OCC: So, Series 2. Been fun to write these primarily due to how many places and things we've seen over five glorious years of Who. Anyway, Haiku time! :)


2006 - Series 2 and 'The Runaway Bride'

Off to New New York;
Up Lift, Up Ladder, Down Shaft.
The Message can wait.

Not Ian Dury –
The Monks and Moon make the Wolf.
We are not amused.

Missus and the Ex!
Finch wants to become a God.
Goodbye Sarah Jane?

A spaceship first time.
Every Lonely Boy must Dance;
She choose the slow path.

A parallel world.
Those who gather for Forty;
Fear the Age of Steel.

Sally feels the Cold.
Mickey Smith will stay at home;
Save Earth in a Van.

Wire was Peckish.
The Time Lord beat her then had
Cake and Orange Juice.

Sanctuary Base.
Be afraid Little Toby;
The Ood's Eyes are Red.

The Doctor fell down.
The Beast rose up from the Pit.
Rose sent him to Hell.

Searched for the Doctor.
Chased by the Abzorbaloff.
Found Love with a Slab.

A scribble can kill.
Lick that Jam off your fingers;
A storm is coming.

Welcome to Torchwood.
The Shift hides the Metal Men;
The Sphere hides the Cult.

Bronze and Black fight Steel.
An Ark, a lever, a tear;
This was how I died.

Bride in the TARDIS?
Robots? Spiders? Killer Star?
Get a friend, Space Man.