Chapter One: A Warrior and his Sword

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Summary: Weapons have been used throughout the centuries. They have played key roles in fighting, most importantly, war. One of these weapons is the sword. An old weapon that some people still use today, but now it is the key to our survival. When shadow first made his katana sword appear awhile back, it has bonded with his chaos energy, making it very powerful. Now Shadow fights with a Metal Sonic clone, transformed into its metal madness form. When Shadow defeats it, Eggman surprised him by draining all the pure chaos energy out of the sword and making his escape. With the sword with a limited power force, Shadow must journey around the world and infiltrate the doctor's most highly secured base: Eggmanland; which holds the energy Eggman drained from the sword and Shadow must draw it back into the sword. If he fails, Eggman will build a new line of robots powered by the chaos energy, able to use Chaos Control, and the other chaos powers that shadow uses. A century old weapon becomes earth's hope as shadow fights to save the world with his…Chaos Sword.

This is:


The sword, an ancient weapon, a mystical weapon used throughout nations, and the world. That was probably many years ago, but today some people still have a taste to use the blade of steel. But in this tale, a hedgehog holds the key to our survival, and his name is Shadow the Hedgehog.

Now he is 18, he's grown to about 4 feet and 2 inches, pretty normal for him. Time has done a lot to him, he's been pretty stubborn, not that its surprising or anything, but its part of his character. He still protects, unlike another certain hedgehog. He rarely changes into the Werehog, he's been practicing to get control of it, but who knows, its just another him. He has been using a weapon for some time now, a sword. The Ultimate Life Form using a sword? Many people would wonder why he would, but unbeknownst to our hero it holds much more power than he thinks. He calls the sword his "Chaos Sword'' due to it to be able to fire out chaos spears and waves of chaos energy.

The hedgehog is walking across a huge rolling grassland simply walking, with his sword in hand. The gleaming katana with the gold tsuba, otherwise known as the guard. The handle was black and the kashiri, or pammel, was gold too. He walked across the plain, taking his time, who knows why he's there.

He was staring at the ground while walking, he seemed to have much on his mind, not that he always does anyway. "It's been so long, our world has passed three years while the others remain the same, Kuki, and all the others have stayed their age, while us.'' he said looking at his hand, ceasing his walking. "

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and everybody else in my dimension have aged.'' he huffed and began walking. "Like it isn't surprising.'' he finished. What the hedgehog says is true, their dimension has passed three years, while the other dimensions haven't, who knows why, or how it happened.

Shadow felt a rumble beneath the earth. He immediately stopped, the ground began shaking even more. "Now what?'' he said to himself.

Suddenly, a crack in the earth formed between his legs. He quickly leaped into the air. The ground exploded, creating a massive cloud of brown smoke to rise into the air. Shadow landed back on his feet, a few feet away from the hole. The cloud cleared, there was a large hole in the ground, but that was not all. A huge clawed hand came out and grabbed onto the ledge of the hole. Shadow narrowed his eyes and tightened the grip on his sword. Another clawed hand came up and grabbed the ledge, flying out of the hole was metal sonic, but in his metal madness form. Shadow gritted his teeth, taking one step back.

The huge compilation of Metal spotted Shadow and roared at him. Shadow grabbed his sword with both his hands. A golden glow resonated around it. "Have it your way bolt brain.'' Shadow said, leaping up at it. Metal swung his tail down at him. Shadow leaped to the left, the tail hitting nothing but the earth. Shadow quickly jumped on it. Metal lifted his tail in the air. Shadow pierced his sword into the tail to hold on to. Metal swung his tail furiously, trying to get the irritating hedgehog off. Shadow fired chaos spears at its head causing metal to roar loudly and stop shaking his tail. Shadow took his sword out of the tail and leaped at metal's face.

Metal countered by swiping shadow throwing him into the ground with tremendous force. Shadow lay in a dirt hole, he put one hand on the edge and sat up. He looked up and gasped. Metal was coming in, attempting to crush shadow like a bug. Shadow did a back flip to avoid the danger just in time. Shadow swung his sword three times releasing a huge volley of chaos spears. Metal fired a blue beam out of his mouth that blew through some of them, but that didn't stop the rest. The chaos spears banged against him, causing metal to roar in agony. The explosions caused a cloud of smoke around metal. Shadow stood straight and huffed, "That was easy.'' he said, turning his back and began walking. But suddenly shadow was brought to the dirt by metal's huge hand over him. Metal picked him off the ground and began crushing him in his grasp.

Shadow strained and struggled to free himself, but his strength wasn't going to help. His head began throbbing and stuttering. He let out his powerful chaos blast, causing to metal to fly and smash into the ground, surrounded by a cloud of smoke. Shadow levitated to the ground safely, gripping his sword tightly. Metal shook his head and glared at shadow. Shadow held his sword up, holding it with both his hands. Metal charged right at him. Shadow leaped up and speared his sword into metal's second eye. Shadow flew over him and skidded around to face metal again. Metal stopped hovering just above the ground, roaring in pain. The sword in his eye caused electricity to spark and flail about. Shadow's hands glowed gold. He put one above the other, inches of room were between them. He held his hands back then opened his palms, aiming for Metal. A huge thick golden beam shout out of his palms. Metal was hit in the back, creating an explosion.

Metal dropped to the ground with a loud boom. Shadow sped over to him. He walked around to his head. His sword was dug deep in metal's second eye. "Nice try Metal, but that wasn't enough.'' Shadow said, taking his sword out of Metal's eye.

But suddenly, Metal's first eye lit up and Metal grabbed Shadow in his mouth. Metal's razor sharp teeth were inches away from piercing Shadow's arms. Shadow kept his one on the top of his mouth, pushing up, trying to free himself from becoming lunch. Shadow, with his other hand holding the chaos sword. He drove it through the upper mouth and it stabbed outside of metal's other eye. Shadow gripped the sword and caused chaos blast. Metal lit up in a large ball of fire and light.

Shadow was flung toward the ground, covered with oil. Shadow coughed the disgusting gunk out of his mouth, he nearly choked from it. Shadow spun into a ball and began spinning in circles rapidly, causing all the oil to fly off him. He stopped spinning and looked upon the wreckage of what was left of Metal Sonic. "He attacked me for a reason, but for what?'' he asked himself.

Suddenly a blue beam hit his sword. Shadow looked at his sword, a light blue aura was forming around it. He felt energy being drained from himself, and out of the sword. Shadow slowly turned around and saw floating in the air, none other than Dr. Eggman. A small cannon like weapon was attached to the bottom of his hover ship. "That's good enough.'' Eggman said smirking evilly.

The beam was pure gold, it was chaos energy from the sword. The beam retracted back inside in the cannon and the cannon folded back inside Eggman's hover ship. Shadow fell to his knees, breathing heavily, he felt that almost half of his chaos energy has been drained from his body. He squinted his eyes in pain, as he started to stand up straight.

"Eggman! You piece of sh-'' "There's no need for cursing Shadow, for now I have pure chaos energy from that sword of yours!'' Eggman said in victory, as he laughed afterwards.

Shadow sent a death glare at the evil scientist. "It's been long, Shadow, have you noticed our world has aged?'' Eggman asked.

"Yes, I'm surprised your fat head just noticed that.'' Shadow replied.

Now it was Eggman's turn to glare. "Watch yourself Shadow! Or you shall pay!'' Eggman snapped.

"Just because Sonic's dead, you act more attentive, since when are you taking chances?'' Shadow asked pointing his sword at him.

"Because you have no idea of the coming storm. You act and live as if nothing has happened, you and your friends will SOON pay!'' Eggman told him.

Shadow raised an eyebrow, he noticed Eggman using the word "Soon'' he could tell that was a promise.