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A day at the Sanctuary is never normal, but this one turned out to be even more out of the norm…

It was around 10 in the morning and things were slow. Kate was in her room. Henry was fiddling with updating the Sanctuary's security. Dr. Magnus was in her office, doing whatever she does in her office. The Big Guy was cleaning, and Will was taking inventory in the lower levels of the Sanctuary. It was boring, thought Will, but it had to be done.

He had just finished checking on their supplies of medicine, when his cell phone rang. When Will reached into his pocket, he saw that it was Henry that was calling. Wondering why he was calling, Will answered.

"What's up?" asked Will.

"We have a security breech. Something got onto the grounds," answered Henry, sounding nervous.

Will immediately started to sprint to towards the upper levels, heart pounding in his chest.

"Is it something from the Sanctuary? Or something from outside? And…how come I don't hear any alarms?" quizzed Will, wondering what was going on.

"No, it's something from the outside. I was updating the security remember, I must of turned it off by mistake. Anyway, you might as well come here and check it out. It doesn't seem to be doing anything. And when I turned the security back on…you just have to see what's going on with the protection field."

"It better not have been anything dangerous that got in, Henry or I'm kicking your butt," and with that Will hung up.

On his way, he made sure he pasted Kate's room and Magnus's office, alerting about the security breech. They stopped whatever they were doing and followed him at once.

"So that dunderhead accidently shut off the security and now something's gotten on the grounds?" asked Kate, as they made their way to Henry.

"Yep," answered Will.

"I'm going to kill him."

"Now I think it's a perfectly reasonable mistake. The security for the Sanctuary is quite a complicated system," commented Magnus.

"Yeah, but that mistake let something onto the grounds. Something possibly dangerous," responded Will.

When they got there, they found Henry anxiously typing into the computers, he didn't even notice when they came in.

"Henry, what is it?" questioned Magnus, coming up behind him and looking at the computer screens.

"It's the protection field. It started fluctuating wildly ever since I turned it back on. It spikes and drops uncontrollability. I'm trying to figure out what's going on," replied Henry, continuing to furiously type.

"Interesting," muttered Magnus, leaning in to closely examine the readings.

Will came up behind Magnus, trying to see what Henry was talking about. On the screen was an illustration of the protection field that surrounded the Sanctuary. One second it was glowing brightly, the next it faded to almost nothing, then it was glowing brightly again. It continued to do that sporadically, while on another screen the energy readings reflected what was happening to the illustration.

"What the heck?" commented Will.

He had never seen anything like that happen to the protection field. It was usually stable and at times there was a little blip but nothing like this.

"The protection field is the thing that keeps abnormals from coming in, right?" questioned Kate, coming up behind Will.

"Yep, and I have no idea what's causing it to fluctuate like this," replied Henry.

"Couldn't it be the thing that you let in?"

"Hey! I didn't let it in-"

"Stop it you two!" Will interrupted.

"Henry, could you bring up the security camera, so we can see what this thing that came in is?" asked Magnus, acting as if that little argument didn't happen.

"Sure thing," said Henry.

After a few clicks of the keys, the view through the outside security camera appeared on screen that once held the diagram of the protection field. There standing on the green grass, was a blue, wooden Police Box. Will felt a little relief wash over him. At least it wasn't some raging and dangerous abnormal that got in. But it was still a strange sight. In fact Magnus, next to him, tensed up the moment it appeared on screen.

"If you'll excuse me. I have to go check something," and with that Magnus straightened up and walked out the door.

"Hey! Magnus!" Will called after her, but it made no difference, she still went on her way.

"What was that all about?" asked Kate, turning to face the door.

"No, idea," replied Will, wondering the same thing.

"Uh…guys…" began Henry, sounding urgent.

"What?" Kate and Will asked at the same time, turning back to Henry and the computers.

"The fluctuation stopped," said Henry, pointing to the energy readings where they had stabilized.

"What?" questioned Will, shocked.

"And look," started Kate, pointing to the other screen with the view of the security camera. "The door to that thing is opening."

"Then we'd better get out there," responded Will, taking out his gun.

And with that he and Kate were off, rushing to the Police Box on the lawn of the Sanctuary, guns in tow.


They got there in a matter of seconds and were standing in front of the Police Box, guns pointed right at the door. At that moment, a strange looking man stepped out. He was tall and lanky, with messy brown hair and was wearing a trench coat, suit and a pair of converse. Upon seeing the guns pointed at his head he slowly put his hands up.

"Uh…I come in peace…" spoke the man in an English accent.

"Who are you?" threateningly asked Will, strengthen his hold on his gun.

But before the man could answer, Magnus came rushing out of the Sanctuary.

"Will, stop! Don't shoot!" exclaimed Magnus coming up beside him. "This man means no harm."

"Is he a friend of yours?" questioned Will, remembering the man's English accent. He did not lowering his gun.

"No. But I can assure you that he means no harm," repeated Magnus, breathing deeply.

"Then how can you be so sure, if you don't know the guy?" asked Kate, her gun still raised too.

"Because," began Magnus with a smile. "He's the Doctor."

"Doctor who?" queried Kate.

"Just the Doctor," replied the man like he said that a lot while lowering his hands.

"Oh, no you don't. Keep them up," ordered Will.

He still didn't trust this man. He still could be a threat, no matter what Magnus said.

"Will, I beg you. He means no harm. In fact, from my research, he's saved the world a countless number of times. Please, lower your gun," pleaded Magnus.

Will looked at his boss. She looked serious and it was hard to ignore the unexplainable delight in her eyes.

"Okay," Will said, slowly lowering his gun.

As Kate followed his lead, Will turned back to the man who Magnus called the 'Doctor'. He didn't look harmless as his hands dropped to his sides. But Will was still suspicious of this odd looking man. He had come out of a Police Box that had appeared inside Sanctuary grounds after all.

"Hello. I'm Dr. Helen Magnus," greeted Magnus, stepping forward and holding out her hand for the man to shake.

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Helen Magnus," said the man with a smile while shaking Magnus's hand. "I would tell you my name but see as you already know it...How do you know my name by the way? I work very hard to be anonymous."

"It seems that way, Doctor. There isn't much information on you. But I have compiled enough information to have a basic idea of who you are. But first, please I would be a horrible host if I didn't invite you inside," replied Magnus, letting go of the Doctor's hand and gesturing towards the Sanctuary, smiling all the while.


"Welcome to the-"

"Sanctuary. Yes, I know all about it. Saving and capturing what you call 'abnormals' in facilities around the globe. You guys will be quite famous in the 71st century. Including, or should I say especially, you Dr. Helen Magnus," said the Doctor with a quirky grin on his face, following Magnus as she lead the way into the Sanctuary.

"Is this dude on drugs or what?" Kate whispered Will.

Her and Will were taking up the rear, follow this mysterious Doctor and keeping a close eye on him.

"Magnus doesn't seem to think so. I haven't seen her smile this wide in awhile," commented Will quietly.

"I wonder why. This guy seems like a total nut job to me," replied Kate.

Will wondered why, too. This man did sound a little on the outlandish side, but Magnus didn't seem to be effected by it. She just kept on show him around, pointing things out with the 'Doctor' finishing her sentences every once and awhile. Maybe he was a secret part of the Five, thought Will. Maybe they had six instead of five. No, Magnus had said that she didn't know him. But how did she know his name?

"Well, I suppose I'd better tell you how I know about you, before I begin on the grand tour. I think everyone is wondering about that," stated Magnus, glancing back at Will and Kate as she said that and then turning down the hallway towards her office.


"Are you finally going to tell me what's going on, Magnus?" asked Will, standing near the door with arms crossed.

The 'Doctor' was walking around, looking at the many books on and artifacts that decorated Magnus's office, while Magnus herself was at her desk, shuffling through some papers. Kate had gone to tell Henry that they had everything under control, leaving Will alone with his boss and the mysterious man.

"Found it!" exclaimed Magnus holding up a piece of paper and walking over to the coffee table.

The 'Doctor' went to go sit at the couch while Will moved in closer. Magnus seated herself across from the man and placed the paper on the coffee table. It was a photocopy of an old journal entry.

"It's an entry from my dad's journal. It describes his encounter with a mysterious man that saved him from a terrible unknown creature in a London alleyway. He goes on to say that the man called himself the Doctor. I was only four at the time that happened, but when I was going through my dad's things after he died, I found that journal entry and had be trying to find out who this 'Doctor' was ever since," explained Magnus.

The Doctor put on square-framed glasses, picked up the journal entry, and started to examine in. Eyes moving back and forth as he read the entry. A few seconds later, his face lit up like he just realized something.

"Of course! You're Dr. Magnus's daughter! I should have known! You do look like him. It's this head! Too full of useless facts." exclaimed the Doctor, looked up at Magnus. She smiled and got up to look for something else.

So the Doctor knew Magnus's father, the famous 19th century's scientist, thought Will. But how could that be possible? Unless this man was like Magnus, it would've been impossible for him to have known Magnus's father. He didn't look a day past 37. And there was also the fact that this man didn't seem to be affected by the fact that it was obvious that Magnus wasn't a normal person. But then again, he'd already known about the Sanctuary. So it wasn't as big as a leap to say that he already knew about Magnus. This man was getting stranger and stranger by the second.

"Okay this is not making any sense. Magnus, how could he have possible known your father? That was over 160 years ago," questioned Will.

"Hold on a little longer Will. I'll explain everything in time," answered Magnus, pulling out a battered old binder filled to the brim with papers.

She went back over to the coffee table and plopped the binder down with a heavy thud.

"That's over 100 years worth of research. A combination of various journal entries, ancient stories and legends, pictures of artifacts from around the world, and more. There's a journal entry from Charles Dickens right before his death, non-published and incomplete stories by Agatha Christie, and a lost poem by William Shakespeare in there. There's a few stone carvings from ancient Greece, hidden extras on a dozen or so DVDs, and more in there. And they all are about a mysterious man that appears out of nowhere and helps people and is known as a healer or the Doctor," clarified Magnus with a note of amazement in her voice. "All over history, in almost every country, there is a faint trace of the Doctor. Whether it is an almost forgotten campfire story, a servant's dairy entry or a forgotten work of art, he is remembered by almost every civilization on the face of the planet. It's amazing. Simple amazing."

After Magnus finished, she left the room in a shocked silence. Will couldn't believe what his boss had just said, and he believed in quite a few strange things. But for this man to have been remembered by almost every civilization, he would have to be hundreds of years old and be able to travel insanely fast. And that couldn't, just couldn't, be possible.

The Doctor, on the other hand, was leafing through the binder, eyebrows furrowing and a look of astonishment in his eyes. God could only imagine what was going through his head.

"Brilliant. Simply and utterly brilliant. I mean I knew you were good, but not this good. You've tracked down, almost all the traces of me on this planet. That's happened so far, of course. No one has been able to do that. Not even me," said the Doctor taking off his glasses and leaning back on the couch. "I mean I've had people researching me for…well forever, but no one has gotten as far as you. It's remarkable."

Magnus beamed. "Why thank you, Doctor."

"Okay, isn't anyone going to ask how this guy was able to do that stuff? Because all I can think of right now is impossible bull," spoke Will.

"Oh, come on Will. You're smart. Don't you see? The Doctor can travel in time," replied Magnus.

"What?" questioned Will, totally and utterly stunned.

"You heard me. He can travel in time, isn't that right Doctor?" said Magnus turning to the Doctor for support.

"You got me," began the Doctor, putting his hand up in mock defeat. "I travel in time."