I finished watching the G.I. Joe movie a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit, I was very disappointed with the Scarlett/Ripcord romance they tried to sell. I haven't read any of the comics or watched the cartoons, but I immediately jumped on the SE/S bandwagon and this just sprang out. It's what I wish will happen in the next movie.

Enjoy! :)

Scarlett watched as Snake Eyes meticulously removed each of his bloodied katanas and unstrapped their sheaths. She hadn't changed from her leather body suit yet, too shaken by what had just occurred. Never before had she felt so useless and scared. She sighed and pulled herself up to sit on the counter of the lounge room. Snake Eyes' movements were unusually stiff as he walked back and forth to fetch materials to clean his swords. She bit her tongue. He hadn't signed her anything for hours now, even though they were alone, which was when he was usually more comfortable to converse with her. It was getting done right awkward, his pointed ignorance of her presence.

Finally, she built up the nerve, "I'm sorry," she softly said.

He paused for a second before continuing to wipe the foul blood off his blade, "Why?"

She nervously swung her feet. His back was turned to her, but she was still uncomfortable. Scarlett swallowed noisily, "I know you had been very close with Storm Shadow... That must have been very difficult."

He continued polishing, seemingly unaffected by her words, but Scarlett was one of the only people in the world close enough to him to see how the well-defined muscles in his back tensed slightly. "He deserved it."

Scarlett had been a child prodigy. She had a beyond genius IQ. She could've done anything she wanted in life; been a damn billionaire if she wanted. Her intellect has been compared to Einstein's on numerous occasions. She was the brains of the Joes. Yet she couldn't for the life of her figure out Snake Eyes. She couldn't understand emotions, not with her science-based brain. So why did all the blood rush to her face when she saw him maneuver his way across the laser-active ground on only his fingertips? Logic told her it was only her hormones which led to the biological attraction to his masculine body. It was a primitive urge all her ancestors suffered. It was her body's way of choosing the most eligible mate for reproduction to keep her race alive. That was all there was to it... at least, she hoped that was the case.

Scarlett closed her eyes and took several deep breaths to steady her hammering heart rate. She easily leapt off the counter and walked over to him. Snake Eyes sprung upright immediately, his sense of chivalry kicking in. "You're hurt," she breathlessly said, tracing the skin around a slash mark on his hard abdomen.

His body was completely still, but his stomach clenched away from her touch. "I'll live."

She shook her head, "Come on. You can't wrap that yourself. I have a medical degree too, you know."

"I'm fine." He swiftly walked past her.

Scarlett felt as though she had been slapped. Her stomach dropped. Snake Eyes had never been this cold to her before. But being famously stubborn, she stopped him by grabbing his arm. He looked at her, almost wearily as he awaited an outburst. Fortunately, she kept her head, "What's wrong, Snakes?" Her voice was soft and the hurt was evident in it, "You know you can tell me anything." She felt the urge to start biting her thumbnail, a habitat she forced herself out of at age five, finding no logical necessity for it. He continued to stare at her with that unreadable, masked stare. "Please," She begged, feeling foreign moisture clouding in her eyes.

His jaw clenched slightly, the only sign of frustration he'd ever show. Her eyebrow furrowed in return. What was so bad that he couldn't tell her? Finally his hand started moving. She focused intensely on the symbols he formed out of the air with his nimble hands. He was extremely hesitant...

"You kissed Ripcord."

Scarlett frowned, "You saw that?" When he didn't respond, she took that as a yes. Scarlett immediately laughed, immensely relieved. She plopped down on the couch, "Phew, it's just that. I thought it was serious something I did."

Confused, Snake Eyes followed her to the couch. She smiled warmly at him, "I know you and Ripcord don't get along very well, but I think you're being overprotective."

There was a pause. "You like him?" He didn't need a voice to show his skepticism.

She looked thoughtful for a second, "I suppose... He's a good Joe and a damn great shot... I tend to prefer to overlook his cockiness and chauvinistic ways."

Snake Eyes was motionless for a long time. Finally, he signed, "If he makes you happy... I'll accept it." And with that, he turned to silently stalk away.

Scarlett was surprised and dismayed by his coldness towards her. She quickly got up and trotted after him, "Whoa. What is this, Snakes?" She hotly demanded, but he didn't stop walking. She had to jog to keep up with his long strides. "I don't understand why you're so upset with me. If you're angry with me or Rip or anyone, you know you can tell me! We've been friends long enough that-"

He abruptly stopped in his tracks, causing her to almost run into him. He was suddenly too close, causing her to stumble back a little. "Do you want to know why I am angry?" His gestures were fluid in his anger. "Scarlett, he was your first kiss."

Her face immediately heated up. She was nearing her big 3-0 and that was her first kiss. Pathetic was the only word to describe it. Yet this didn't answer any of her questions. Scarlett felt more confused than she ever did her entire life. "Yes, he was. So?" Her voice was icy cold and she crossed her arms over her chest.

"So?" Then, without any warning, Snake Eyes pulled up his mask enough to show off a square jaw and a pair of full, pink looks. Utterly bewildered, Scarlett stared, motionless. With speed only accomplished by ninjas of his rank, Snake Eyes went over, grabbed her by the shoulders, and before she could process what was occurring, even with her super genius mental capacities, he pressed his lips to hers. The soft warmth sent her in a daze that fogged her mind and made her feel like she'd just lost a couple hundred IQ points. "I wanted to be the first..." Her hazy brain could barely process the signs. Before she could respond, he slapped his mask back on and disappeared down the hall, leaving a breathless Scarlett to slump against the wall.

I read an earlier draft of the movie after watching it and there was a scene that didn't make the movie showing how inexperienced Scarlett was. It made Ripcord her first kiss. The whole idea of Scarlett as an ingenue was fascinating and I just had to follow with it.

This is just the start of a complex story I have plotted in my brain. Don't worry, I'll try to get ch 2 out ASAP!