Harry-Great Hall

I felt numb. Hermione and Ron kept throwing questioning looks my way. As did most of our house. But when the three new people were introduced it seemed to take away the curiosity from me. The boy they called Percy was fidgeting and kept fiddling with a little pen. My dream was replaying so vividly in my mind, over and over with no stop. Even after dinner had finished and we were all on our way to the common room I was simply in another world. Ron tried to pry some information out of me but I couldn't even begin to explain. Hermione for once was silent and didn't ask me any questions. It was like she could sense my unease and unwillingness to explain just now.

Everyone of course was staring and whispering and I couldn't care less. I stared into the fire in the common room for as long as I could before trudging up to lay down for a very sleepless night. I stared above me and listened to Ron's breathing slip into deep sleeping snores. The prophesy seemed to be true. Two worlds collide, Demigod and Wizard. What did the travel beyond mean now? Was it his travel from America? Or was it as worse as it sounded? All night the questions piled on. Tomorrow would be hell.

Percy -guest rooms

"Who would think they'd have guest rooms in this castle!" Nico said, flopping down in what we were told is called our 'common room'

It was more of a small living room with a fire place, big comfy chairs, a couch and multicolored banners on the wall. It was pretty cool, you know, if I didn't have to share a room with Nico. Our room was sort of like our cabins back at Camp Half Blood. Two beds (much nicer beds if we're being honest) night stands and very large window. Annabeth had just one bed, a large window and a plush arm chair with a little table.

I glared at Nico and then looked over at Annabeth who had a book in her hands.

"What's that?" I asked, I'd never seen it before

"Hogwarts: A History "she said with a happy smile "it's telling me some fascinating information!"

"oh…cool?" I muttered and looked at the fire.

"What is going on with you?" she said exasperated, slamming the book shut and shooting me a glare that should have belonged on the face of medusa.

"What?!" I said defensively

"You're so grumpy and negative"

"He's always like that" Nico said with a grin

"No that's all you" I snapped at him

"Hey!" Annabeth stood up "grow up you two; we have a lot of things to do and think about. Tomorrow will be different and we need to be clear headed and not arguing!"

She stormed off to her room, slamming the door so hard a banner on the wall fell.

"Women" Nico rolled his eyes and settled into his chair with a contented sigh

"Annabeth" I muttered under my breath, Nico chuckled softly and I felt myself drifting to sleep on the couch.

When I opened my eyes the next morning I had no idea just how right Annabeth was. Different is an extreme understatement…

Gods what have I gotten into this time?

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