Unspoken Truths
Author : Roxtons Babe

Summery : m/r and n/v finally get it togther at last !!!

'' Challenger are you sure this is the right way '', Marguerite trotted behide the older
man gentlemen who was going at some pace even the Roxton struggled to keep up
with him, it seemed when Challenger had set his sights on something he found
renewed energy from somewhere, '' of course it is I know where I last saw it
Marguerite just keep up '', he said with diminishing patience the girl alwalys seemed to
rub him up the wrong way it would have been better if she stayed behide the
treehouse with Malone and Veronica.

Roxton strode over to where Marguerite stood watching after Challenger she didnt
know what it was with that man but he always seemed to dissolve any sarcastic
comments that would have arisen if it had been anyone else it was as if her respect
for him far out weighted any ill feeling she might sometimes have towards him even
now when she strongly believed that they were going the wrong way. '' hay you ok '',
Roxton looked at this beautiful woman he was so in love with but couldn't find the
courage to tell, he was she felt the same way but did a good job of covering up her
feelings as much as he did, Marguerite looked up at Roxton, with the suns rays
shining down upon his face it was hard to see his eyes but she could make out the
beads of sweat that trickled down his neck and down onto his exposed chest they
twinkled in the light she heard him say something and so had to drag her eyes away
from his chest ' god he was handsome ' she thought to herself, '' sorry what did you
say '' she looked back to where Challenger had now stopped to take a swig of water
from his canteen, '' i just wondered if you were ok I saw the exchange between you
too, the old fellow can be a stubborn mule when he wants to be '', again he looked
down on her face it took all his will power to stop himself from scooping her up in his
arms and kissing her passionately ' god what am I thinking stop it ',
'' me oh iam fine he just doesn't want to listen to anyone when it comes down to
the thought that purhaps he might be wrong for once, I mean does this look like the
right way to you, I dont see any of the plants he wants, when we came back from the
Vanga village when he saw them and I know it wasn't that far from the treehouse as I
didnt moan about coming today because I knew it wasn't far and the walk would do
me some good but this is a hike not a walk '', her voice raised enough so that
Challenger might here her, which he did as he started to walk back to them.

Roxton saw the looks exchanged between the pair and knew this could get
dangerous if he didn't stop this now ,'' now carm down the both of you this will get us
nowhere behaving like this, now lets take a short break and catch our bearings iam
sure we can figure out where this path is leading us to''.

Challenger came to a stop infront of Marguerite his face had become flushed with his
brisk walk back to them '' Marguerite noone forced you to come along on this little
walk to retrieve a plant that may well help us in the furture if one of us becomes
injured, so if you dont like it I suggest you make your own way back to the treehouse
is that clear '', he had just finished his sentence when Marguerite broke out into a
shouting fit '' LITTLE WALK, we've been walking for 5 hours surly you know that the
walk from that Vanga village dosen't take that long so therefore we are going the
wrong way but of course you are always right how could I forget '', she took in a deep
breath and continued to stare at Challenger at this point Roxton came between them ''
right stop this now this is getting us nowhere and your shouting could attract
predators, now Challenger I think Marguerite has a point we have been walking far
longer than I anticipated and none of the surroundings look ferminuar '', he was sure
the day was getting hotter even though it had already pasted noon.

Challenger took a step back and turned his back on them he was trying to think, as
much as it hated to admit it they were right they had been walking far to long then they
should have he was just so sure that they were going in the right direction, '' ok ok
lets head back to the treehouse and set out again tomorrow '', he turned back round
to face them he looked at Marguerite '' well '', Marguerite looked back at Challenger
with a surprised look on her face '' well what '', Challenger was a little taken back ''
well aren't you going to say I told you so or that I was wrong '', he half expected
it ,'' Challenger I didn't say we were going the wrong way just so to prove you wrong,
but because I knew we were heading in the wrong direction it may not look it
sometimes but I do take notice of things around me [ with that she looked at Roxton
and smiled, he almost felt a leap in his heart at her smile what was she saying did she
want to try and tell him something or was it errrrrrrr pack it in ..] now lets just head
back shall we.

They were heading back to the direction of the treehouse when Roxton came to
an abrupt halt holding his rifle at the ready he sensed something, the jungle had
become quite, Marguerite walked straight into the back of Roxton '' och.. you could
have given me some warning befor..... '' Roxton had turned and silenced her with a
flap of his arms, he then waved his arms in the direction of the trees and brushes up
ahead of them, not liking beinging silenced in such a way she looked about with a huff
sometimes he could be so infuriating.

Challenger was also scanning the area around them he knew when to trust Roxtons
instincts about danger, it was then he saw the bushes surrounding them rustled all of
them rusling like that was an indication that it was raptures these predators hunted in
small groups most of the time groups of three this wasn't looking good, '' Roxton I
think its raptures what about you see any of them '', he kept his eyes on the jungle
and waited for Roxton to answer , Roxton was well aware that beyond those bushes
were raptures '' I dont think their raptures I know they are just keep your eyes peeled
and your guns at the ready '' with that comment the bushes burst to life and three
raptures appeared one infront of each of them Roxton took his one out with one bullet
Marguerite did the same it was Challenger that missed his mark just as the rapture
leapt into the air Roxton turned around to see the rapture on top of Challenger and
was about to take a bite out of him, from out of nowhere a spear was thrown into the
side of the rapture killing him dead as it fell ontop of Challenger, both Marguerite and
Roxton ran to the dead animal and pushed it off Challenger, he lay incongerous on
the ground with only a couple of deep cuts to his chest but nothing life threatening
they hoped, Marguerite felt for a pulse, '' his still alive its strong too he sould be ok but
we have to get him back to the treehouse in case an infection sets in you know as
well as I do that raptures aren't the most hygienic of animals ''.

With that said, a group of men appeared from behide them '' please let us help, our
village isn't too far from here we can give him the medicine he needs as well as food
and water for you both '', the man who spoke was of tall build light hair proberly
bleached by sun, he had handsome features with kind eyes.

Roxton looked at Marguerite who was looking intently at this strange man to his liking
'' no no its ok were not far from our home but we do thank you for saving our friends
life '', he was about to try and stir the sleeping Challenger awake much to Marguerites
disapproval '' John dont he needs to rest before we head back and its getting late we
should take up these kind peoples offer he might not make '', she looked back at the
small group of men they observsly came from some kind of tribe but much fairer in
complexion to other tribes they have seen on this platuea '' we would be pleased if
you would help us '', smiling the man from the tribe who spoke to them came forward ''
iam Kargo are village Zarb isn't far '', Kargo turned to his men and waved a single
hand at them and they were instantly at Challengers side and picked him up and
started back to there village. Roxton grabed Marguerites arm '' for somene who
doesn't trust people your taking a leap of faith aren't you '' , Marguerite pulled away
from his grasp '' why would they save Challengers life then kill him back at there
village, it doesn't make sence '', with that she started walking after Kargo, Roxton
turned and with a heavy sigh also started walking, under his breath he mutted
'' nothing makes sence in this gotforsaken place least of all you Marguerite ''.


Back at the treehouse Veronica was putting the finishing touches to her painting '' two
more minutes Ned thats all '' she tried to concentrate on the picture but Ned wasn't
being the still life drawing she wanted him to be, '' two more minutes you said that an
hour ago do dont know how numb my behide is right now '', he said wishing he never
agreed to this stupid posing thing, although it did have its advantages he was able to
look at Veronica without having to turn away when she looked at him, he just loved
the face she pulled when she was concentrating .

Veronica studied him for a second then turning away to hide her smile she spoke
quietly, '' well maybe I can help you with that when i've finished '', hiding a small laugh
that nearly escaped her, she couldn't believe she had just said that it was proberly the
fact that they were alone togther that did it.

Malone sat there stunned things like that weren't usually said around here least of all
from Veronica, Marguerite must be rubbing off on her, mind you if it was going to
move their ever so slow relationship along then he didn't mind , he didn't know what to
say so he just sat still and waited with anticipation for her to finish.

When Veronica put down her paint brush and declared she was finished Ned
jumped up with a whoop for joy '' thank god I thought id never walk again after that,
now let me see I hope those hours of sitting there this will at least be good '', he came
and stood behide her and looked at the painting it was remarkable '' you really do
have a talent for painting Veronica '', he said admiring the way she had caught the
likeness of him, '' well it would have been better if you hadn't have wriggled about so
much '', Malone leaned in closer so that he was only a threw inches away from her
ear '' aahh that reminds me you were going to help with bringing my behide back to
life '', he smiled purhaps this was there moment, Veronica turned around on the stool
to face him she leaned in to kiss his soft lips ' yes this is it ..' thought Malone then all
of a sudden Veronica squashed beige mixture that was surrposed to be paint into his
cheeks jumped off her stool, turned and ran shouting '' later Ned '', '' why you '' but
Ned could only laugh.


The small group carrying Challenger hadn't travelled far when they came upon a
small village surrounded by very high stakes acting like a fence obversely designed to
keep predators out. Roxton was standing close to Marguerite in case they needed to
make a run for it but so far what Kargo had said was all ture purhaps there was
nothing to fear here, but Roxton was still wary of these people thay had come across
to many people who they thought were friendly only to turn out to be dangerous to be
relaxing so fast although from the way Marguerite was acting she didn't seem to have
a problem.

Kargo approached some older men just inside the gates, he spoke quietly to them for
a moment followed by the older men coming towards where they stood, the oldest of
them came forward and placed a hand onto Challengers forehead he chanted
something that Roxton couldn't quite make out, the old man then approached Roxton
and Marguerite and held out his arm which Roxton mistook for a hand shake but
when the elder pulled away before Roxton had chance to shake his hand, Kargo
came forward '' this is are medicine man he is the oldest of our group he welcomes
you to are village but he also wants your weapons to be locked away '', with
this Roxton took a step back '' why does he want are weapons locked away we're not
going to use them here '', his voice was full of suspicion, Marguerite came forward to
Kargo '' please excuse my friends behaviour [ looking at Roxton and giving him a cold
stare ] he finds it hard to trust people [ It was Roxton that looked at Marguerite then '
look whos talking ' he thought to himself ] please take these [ Magruerite then handed
over her pistols and turned to Roxton for him to do the same ] will are friend be ok '',
smiling as Roxton gave in and handed over his guns. Kargo spoke to the medicine
man again and nodded his head '' yes he just needs rest thats all. Now there will be a
celebration in your honour as are guests, but first you need to freshen up ill lead you
too your room '', he then took Marguerite by the arm and lead her away,quickly
followed by Roxton.

When they entered the wooden hut there was only one bed and a small bath tub, but
was filled with steaming hot water it looked so inviting, '' I hope this will be ok for you
both '' , Kargo looked at them waiting for a reply but the pair only blinked at them with
surprised looks it was Marguerite who spoke first '' errr you dont mean we are going to
have to share do you '' keeping her eyes set on Kargo she thought if she looked at
Roxton he would see the red crimson creeping up her face, Kargo looked at them and
quickly and realized that he had made a mistake, that these two were not a couple '
' ohh iam sorry I thought you were married , of course I will show Lord Roxton to
another room '', Roxton then exchanged a small glance at Marguerite he wouldn't
have minded spending all nite with her and then left the room.

Marguerite was starting to remove her cloths so that she could take a long leisurely
bath when there was a knock at the door '' oh er hang on a minute she quickly grabed
the blanket off the bed and wrapped it round herself and opened the door, '' Roxton
whats the matter iam trying to take a bath '', with the door half open and peeping out ''
err yeah sorry to disturb you only with Challengers in the other hut theres no more
rooms free '', he couldn't help it he looked Marguerite up and down and saw that her
thigh was exposed he quickly looked away frightened of what reaction will occur in his
body if he didn't, Marguerite looked down and quickly covered up '' so go share with
Challenger '' she didnt mean to be so harsh but she didnt know if she could help
herself if Roxton shared the same room let alone bed, '' well I would but the old
medicine guy wont let me in the room so I guess your stuck with me '' , and with that
be barged his way through the door and jumped on the bed.Marguerite turned around
to see Roxton throw himself on the bed '' well your not sleeping in the same bed you
are on the floor and now I want a proberly cold bath so go off exploring or something ''
,and held the door open for him to leave , ''oh I was exploring actually [smirking to
himself ] ,ok if thats what you want, ill be back in half an hour I too need to freshen up
my dear, enjoy your bath '' he then left .


Ned finished the table and then poured two glasses of wine '' Veronica dinners ready
'' , he then placed the dried rapture meat and fruit on the table as Veronica came up
from her room she had freshened up from there painting that afternoon and too Ned
was looking very beautiful he pulled in a sharp breath as she squeezed her way past
him, he quickly pulled out her chair trying to be every bit of a gentalman, she took it
gracefully and sat down, '' why Ned this looks loverly you went to all this trouble for me
'', she fluttered her eyelashes at him she felt that now they had a chance to be alone
purhaps things could move forward between them, Challenger,Roxton and
Marguerite weren't due back intil tomorrow they might as well make the most of it why
they can.

Ned looked across from his meal to Veronica from out of nowhere he summoned up
the courage to say something he had wanted to say for along time '' Veronica you
know that I haven't met anyone quite like you '', he kept his stare he felt
like something was going to happen tonight, '' what about Gladis '', she said almost
teasingly '' Gladis was an infatuation on my part she doesn't even come close to you ''
he then leaned across the table and started to kiss her soft lips now this was
something that didn't happen much and he was going to savour every moment but
this time the kiss became very intense and when Veronica pulled away she took him
by the hand and led him too her bedroom, Ned looked up to the sky and thanked the
heavens for giving him someone so special.


Marguerite and Roxton were escorted into a large hall [ well actually it was more of a
big wooden hut Marguerite noticed ] where a large table was full to the limits of treats
and wines. They were sat down Roxton one end Marguerite the other and before
Roxton thought of anything else he noticed that Marguerite was sitting next to Kargo '
I wonder who arranged the seating arrangements' Roxton thought to himself a bit of
jealously kicking in.

As the evening went on Roxton kept glancing at Marguerite who seemed to be getting
very cosy with Kargo and was drinking far to much wine then she should.

Challenger appeared later on in the evening and even managed to have something to
eat. Roxton made his way over to where he sat '' how you feeling Challenger are you
ready to leave here tomorrow morning '', he was still watching Marguerite while he
spoke something that didn't go unnoticed by Challenger ' I cant believe he still hasn't
told her of his feelings for her and Marguerite too ' he was sure she had feelings for
him too but they were both as bad as each other, he thought to himself as he watched
Marguerite flirt with Kargo as Roxton was near to breaking point, '' me yes of course ill
be fine and dandy by the morning don't worry about me ,[ he took a short breath
before speaking again ] its Marguerite you need to be worried about dear boy,''
Roxton turned to look at his trusted friend '' I know shes had far to much to drink, shes
all over that Kargo like a rash '', he blurted out not realising that he had near enough
admitted to being jealous , '' no no dear boy not that shes had to much to drink but if
your not careful your going to lose her altogther, dont you think you too should stop
playing these games and admit that you love each other '', and with that Challenger
went to thank the medicine man for his hospitality leaving a bemused Roxton looking
after him.

As Challenger finishes talking to the medicine man he turns to see Marguerite
approach, he gives her a warm smile which to his surprise she returns '' how are you
feeling George you had us worried for a minute or two '', leaning against the wall
feeling just a little unsteady on her feet, '' oh you know me ill soon bounce back, I think
we will be returning home tomorrow if thats ok with you '' indicating towards Kargo,
Margurite follows his eyes which falls on the handsome Kargo, '' oh he is handsome
and he is very sweet but iam not the warrior wife sought '', smiling back at challenger ''
iam just glad your ok '', Challenger smiles '' oh I would have thought you would have
been glad if the rapture had eaten me, after the way I was with you this morning '', he
said this half heartedly, Marguerite grins in reponce '' of course I wouldn't want to see
you be eaten by a rapture George , [ she stops and smiles ] thats my job '', and with
that they both laughed and went there separate ways.

Roxton watched Marguerite head back in the direction of Kargo a stab of jealously hit
him and he walks in her line of path '' hello you've been busy talking this evening
haven't we '', Marguerite notices the look in his eyes one of jealousy and concern
what that was for she wasn't sure,'' well you know me I like to entertain '', she went to
move around him but he steps in her path again, '' yes I can see that dont you think
you've had enough wine for tonight '', as soon as he said the words he regretted it he
should have known better then too tell Marguerite what to do, '' do please tell me what
business it is of yours to tell me what I can and cannot do Lord Roxton '', her eyes
flashed with anger '' Marguerite iam only looking out for your well being '', he was
trying to put right what ever he said wrong , he knew he was fighting of losing battle
with this strong willed woman '' well in future dear Roxton DONT '', and with that
Marguerite made her way to her hut leaving a dismayed John watching after her.


Some time later Roxton quietly enters the hut, '' Marguerite are you awake '', he sofly
spoke '' well I am now '' her voice still sounded harsh he noted , he was about to say
something else but Marguerite interrupted him '' I've layed a blanket on the floor for
you '', a snigger in her voice '' you can't seriously be thinking iam going to sleep on the
floor while you have the luxury of the bed '', he sneered not once did Marguerite move
'' go stay with Challenger then iam sure he will be willing to share his bed with you.

Marguerite didn't receive a reply she only heard Roxton lay down on the floor she
actually didnt expect him to give up that easily and was starting to feel guilty ' how
does this man do this to her ', they lay there in the dead of the nite and breathed
softly knowing each other was still awake, ' oh I know I shouldn't be doing this '
thought Marguerite '' ok ive changed my mind but only because I want you fit and
ready to fend off any nasty predators tomorrow, you can sleep in the bed on your side
'', she huffed and turned over so that when Roxton got in along side her she had her
back to him. When he dosen't stir she sits up although its dark she can see he hasn't
moved '' ok iam sorry for getting angry at you earlier I know you were only looking out
for me '', when he still didn't move she got fed up '' fine stay on the floor see if I care '',
and then layed back down and tryed to get some sleep.

Roxton lay there for a while and then decided he was beening stupid, he got up off
the floor and slid in along side Marguerite noticing her back towards him '' iam
honoured '', '' for what '', they still didnt move '' for the apology its something you don't
here often by the mysterious Ms Krux '', '' you should be it doesn't happen often '',
Roxton turns over so that he is facing her back, '' iam well aware of that, truth be told
one reason I took you to one side was because I was a little jealous '', ''why '', she
knew why really she just wanted to hear it from Roxton '' because of the attention you
were giving Kargo '', he breathed in deep he wouldn't live this down now, '' ahh the
green eyed monster '', Marguerite has now turned over to face Roxton there only
inches apart and there both well aware of it, Roxtons moves a stray hair away from
her face '' ive dreamt of this '', '' what Challenger laying in the next hut nearly beening
eaten alive '', they both smile '' no being alone in bed with you but purhaps under
different circumstances '', Marguerite looks at him horrified '' well Lord Roxton I hope
your not implying that .....''

her words were silenced by Roxton leaning in and kissing her soft pink lips, at first
Marguerite pulls away trying to refuse but is quickly pulled back into Roxtons embrace
and for the first time she really feels at home in his arms.


When Challenger,Roxton and Marguerite enter the treehouse the next morning they
are greeted by a equally estactic Veronica and Ned, everyone said there hellos and
explained there adventures,Veronica went off into the kitchen to get lunch ready for all
of them , she wasn't alone for long as Marguerite entered grinning '' you and Ned get
along alright on your own '', she watched as Veronicas cheeks flushed with red ' I
knew it at last those two have finally got it togther ' she then laughted at her own
choice of words ' I should rephrase that at last we've all got it together ', on hearing
Marguerites laugh, '' and what do you fine so amusing '', Marguerite smiles and leans
in '' Veronica a woman has a certain glow about them when they experienced
something magical '', she tactfully said this Veronica a little embarrassed by the
thought that Marguerite knew what Ned and herself got up to last nite,and stood back
and took in the appearance of Marguerite '' well by the look of you I wasn't the only
one alone in bed '' , it was Marguerites turn to colour ' could they all see it, that for the
first time in her whole life she had found happiness with a certain hunter ' she looked
at Veronica and they both smiled and nodded there heads in some agreement.

In the sitting room the men gathered around the table talking about the goings on in
the past few days Roxton and Ned going off into a world of ther own smiles radiant on
there faces when they looked back, as Challenger talked and when the girls entered
the room both men looked up and the looks that pasted between them was of
unconditional love , Challenger watched the looks the smiles and couldn't help but
wonder off down to his lab caught up in there happiness '' well its about time '' he said
aload .

The End