Alas, this is the last chapter of my story and i must part with it. I consider this my first finished story. For those of you who have read previous stories of mine, my Kingdom Keepers story was a oneshot, my MBS story i basically gave up on and just wrote the epilouge. So, i consider this my first story finished. I am forever grateful to those readers who kept me going! I really hope every reader likes this story.

"Cody?! Bailey?!" came a rough voice between coughs.

Cody tried to call out for help, but his voice was gone, he was barely alive. He clutched Bailey in his arms, listening helplessly as her coughs grew into barely a whisper. He gently stroked her hair, immobilized by the dangerous air around him. He couldn't move his body, and he couldn't say a thing. Cody was dying, and for all he knew, Bailey had already. All he could do was pray that the owner of the voice would come all the way down the stairs and find him.

He dozed in and out of consciousness, not sure how much time he spent in each state. He heard (while conscience) footsteps rushing down the stairs. He tried to move, to somehow let the person know he was there. His body wouldn't let him.

"Cody? Is that you?" came the voice that Cody realized to be Sokka. Still, he had no way to respond. He felt his body being swept upward before he lost consciousness……………….

He opened his eyes to a blue sky and the worried face of his brother looking over him.

"Where…where am I?" he asked whispery before launching into a long coughing fit.

"Sokka followed you after you ran away," Zack explained slowly after he was done coughing. "He lost you in the jungle, but he quickly made his way to the prison, which was the building that you went into to rescue Bailey. He called for you, but apparently you didn't respond. He got worried and so he ran down the stairs to find you holding Bailey at the bottom." Zack paused as Cody tried very hard to follow all of that. He was still very weak from the toll the heavy air had taken on him. "Cody, you're a hero."

Cody coughed. "Where's Bailey?" he asked, pretending not to notice Zack's compliment. Cody would never think of himself as a hero if he had failed to save Bailey.

"She's right over there," Zack said softly and pointed left. Cody used all his strength to stand up and not fall over. Zack didn't try to stop him, realizing that Cody should get to see his girlfriend.

Cody walked over clumsily and stumbled to his knees by Bailey's side. Sokka, who was on the other side of Bailey looked up at Cody, but Cody didn't return the gaze. He looked down at the girl on the beach.

She laid so still it frightened Cody, and her appearance seem to have been altered. Her light brown, soft hair was black from smoke and grimy from the ash. Her face was darker from the black cinders. Her wrists were slightly red from the blood that the thorny rope had drawn. The faint smell of peppermint that followed her everywhere had vanished, leaving the smell of burnt bricks in its place. Her chest rose in jerky motions, but she coughed and Cody felt relieved. If she was coughing, she was breathing. If she was breathing, she was alive.

"You were very brave to do that, Cody," said Sokka and Cody finally looked up to meet his eyes. His face was darkened also, but not near as much as Bailey's and his own. His eyes were full of worry and fear, but his smile was gentle.

Cody returned the smile weakly; glad to have is uncertainties about Sokka set aside.

"We need to leave," Cody stated, once again ignoring the compliment. They all knew that once the chief found out that Cody had rescued Bailey, he could very likely be killed.

"You kids need to leave tonight." Sokka agreed.

"No," Cody said quietly, gazing with worry down at Bailey.

"What?" Sokka said, shocked. "Do you realize what will happen to you, Cody, if you guys don't get off this island? You'll be killed!" Sokka cried.

"I know," Cody said, looking Sokka in the eye now.

"Then why would you wait? You will only endanger yourself and Bailey, not to mention your own brother and London and Woody!"

"No, what I mean was that we: you, me, Bailey, Zack, Woody, and London."

"I can't leave my family, Cody."

"Then bring them with us! If you stay, they'll kill you!!"

"I told you, before, this is about you kids, not me."

"You just don't get it, do you?! This is as much about you as it is us now!"

"Even if we tried, me and my family going would only slow you down!"

"I don't care!"

"I do! I'll be fine, Cody! But if you stay, you won't be and I won't be able to save you!"

"I don't need saving, I need you and your family to come with us! You're like family to us now, and we don't leave a family member behind."

Sokka was silent for a moment. He smiled and let out a nervous laugh.

"You won't let this go until I agree, will you?" Sokka smiled when Cody shook his yes.

That night…….

No one went to sleep that night, Bailey still in the same state that she was earlier, barely clinging to life, but still breathing. Sokka had left to get his family and Zack and Woody were working on getting the boat out into the water. London was staring at the ocean with a blank expression and Cody had never left Bailey's side ever since he had gained consciousness. Sokka had been gone for at least an hour, and Cody was deeply worried about him. He heard rustling leaves coming from the jungle and he did his best to prepare himself to protect Bailey. London turned in alarm and Woody and Zack froze, all of them were watching the rustling bush. First, a girl appeared, looking around intently and then turned back toward the bush where a woman appeared, closely followed by Sokka. Sokka nodded as a signal for the gang to know that those other people were indeed his family. The woman, whose name Cody later learned to be Suki, shepherded the girl over to the boat that Woody and Zack had finished getting into the water. London fought to contain her squeal of excitement, Woody was in the boat and looking out into the vastness of the water, and Zack was also in the boat and turned his wandering eyes into Cody's. The two of them had grown a closer bond as brothers throughout this.

Sokka turned his attention to Cody and Bailey and he carried Bailey to the boat, for Cody was still too weak. Cody followed behind, wondering what was going to become of him now, what would become of all of them after going through this. His mind was clouded when he climbed in the boat and, silently, they cast off. When they were about four-hundred yards away from shore, he could see the figure of the chief standing on the shore and he could feel the horrid presence of him. The fire, the jerky breaths, the blood, the loud smack on his brother's cheek, all of the horrid things that had occurred on the island were suddenly brought in a rush to the front of his mind. He turned to look at Sokka; at least some good things came out of this, he though. Cody smiled as he thought of the bond Zack and he now shared and he thought of Sokka. He also thought of Bailey, and now he knew that he would love her forever.


Well, all of them made it to Japan and from there, London (yes, they allowed London to do it) called her dad who ordered that the SS Tipton go to Japan and pick them up and also allow housing for Sokka and his family. Mr. Tipton also had Tipton Industries install a safety on the release buttons. As for Moseby and Tutwiler, they had the same adventure as seen in the episode and London called in them missing. Mr. Tipton's search parties found them and safely had them returned. Bailey cmae to recover well and, when she heard the whole story, especially about Cody's daring rescue at the end, never doubted Cody's bravery again. By this, I mean that if Cody didn't think something was safe, Bailey would think twice before doing it. I really hope that you guys liked this story, and please let me know if you think there was a loose end that I should tie up. I am soooo glad that you guys read this story, even though halfway through I realized that my summary and title were really awful. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my readers are the best!