Hawaii Dreams – A Dog the Bounty Hunter story

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I started writing this story and it has taken off. It is almost 50 pages and I am no where near done. So I promise lots of chapters and a sequel.

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No one believed me when I told them I was sick of the cold weather and snow and I was moving to Hawaii the first chance I got. I was twenty-nine and single for the first time in almost seven years. I just got divorced for reasons I don't care to share but we are still friends and I am happy about that. He was my biggest supporter in me moving to Hawaii.

I needed to start a new life, far away from my family and all the problems that was causing in my life. "A new home with fresh start" he told me hugging me as I boarded the plane. I loved him I did but I think we just grew apart and the longer we stayed together more it became clear, we got married way to young and weren't ready for the responsibility of adulthood.

So here I was on plane headed to paradise. I had planned this out. I already had apartment with a couple of roommates. I was planning on taking some classes at University of Hawaii at Hilo. My roommates were graduate students there. I was really luck to find a nice apartment so close to campus. I had planned on getting my master of psychology but I wasn't ready to jump into classes. My first mission was to find a job and get settled in before I started school again. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do school again. I loved it the first time around but I was much older now and I don't think it will be as much fun as the first time.

My roommates and I have been chatting between emails and text messaging for almost two months. I answered their ad on craigslist. People told me that was dangerous but how else was supposed to find an apartment thousands of miles away. I couldn't exactly check them out from Kentucky now could I?

Jordan was twenty-five and originally from California, she followed her boyfriend down to the island and never left after they broke up. She was your tall and super model skinny with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Kaili was from Hawaii she was your typical girl from Hawaii, beautiful skinned tanned skin and long follow jet black hair. She was surfer girl. I would be the odd one in this group, I was kind of "chunky" was brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair.

They were both waiting for me at the airport, something I hadn't expected but I was happy there cared enough to come get me. I planned on taking a cab or bus.

"Over here, sista?" Yelled Kaili over the crowd of people, that girl had some lungs.

I smiled and walked over to her and Jordan, "Hey"

"Come on, Madison, I beat your are beat after that flight, lets get your bags and head home." Jordan suggested. She was exactly right I was tired, hungry, and cranky but I was in my new Hawaiian home.

I was amazed at the scenery, I had seen it on television and I had done my research but I wasn't prepared for the beautiful of Hawaii. It truly was paradise. It was everything I dreamed of and more. I had my face pressed against the glass of window taking in all the palm trees, green grass, and sounds of Hilo. Jordan and Kaili were making fun of me from the front seat. I didn't care I didn't want to miss a thing.

"Like it?" Jordan asked

"Like it? I love it. I am never leaving."

"I know that feeling well, after Jeremy left me, my family thought I would move back to San Diego but I couldn't imagine leaving this place.

Soon enough Jordan pulled into the parking lot of my new home. It was three, large white apartment building with two floors each and peeling paint, they sit in U shape with sidewalks and grass in between. A couple of kids were playing on the sidewalk. It wasn't the nicest place I had ever been but it was fine. Rent was expensive in the area so I was lucky to have an apartment at all.

The girls showed me to my room. There was bed and dresser. But that was plenty for me.

I decided to unpack a little before heading off to bed. It had been a long day but I knew I would sleep better once some things were in place. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. In my dreams were the beautiful pictures of my new home. Hawaii was my dreams come true.

They say time flies when you are having fun. I had already been here for two weeks. I still hadn't found a job yet. I was searching the paper everyday and asking around but no seemed to be hiring. You think it would be easy to find a job in paradise, but it was hard. I can see why there are so many drug dealers. Not that I would consider something like that. I would make a horrible criminal and I can't lie for nothing.

One night, I was sitting on the couch with Kaili flipping though channels when Jordan walked though the living room. She has dress that looked more like t-shirt, it hardly covered her butt and was low cut showing off tons of cleavage. She had a lot of makeup on and was carrying clear stiletto heals. I just stared at her.

"Off to work?" Kaili asked like her outfit was normal.

"Yeah one of the regulars called in, so Lou called me to fill in. I could really use the money and tips are crazy on Friday night."

"Have fun and be safe." Kaili called as Jordan grabbed her keys and headed out the door. I guess I still had shocked look on my face.

"Jordan sometimes strips at this club called Voom Voom Room."

"Oh! How did I miss that?"

"She doesn't do it all the time, just sometimes. It really is good money.

We must have fallen asleep on the couch because I wake up to Jordan coming though the door. She was trying to be quiet but tripped over the rug on way in.

"Hey" I said following her to the kitchen "Good night?"

"Oh yeah made 500 bucks." She said grabbing a soda from the fridge.

"Seriously? Just one night you made that much money."

"Yep, I can get you job if you want."

"Haha, I don't think so. I couldn't ever be a stripper."

"I figured that much, but are some openings for cocktail waitress. The tips aren't as good but still decent. I can talk to Lou for you."

I never saw myself working in strip club but I needed a job and it would have to work until I found something else. "Ok I'm in."

"Awesome, I am working tomorrow night too, you can come with me and I will introduce you to Lou."

"Ummm ok." I said as we both headed off to our beds.

Jordan didn't wake up until around 5pm that afternoon. I had been up for at least four hours and was cleaning the house with Kaili. I was in the laundry room while Jordan was telling Kaili all about last night at the club and how I agreed to talk to Lou about the job.

Jordan had to be at the club at 9pm. So we had few hours to kill. I had no clue what to wear. What do you wear to interview at strip club?

"Jordan I need help!!" I screamed from my closet.

Jordan and Kaili both came running. My floor was covered in clothes and I was in my bra and panties sitting on the floor.

"What do I wear?" I asked looking at the girls.

"What you have on is good." Jordan said almost too seriously.

"I am not kidding; I have no clue, what to wear."

"Ok, ok, let's go find something in my clothes because none of your clothes will work."

I wanted to say something but she was right. I didn't really own anything that screamed hire me.

After about hour of trying things on and another hour of hair and makeup, the girls finally agreed I was ready and that I would get the job no doubt. I was wearing black pants the had slit up the back of my calf to my knee with like diamonds up the slit and Blue halter top that had the same diamonds around the bottom and Jordan's clear heels. I wasn't even sure if I could walk in those things. But I had omit they were super cute. I might have to get myself a pair.