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Tuesday, May 31, 2005: The Library of the Estate

Dinnertime had long since passed as the sun descended below the horizon. The clouds obscured the raising moon, threatening rain at a moment's notice.

With only the dim lighting to keep her company, the eldest Fenton sibling was in the library once again. She became almost as obsessive as the ghosts that haunted her hometown, searching for anything that may have resembled the disheveled ghost that she saw the day before.

'No such luck,' the redhead thought in dismay as she pushed away another photo album. 'I looked all day today, only breaking for meals and the bathroom, and there isn't a single picture in this library that matches the description of the girl I saw... Who was she?'

Jazz sighed as she saw the clock's hands moving towards the midnight hour. At this rate, she would be too tired for tomorrow's activities.

'I guess I could look into it later,' she supposed as she turned off the light and drifted off to her room.

In the parlor...

A fire roared in the hearth, bathing the parlor in an orange glow. As per habit, the mysterious Lady Bethanne sat, staring at its flames. Her after-dinnertime tea had long cooled off, only bitter and would pierced her tongue with needles of ice if she were to take a sip.

"Tomorrow, Daniel and Jasmine are going out with Xavier?" The elderly woman asked her faithful butler, her eyes never leaving those alluring flames.

"Yes," came the reply from behind her.

"Good," she said, the flames reflected onto her spectacles. "We do not need them to be here when a good thorough cleaning of the mansion is taking place."

"Is there something the matter, milady?" he asked of his mistress. There was a long pause before Bethanne spoke again.

"It is nothing of importance anyway..." the hazel-eyed woman trailed off. Mikhail remained silent, letting the elderly woman speak out her thoughts.

"Is it not time to bade the night a farewell?"

A smirk spread across her face as she turned to the silent butler.


Wednesday, June 1, 2005: Guest Bathroom

Warm water gently poured over the young teenager's body as he relaxed into its embrace. He let it calm his nerves and wash away all uncertainties from his mind. Here, there were no ghosts, no strange dreams, no danger.

...just the comforting sound of water massaging every ache and pain, whether it was physical, emotional, or mental.

Its fingers played with his raven hair as he felt at peace with himself.

Unfortunately, this peace was interrupted in the form of a redhead barging into the bathroom without knocking. Both stood there wide-eyed as both siblings noticed his...ahem...naughty parts.

The elder of the two looked away to hide the blush of embarrassment that currently adorned her cheeks.

"Jazz, what the heck!" Danny exclaimed, as he turned off the shower and grabbed his towel to cover said naughty parts. "If you really wanted to take a shower, all you had to do was knock."

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I assumed that you wouldn't be up this early."

"Well," he started as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I kinda have to be since great-aunt Bethanne's basically kicking us out for the afternoon."

"That is true."

"Do you still want the shower?"

"Are you sure? I mean, I could come back..."

"It's fine," he waved her off. "I was almost done anyway."

After a mutual agreement that what had happened would stay between them, Danny went to his room to get dressed, leaving Jazz the bathroom to freshen up as well.

A light chuckle could be heard as footsteps echoed down the hall outside.


At twelve-thirty in the afternoon, both Fenton siblings were going to the parlor to meet with their great-aunt Bethanne. A little while ago, the butler came to them about her wanting to speak with them before they were let loose to the city of London.

"What could she possibly want to talk about?" the raven-haired teenager asked his elder sister as they approached the parlor. "What more can she tell us other than, "Be safe and have fun!"? The redhead shrugged.

"Maybe this is how she does things with her guests," she hypothesized. "She probably did this with her own children."

With a sigh, both entered the parlor. The mistress and butler must have been talking, judging by how abruptly the butler stopped. Mikhail left the room, his eyes locking with the adolescent boy's own for a brief second before continuing on whatever task he was sent to complete.

"My," the silver-haired woman said at the sight of the two siblings. "What ever took you children so long to see me?"

"We're sorry, auntie," Jazz apologized for the both of them. "What was it that you wanted to talk about?"

"Ah yes," the older woman paused as she looked through her ebony purse. She pulled out a royal blue envelope that was filled with euros. "While you are in London, you two will go to a friend of mine. She has already found formal attire for yourselves for Saturday evening. All you two have to do is try said formal attire and she would make the adjustments as needed."

The two exchanged a quick glance at one another, almost as if saying, 'She was serious?'

The elder of the two looked back at their great-aunt. "Are you sure, auntie? I mean, there is no need..."

The light glinted off her reading glasses, making it unable to see her eyes at the angle the siblings stood. "For this month, you are members of high-society. Any person worth their place in this society would know proper British etiquette, familiarize themselves with ballroom dancing, dress to impress the masses, and above all..."

A smirk ghosted onto the aged face of the lady of the estate as the Fenton siblings were able to see the shine in the woman's hazel eyes.

"...know how to keep their scandals, conspiracies, and other secrets to themselves."

Silence fell onto the parlor. The mistress smirked in a seemingly condescending way towards the disturbed siblings.

Danny was the first to break the silence as he cleared his throat nervously. "I'm sure we'll be fine. We're only here for a month."

Bethanne smiled at the boy with aged hazel eyes—favoring green at the moment. "You may never know what could happen in a month, dear Daniel."

Without even turning around, she gave the money envelope to the butler that suddenly appeared behind her.

"The car is ready, my lady," Mikhail stated as he looked to Danny and Jazz. "Shall we depart?"


If there was one word that could describe the atmosphere in the car, it would be 'awkward.'

Even though the brother and sister had been driven by the mysterious butler before, they were not very cognitive at the time to care. However, with all of them fully awake, they realized that they could not really talk about anything (coughHalf-Ghostscough) since the butler would hear and possibly tell Bethanne about it.

"So, how did you sleep, little brother?" Jazz asked as she observed his movements. 'I know he's keeping something from me...'

"Fine actually," he replied, staring at the passing scenery. "Unlike someone who stayed up 'til around midnight, I went to sleep around eleven."

"Well, aren't you proud of yourself? Maybe you should follow that policy more often."

"Heheheh. Very funny, Jazz."

"I try to be," she paused. "Not looking forward to this party though."

"Why? Rather be in the library, reading your life away?"

"No, just that I have this feeling of dread."

"I'm sure it won't be that bad. Sure, the whole formal-wear thing is a bit much and it would be filled with the equivalent of a million carbon copies of Sam's parents... But we'll make the best of it. After all, it is our great-aunt's birthday party. The least we could do is endure the torture. Besides, I'm sure there will be some people at the party that she isn't too fond of as well..."

"That's true." The elder sibling shook her head to get rid of her building anxiety.

"Well, I wonder who Xavier is having us meet today," the raven-haired teenager said distractingly. "All he told us was that his name is Charlie..."

Everyone in the car either sighed or scowled at their own image of the flamboyant young adult.


Wednesday, June 1, 2005: Climpson & Sons

A sigh and a sip...

A snap and a sigh...

"Someone's an impatient bloke," a young, British-accented voice said teasingly as a tanned hand lifted the warm caffeine in liquid form to its mouth. "Gotten used to havin' things here and now, eh? Got a golden spoon to go along with it?"

"Put a sock in it, Charlie," the blond put his head down on the table. "I bet it's that butler's fault they're late."

"Oh," the said person paused. "The person that is the 'bane of Xavier's existence'?"

"He is! All he does is make my life miserable."

"Does he now?"

"Yes. He watches me like a caged animal with his amber eyes."

"Amber eyes, huh?"

"Yes, and he wears all black."

"Yep, go on..."

"He insults me and my parents. Especially me."

"That's easy to do with someone like you..."

"He sent a bunch of cats on me! I got scratched in places that I didn't even know existed! He's demented!" Xavier paused as he saw that his friend was looking past him. "Are you even listening to my rant for the fiftieth time?"

"Of course I am," the friend smirked. "Just that I was wondering if I have spotted this person outside, letting two teenagers out of a black car."

"Eh?" The emerald-eyed man turned around to see his American cousins standing outside the cafe with said bane of his existence.

"You know, Vivi," Charlie started with a sigh. "Instead of using all that energy for hatred towards your grandmother's butler, why not use it for something more productive? I don't know, what we are suppose to be here for?"

"Alright fine," he said as he stood from his chair and headed outside. "But if he starts it, I'm finishing it."

'Highly unlikely but it would be funny to watch,' Charlie thought, knowing full and well that the blond had little to no fighting skill whatsoever.

"Hey Xavier!" Jazz greeted with a wave. "We were wondering where you were..."

"I was just enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Though the question begs to be asked," he paused as he glared at the butler. "Why are you here? This is supposed to be cousin bonding!"

"I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Xavier," Mikhail 'apologized' as a smile graced his face, "but I am to escort them to retrieve the proper attire for Saturday. Milady thought to kill two birds with one stone and get the task done today."

'More like kill three birds with one stone...' The blond sighed dejectedly. "Fine, we'll get that out of the way first so that way you can take your leave."

"Of course," the butler stated. "After all, I do not wish to interfere with your bonding time."

A throat cleared rather loudly as the four individuals turned their attention to the source.

Standing in front of the cafe's window, a sixteen-year-old girl had her slender arms crossed in front of her chest with a scowl on her face. She wore a form-fitting peach tank top with a dark brown knee-length Bohemian skirt and white sandals. Her short, choppy burgundy hair reached the bottom of her chin, her bangs covering her forehead. ...and her piercing chestnut brown eyes made the blond cower at her imposing stare.

It was an interesting sight to say the least.

"As much as I like hearing the lover's spat between you two," the brunette paused for Xavier's indignation of his friend's description before continuing. "I thought I would stop you two before my friend here humiliates himself. Again."

"Ah, c'mon Charlie! That's hitting below the belt."

Danny and Jazz blinked in shock at this development. "You're Charlie?" Both siblings cried at the same time.

"Yeah... What of it?"

"From what Xavier told us, we were expecting a guy," Danny said at the girl's menacing glare. The glare was redirected to the blond-haired man, who was rewarded with a smack at the back of his head.

"You have no manners when it comes to me, do you?" she asked the fallen boy. "I'm just one of the guys, huh? So much that you describe me as one!"

The weeping blond clung to her Bohemian skirt, begging for forgiveness. Danny and Jazz were torn between laughing or being disturbed. 'What happened to not humiliating him?'

It was now Mikhail's turn to interrupt (though he would reminiscence on this scene later). "It is a quarter before three," he informed them. "I would recommend it best for all of us to go now."

After a majority vote—obviously Xavier voted against—the adolescents entered into the black Sedan, with the irritated blond in the front seat for Charlie's sadistic enjoyment.


Oxford Street. The most busiest place in all of the West End. Tourists and residents alike bustled about its congested sidewalks and ways. The streets alone were a disaster as many people were returning home after a day's work.

However, these teenagers would not be going to one of the most popular tourist spots in London. No, their destination was a small shop off the corner of Brook Street and New Bond Street.

"Beauté Rouge?" Danny and Jazz read from the sign with expressions of askance. They looked to Xavier, muttering something under his breath. Charlie was chuckling at whatever the blond was saying. Then they glanced at the cool expression of Mikhail, and sweat-dropped.

'Is there something we're missing?' the two clueless adolescents thought at the same time.

The mysterious butler sighed and broke the silence. "I think it would be fair to warn you two of this tailor's... peculiarity," he paused. He gestured them to follow him into the shop and they complied. "It is best to deal with it so it can all be finished with sooner."

The interior of the store lived up to its name. While it was set up like any other tailoring shop—stands for clients, a counter for the clerk, mannequins, suits, tuxedos, and extravagant dresses—wherever one would turn, there was the color red staring right into its guest's face.

However, it was suspiciously empty.

"Oh well, I guess he's having tea," the blond stated, his eyes closed as he was about to leave out the door. "We should come back later."

Before he could take a step, his hand was grabbed by three imposing forces. "I suggest you stay here," Charlie's voice commanded. A squeak escaped the eighteen-year-old's throat as he was pulled back towards the group.

The sound of chuckling wafted from the back room to the group as footsteps could be heard coming towards them. Anxiety built up in the front room, with the raven-haired teenager subconsciously slipping into a defense posture. This did not go unnoticed by his sister or the butler.

A man dressed in a button-down shirt and trousers that were the same color as the shop emerged from the darkness of the back room. His long, red hair trailed behind him as his vibrant green eyes stared at his clients through red-rimmed glasses. A shark's smile crept onto his face as he winked towards Mikhail.

"Oh what do I owe the pleasure, my little devil~?" the strange man asked as he trailed his talons to the butler's tie.

"My lady sent me here to retrieve the tuxedo and evening gown for Daniel and Jasmine Fenton," the calm butler stated.

"Why is it all business and no play with you?" To the siblings' surprise, the male redhead pouted!

A tick mark seemed to appear over Mikhail's eyebrow. "Mr. Sutcliff, do you not have a job to complete at this moment?" The butler gestured to said adolescents. The two walked over cautiously to the man in red.

Grell had been given photographs of the two from the old hag of the Middleford estate, since he was the one to design their attire. However, to see them in person was a completely different story.

"Oh, so you're Dan-Dan and Jazzy~!" he exclaimed with excitement. "To think that copper red is your natural hair color~ I had so much fun with your gown!"

She smiled nervously. "Thanks, I guess?"

He moved to Danny. "Your body is so well-built. Like a knight in shining armor~ (or a prince of death)" the red-haired man pulled the poor teenager into a suffocating hug. "Oh, Sebby, why can't you be like Dan-Dan?"

The said butler only stared in response.

"I shall return with your gown and tuxedo~!" the red-adorned man proclaimed. He blew a kiss towards Mikhail before disappearing behind the black curtains of the back room.

Danny twitched as he paled, "He called me 'Dan-Dan'..." His sister placed a hand of comfort on his shoulder.

"He tends to do that," both the blond and the butler deadpanned. It was evident that both parties could agree that they could not stand the flamboyant man.

After an hour of adjustments to both the gown and the tuxedo, they prepared to depart. Mikhail had let the others leave the shop before Grell tugged him to the side.

"That kid," he whispered. "Is he—?"

"Do not concern yourself with such things, Mr. Sutcliff." the butler stopped to smirk at the inquiring shinigami. "After all, when have you cared for a 'brat' like my previous master?"

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