OCC: I do have some more serious stuff in the aftermath of David's departure planned but in the meantime, here's a set of Haikus – a form of writing I have recently experimented with to – with one for EVERY episode of Russell T. Davies' era of Who. Can I sum each episode up in three lines and seventeen syllables? One can but try! It's been a wild ride these past five years and a most enjoyable one, so I hope you enjoy this budding Japanese Poet's guide to New Who!

Quick note: Thanks as with several fics for the Doctor Who Transcripts Site, incredibly useful when you've forgotten something the blue alien said in Episode Sixteen which might be important.

Who Haikus

2005- Series 1, 'Pudsey Cutaway' and 'The Christmas Invasion'


Tyler in basement,
Plastic Dummies come to life.
His first word was 'Run'!

Last Human of Earth.
Venting Systems are offline.
I fancy some chips.

Eighteen Sixty Nine,
Gleth Phantasmagoria.
A maid saved the world.

Gone for one whole year,
A spaceship has hit Big Ben!
We are the Slitheen.

Run down those hallways,
Aliens in Downing Street!
Back in Ten Seconds?

Dark Cell in Utah.
You would make a good Dalek.
Feels like no one's left.

Fourth Human Empire.
The Mighty Jagrafess of-
Oh, just call him Max.

Picked a Stupid Ape.
Come to sterilise the wound.
My dad saved the world.

Flight over London,
Saved by the dashing Captain.
Are you my Mummy?

Do you dance Doctor?
Good source of potassium!
I am your mummy.

Walk past the Blue Box,
Those words are following you.
Always moving on.

Snatched from Kyoto;
Viewing figures just went up.
He'll save Rose Tyler.

A girl killed a God.
Absolutely Fantastic.
Ah, Barcelona!

I am the Doctor -
Ha, let's break the time limit!
Please don't leave me Rose.

With a Satsuma,
The Doctor beats the Monsters.
No second chances.

OCC: Let me know what you thought of each one in reviews. There's three chapters to go in any case, but for now I hope you've enjoyed the ones for New Who's First Year! :)