you know where we was?" Aveline whispered.

"After Evra came to tell me of what had happened, Mr. Tall called the rest of the show off, to send out a search party and I find Felina, she should be here soon, then I found your scent and came here."

Moving away, Darren slowly made his way to Sam, "S-Sam?"

Following, Larten knelt down, checking over the body. "The wounds are too great."

"You must be able to save him!" His assistant insisted.

"Darren, he is dying..." Larten said softly.

"No! Sam, you can't die!" He cried, clinging to the dying boy. Aveline and Bree watched on silently, nothing they could do to help.

Leaving the crying boy over his friend, Larten tugged at his shirt slightly.

"Darren, I know this is hard for you but there is a way to save Sam's spirit."

"W-what is it?" He sniffled, looks up at his mentor.

"You must drink Sam's blood."

A look of horror was on his face, he stared at Mr. Crepsley as if he was crazy.

"Y-you want me to drink my dying friends blood?" He screamed, "You're sick!"

"Darren," He sighed, "You must not look at it that way. Remember the talk we had? About how vampires can absorb a part of a humans spirit by drinking their blood?"

He stared at up at him, not getting the full idea.

"If you drink Sam's blood, you'll absorb his some of his spirit. Nonetheless, I will not force you. It is because he was your friend to drink his blood." Turning, he walked off, leading Bree and Aveline away with him.

Staring down at Sam's small lifeless body, he leaned down, "I... I am sorry, Sam." He choked slightly, as he dug his fingernails into Sam's neck.

Leaning forward, he placed his mouth over the cut he had made. The blood gushed down his throat, salty and creamy. He gagged, nearly falling away. He held his place, as the blood kept sliding down his throat. He kept going until he had sucked all the blood out of him.

Leaning back, he stared at Sam's body, a sob racked his body, as he threw his head back howling at the moon like the wolfman had.