This is like a fix-it for Angela and Hodgins. One of my best friends, who watch the show with, convinced me and her that Wendell is just a backdoor for them to get back together. I mean, I love Wendell and he's really cute, but you know how it is with ships. Might be slightly OOC, but whateves.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones, or they would've been back together the second they broke up.

Angela, Cam, Hodgins, and Wendell were all in Angela's office. Cam couldn't help, but notice that there was no reason for Wendell to be in there and he kept staring at Angela.

"Mr. Bray, do you need something?" She asked.

"I, um, no, Ange?" He looked very confused and Angela and Hodgins abruptly looked up from the computer screen.

"Oh," Angela said walking over to him, "Wendell and I are together."

"I have to go process some dirt." Hodgins said quickly walking away.

"I'll be right back." Angela said quickly following him. Instead of going to his station, he walked outside to the famous Jefferson Garden and he turned around.

"I knew you were going to find someone else. But WENDELL?!?! He's one of my friends; it's like you dating Zach." He turned to face her mad.

"No, not exactly, he's not in a mental institution, and didn't get recruited by some murderous psycho-cannibal, but," she said stepping towards him and kissing him, "he's not you."

"Ange, wait, huh?" He said confused.

"I never stopped loving you, I thought it might have just been that I didn't love the people I was with, but I've realized that it's because they're not you."

"But, all those times, you could've said something, how come you didn't?"

"I wanted to make sure that I really felt it because I couldn't stand to hurt you again. But, I do, I love you so much that it makes me hate you."

"Ange," He said, softly cupping her face in his hands. He could see that she had started to cry. "I never stopped loving you. You have no idea how many times I wanted to grab you and things just be the way they were. First, I lost Zach, but I thought you'd help me through it and then I lost you and I just started to feel numb, lost, like I was circling over a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from."

She started to sob, "I hurt you so much, I can never forgive myself. For the past year and a half, there have been all these times that I just wanted to turn and see you there, but you weren't."

"Well, I'm here now." He said pulling her into a hug.