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Synopsis: Carly, Sam and Freddie throw a New Years Eve party on the roof of the Bushwell Plaza – everyone is invited, but the one person that Freddie wants to se most is late. Sam arrives late to the party, and she doesn't seem herself, resulting in the unfolding of some very strange events…

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Chapter One

"Freddie?" Carly called frantically, rushing down the stairs of her apartment and searching in earnest for her best guy friend, who was supposed to be helping her get ready for the New Years Eve party that she was hosting.

The three of them – them being Sam, Freddie and herself - had planned every last detail of the party that would launch them into the promising year of 2010, but Carly hadn't seen Sam since they had parted ways last night after a baking marathon. The two of them had made cupcakes, brownies and every other delicious snack you could think of, each of them adorned with an iced 2010 to get all of their guests into the mood. After Carly had allowed Sam to steal her last cupcake for the night the two friends had bid each other goodnight and Sam had headed home, promising to be back before the party to help with the decorations. But Sam hadn't shown up yet, and it seemed like Freddie was also missing in action all of a sudden.

"Freddie?" Carly repeated, more urgent than before, and a movement near the couch caught her attention as Freddie emerged from a large heap of streamers on the floor. They were draped around him oddly; his one arm was pinned to his side as the streamers bound him in unimaginable ways, and his struggle to get free without tearing them was becoming very unsuccessful.

"What are you doing?" Carly demanded, sounding harsh without really meaning to. She couldn't help it – the first of the guests were set to arrive in the next half an hour and she still wasn't dressed and the preparations weren't nearly complete either.

"Well, I was trying to take these streamers upstairs," Freddie explained, his own voice filled with obvious frustration, "But somehow they all unwound themselves and I ended up stuck like this for the last ten minutes. I don't want to break them, but I can't get out unless I do…"

"Oh, forget about the streamers, just get out of there and go help Spencer set the music up please? The guests are going to be arriving soon and the lights and music still aren't set up."

"I'm on it…" Freddie grumbled, breaking the streamers that were constricting his arms, but tripping over the ones that still bound his feet. Carly couldn't help but let out a giggle as he hit the floor, and he pushed himself up in embarrassment, untangling the streamers at his feet.

"Say," he questioned as Carly turned around to leave, "Wasn't Sam supposed to come and help us get ready?" Embarrassing actions just didn't seem the same without Sam insulting him from the other side of the room. "Where is she anyway?"

Carly sighed in response to his question, and reached into her pocket to check her cellphone for the hundredth time that day.

"I don't know," she answered, the frown that often caressed her features when she was worried jumping to her face again, "I've tried to call her about eight times already, but she's not answering. It seems like her phone is off because I just keep getting her voicemail."

"She's obviously gotten herself nicely out of working tonight…" Freddie said matter-of-factly, gathering up the streamers and heading towards the bin in the kitchen.

"No, Sam wouldn't just abandon us like this when we need her – this isn't schoolwork or anything. Sam would be here if she could…something must be wrong. I hope she's ok…" Carly's face darkened as her brow furrowed up even further in worry,

Freddie wished he could take back his words, but he knew that it was now too late. He dumped the streamers in the bin and then walked over to Carly who was staring at her phone as if hoping it would ring and Sam would be on the other end of the line.

''I'm sorry Carls, I didn't mean it…" Freddie trailed off, and Carly looked up at him with her small smile in place, but the brightness of her eyes told him that she wasn't alright; she really was very worried about her best friend.

"Look," Freddie said, placing his hand on her shoulder and squeezing it lightly, "I'm sure Sam has a good reason for being late, and she'll be here before you know it. But just because she's going to be a little late doesn't mean that you have to; go upstairs and get changed and I'll make sure all the rest gets done, ok? Don't worry, you've done a great job so far and you're going to be a brilliant hostess tonight. I promise."

Carly's smile widened at his words, and she nodded her head slowly as he gave her shoulder a final squeeze and gave her a small push towards the stairs.

"Thanks Freddie," she said, and she rushed up as quickly as she could so that she could get finished in time.

Freddie rocked back and forth on his heels for a few seconds before sighing and taking a step towards the elevator. He pushed the 'up' button and entered it, waiting for the door to close and to feel the old familiar jerk as the elevator started moving.

He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but at that moment he was pretty bummed that Sam wasn't there; he was looking forward to getting the apartment and the rooftop ready for the big party that night simply because he knew Carly would pair the two of them up to do almost anything while she ran around and checked that Spencer wasn't setting anything alight. He and Sam had reached a mutual feeling of friendship over the last few months, and he couldn't deny that he enjoyed the change, along with her company, thoroughly.

It wasn't because Sam had started insulting him less, or because the physical abuse had lessened, even if it was only a little, that he had started enjoying his new found friendship with Sam. These factors did play a role in his enjoyment, of course, but they were miniscule in comparison to his true feelings on the matter. The truth was that the bettering of their relationship had brought about a change within him in terms of the way he started perceiving Sam. She was no longer the bully who tormented him on a daily basis anymore – he had begun to see her as someone he shared a strange connection with, and this change frightened him.

He had spent months battling inwardly with himself when came to realize this change of his; it had started out very insignificantly at first. He had always been one to pay a lot of attention to Carly – to notice when she looked pretty or did something sweet – but he had begun to notice the same things in Sam after some time. Sometimes he had even found himself thinking that she looked prettier than Carly that day, or that her blue eyes stood out much more than Carly's normal, brown ones, but he would often stop himself as soon as these thoughts entered his mind.

He quickly made the connection to why he had begun noticing these things – it was because of that kiss that he and Sam had shared. They had insisted that they would kiss each other simply to get the pressures of a first kiss out of the way, and that it was supposed to mean nothing more than that, but Freddie couldn't deny that it had had an effect on him nonetheless. Sam's lips had fitted tightly to his, not entirely soft but warm nonetheless, and the second his mouth had found hers a tingling had shot through his body, surprising him and changing things for the two of them forever.

The elevator jerked to a stop as he reached his destination, and the slight tinkling sounded as the door slid open to reveal the rooftop of the Bushwell Plaza. Normally residents of the apartment building weren't allowed onto the rooftop, only having access to the small balcony outcrops that jutted out at each corner on the top floor, and although these had small ladders which reached the rooftop, no one ever climbed them because they were weathered from the rain and were hardly reliable. Freddie remembered how he and Sam had gained access to one of them those few months ago and how the kiss had somehow happened…he shook his head as the memory flooded back to him and he stepped out of the elevator and admired all of their hard work.

The owners of the apartment building had granted them permission to use the roof for their party that night, on the condition that the entire event is broadcasted on iCarly in order to better the image of the building (Sam had joked that Lewbert wasn't meeting the owners expectations on that front – his wart scared off the majority of the new residents). They had obviously agreed to the more than reasonable condition – it was a great stint for iCarly on top of it as well, so Freddie had arranged a rotating tripod stand for his camera to add to the special nature of the night.

Freddie had to hand it to Carly and Spencer; they sure knew how to throw a party. The roof had been transformed into what could only be described as the interior of a funky, retro nightclub; Spencer had worked tirelessly over the last month to create four, identical sculptures which lined up at the one end of the roof which would light up one by one as they entered the New Year. When the sculptures were put side by side they formed a colourful and vibrant 2010, and Freddie couldn't wait for them to be set off. Spencer had also let Freddie in on the secret that he had set up to go off in addition to the lighting up of his sculptures, and Freddie hoped that it didn't involve anything flammable. Besides Spencer's sculptures occupying the roof, Carly had managed to convince residents of the building to donate their furniture sets for the night – long tables had been set up with food, dessert, snacks and drinks for the guests, and couches, tables and all manner of seating arrangements had been carried upstairs and placed in comfortable arrangements for the guests to enjoy conversation and rest between dances.

The small attention to detail that Carly had shown was very impressive to Freddie, although it had been Sam's idea to carry the furniture upstairs in order to provide a comfortable environment for their guests. Lastly, a wooden dance floor had been laid out in the middle of the area, and old-fashioned lamp posts were positioned at each corner to provide lighting to the area. These were not ordinary lamps however; Freddie had fashioned each one to provide a different light to the dance floor. One had a UV setting, the other a strobe light setting, and another was fashioned like a disco ball to throw an interesting light onto the dancers. The last of them had three separate coloured bulbs in, which were programmed to switch at random intervals. These lights, along with normal globes that were placed along the wall of the rooftop every few meters in order to provide enough light for the guests were all connected to Freddie's laptop, which had a lighting scheme programmed into it in order to sync the lights and the timing for Spencer's sculpture.

Freddie headed to his laptop and fiddled around with the settings as he turned each light on one by one, the rooftop slowly lighting up from the one end to the other, and the dance floor suddenly looked very inviting as the speckled lights of the disco lamp washed across it. The last wisp of sunlight disappeared behind the skyline of Seattle just as Freddie turned the last of the globes on, and began to sync the lighting to the music that would soon be playing.

"Hey Freddo!" Spencer greeted Freddie as he emerged from behind his sculpture after Freddie had been fiddling with his equipment for about ten minutes, "I was wondering when you'd come up and put the lights on. I almost thought I'd be stranded up here in the dark."

"Sorry, I was busy downstairs," Freddie answered absent mindedly, typing away furiously on his laptop, programming the last of the instructions into the lighting system, "What were you doing back there anyway? I thought you sculptures were already set?"

"Well, they are, I was checking up on some things," he replied, wiping his hands free of something that looked like dirt, "And, um, I was just testing out one of Carly's chocolate brownies…"

Freddie lifted and eyebrow and glanced over to the dessert table where the brownie platter seemed a lot more empty than before. So it wasn't dirt that Spencer had been wiping free of his hands, but chocolate crumbs instead.

"Only one?" he questioned, and Spencer smiled guiltily, putting his finger to his lips, "Don't tell Carly, ok?"

Freddie shook his head at Carly's brother, rolling his eyes slightly, but then nodded in agreement nonetheless.

"Sam arrived yet?" Spencer asked, and Freddie paused, his brow wrinkling in sudden expiration and letting out a sigh.

"No," he replied, "Carly's really worried about her…I hope she's ok. I've decided that if she's not here by the time the first few guests arrive I'm going to go look for her."

"You can't do that Freddie, even if you want to," Spencer interjected, "This isn't just a party that you can run out on – it's important to Carly as well as iCarly. She needs you to be here if Sam can't. If Sam doesn't arrive in time then I'll drive over to her place and see if she's there, ok?"

"Thanks Spence," Freddie thanked him whole heartedly, moving over towards the camera he had set up earlier, and double checking the connection to the iCarly website.

"You're really worried about her, aren't you?" Spencer asked him quietly. Freddie flinched slightly, and turned around to look at Spencer incredulously.

"W-why would you say that?" he muttered, finding Spencer's expression unreadable and returning to his camera, his cheeks hot.

"Well, no matter how much you two fight, she's your friend too," he replied, "And I'm no idiot Freddie – I'm eccentric and creative and maybe not as smart as you are, but I know I'm no idiot. You like her Freddo…you should tell her how you feel."

Freddie spun around in shock, almost knocking his equipment over in the process.

"What are you talking about?" he spluttered, his cheeks burning at Spencer's words, "I don't like Sam in that way! I'll agree that we're friends, but there's no way I like her as much as I like Carly Spence! Besides…if I told her that I felt that way – not that I do – she'll probably laugh or throw me off a building or something…"

Spencer grinned at his clear embarrassment, shaking his head slightly.

"You may not admit it Freddie, but I know how you feel about her. And you better tell her soon…because she never will."

"Huh?" Freddie snapped his head up at Spencer's words, "What do you mean by that?"

Spencer was about to answer Freddie when the tinkling of the elevator was heard, and he looked around to find Carly exiting the entrance of the elevator and coming towards them. Spencer shut his mouth and smiled over at his sister – he knew that this was Sam and Freddie's dilemma and he didn't want to involve Carly unnecessarily. He had picked up the signs of their feelings for each other over the past few months, and he knew that they would both deny it if he mentioned it, as Freddie just had, but he couldn't ignore the signs. Freddie was a little harder to read, but Sam's feelings for the boy were so obvious to him that he couldn't believe Freddie or Carly hadn't picked it up yet. He was amazed at himself for picking it up, but that was what happened when you hung around your sixteen year old sister and her friends a lot – you became a bit more sensitive to the teenage heart and its dilemma's.

"Wow Freddie, the lights look amazing!" Carly said, walking over to the dance floor and standing in the middle of it so that the lights washed over her; she was wearing a red dress which sat tight at the top and flared out extravagantly as it reached her waist. She wore red heels to compliment the dress and her hair fell down straight across her shoulders. Freddie smiled at her as she gave a small spin, allowing the dress to flare out and expose her thighs.

"You seem to be in a better mood," Spencer said, joining his sister in the middle of the dance floor and patting her head affectionately.

"Its amazing what a shower can do," Carly said, smiling up at him, "I don't think I've ever gotten dressed and make-upped so quickly before!"

She giggled slightly as Spencer looked over at Freddie and mouthed the words "No, she hasn't!" Freddie smiled and dropped his eyes back to the wires connected to his camera.

"Plus," Carly continued, "Sam called a few minutes ago. She said she's sorry she's so late but she wasn't feeling well for most of the day. She said she's on her way, so she should be up any minute!"

Freddie's stomach gave a sudden lurch at Carly's words, and he pulled at his collar nervously all of a sudden. He had lied when Spencer had confronted him about his feelings for Sam, but he was caught completely off guard. How had Spencer figured it out? He was positive that Spencer wasn't just jumping to conclusions simply because he and Sam had kissed; perhaps all he harboured were suspicions of his feelings for Sam and he had no definite proof, therefore Freddie didn't have to worry that Carly was catching on either.

Spencer was a very perceptive person, despite his shortcomings, but Carly was blinded by her belief that he and Sam would kill each other if they got the chance. He felt bad keeping things from Carly, but he and Sam had sworn that no one find out about their kiss, and even though Carly had discovered it eventually it didn't mean he had to tell her about the strange feelings he had begun to possess for the girl. It was his secret, and he planned to cling onto it for as long as possible, secretly hoping that they would disappear in time so that he could avoid the wrath of Sam if she ever found out.

Freddie shook the thoughts from his mind and returned to his laptop where he hit the enter button, causing the music to begin playing. It was simple lounge music to start off the evening because he knew no one would dance so early on in the night – the dance music was scheduled for later. Carly and Spencer were still on the dance floor, talking and laughing, the excitement clear on both of their faces, and Freddie moved over to join them, the buzz starting to infect him too.

"You look beautiful tonight Carls," Freddie complimented his friend, and she smiled at him appreciatively. Spencer caught his eye and gave a wide smile, indicating to him that he knew Freddie was being polite, and that the feelings for Carly that he portrayed were simply an act. He emphasized this silent exchange by pressing on with the matter.

"I wonder what Sam's going to wear tonight?" he asked innocently, allowing Freddie to narrow his eyes at him playfully.

"She's probably show up in a pair of jeans and an old T-shirt," Freddie joked, looking at Carly for her agreement.

"Yeah, I bet!" Spencer agreed with him, but Carly simply placed her hands behind her back and swayed suspiciously.

"Oh," she breathed nonchalantly, "I think you'd both be surprised."

Before Freddie could question her they were interrupted by the tinkling of the elevator. The door slid open to reveal a group of the first of their guests, two blonde-haired individuals standing at the front.

One of the blonde haired individuals was someone Freddie had been dying to see, and the other was no doubt her mother. This theory was confirmed when the two of them left the elevator, the smaller one of the two heading towards them and other making a beeline for the food table.

'Like mother like daughter…' Freddie thought to himself as Sam approached them, an apologetic smile on her face.

"Hi guys," she said breathlessly, "I'm so sorry I'm late…and for making you worry Carly. I've had a terrible fever all day, so I spent the day in bed so that I could definitely make to tonight. And my charger ran away…screaming…again…"

She sighed, and Freddie noticed that she looked exhausted; her cheeks were flushed and her forehead was beaded with tiny sweat droplets as a result of her fever. He almost didn't notice all of this though, because he was too bust staring at how different and…pretty she looked despite the discomfort of her illness. She was wearing a plain black dress which was also tight at the top, but at the waist it didn't flare out as extravagantly as Carly's did. It fell in natural sweeps of silk across her legs down to her knees, and she had fastened a red belt around her waist. The black heels she wore weren't as high as Carly's either, and she looked comfortable in her outfit almost as much as she was naturally comfortable within her own skin. He admired the curve of her hips, the slight swaying of her long, curly hair in the breeze, and the way her makeup had been done in order to bring her eyes out. He had never seen her pay so much attention to herself before, and he guessed that her mother had something to do with it, which he didn't mind in the slightest.

"Freddie?" Sam said for the third time, rapping him lightly on the head with her knuckles, "Earth to Freddie!"

Freddie blinked and snapped out of his daze in embarrassment, the heat returning to his cheeks as he realized the blue eyes he had been admiring before were now only inches away from his face.

"Where did you zoom out to Freddork?" Sam asked playfully, throwing her arm around his neck and forcing him into a headlock at her side, "Come on, Carly and I need to introduce the party to the iCarly viewers, and we need our technical dweeb as backup."

She gave him a wink as he looked up at her in annoyance, and proceeded to drag him towards the camera where Carly was already waiting, eyeing the two of them impatiently.

"You ready Carls?" Sam asked as soon as they reached her, and she nodded quickly, smiling at her friend.

"Let's do this!" she exclaimed, and Sam released Freddie, taking her customary spot next to her friend. Freddie straightened up and massaged his neck as he moved away from Sam and took his position behind the camera. That was Sam for you – only she would be able to trap someone in a headlock in heels when she was feeling under the weather. He held his finger over the recording button and started counting down the seconds until their broadcast would begin on his watch. Carly and Sam went over some of their lines and timing while Freddie waited patiently, throwing glances over at the two girls occasionally. He couldn't believe how gorgeous Sam looked tonight, and it was so unbelievable that he was struggling to concentrate on the simplest of tasks. Even counting down the seconds on his watch was difficult because every ten seconds or so he tore his eyes away from it and focused on Sam instead, once again admiring her slender form and her enchanting blue eyes.

"In 5,4,3,2!" he finally counted down, and he hit the recording button as Sam and Carly launched themselves at the camera.

"Hello people, and welcome to iCarly!" Sam started off, using her usual to-the-point charm to set the show alight with humour.

"I'm Carly!"

"I'm Sam!"

"And this is the last iCarly show we will ever do!" Sam said, her large grin falling into a pout as she hit the "Aww" button on her remote, causing the large speakers around the roof to grumble harmoniously.

"For 2009 that is," Carly interjected, and a grin sprang to Sam's face again as she hit the button that caused the sound of a cheering crowd to echo off the rooftops of Seattle.

"Now, as you may notice," Carly continued, "We're not in our usual iCarly studio. We're much higher up in fact – we're on the roof of my apartment building!"

"And we're all dolled up," Sam continued the rehearsed speech, "Because we are throwing an awesome iCarly New Years Eve party!" she hit the cheer button again, and some of the guests that were already on the roof joined in, clapping and laughing at the two teenagers which had become the highlight of the Internet.

"Freddie, come on out from behind that camera and say hi to the people!" Sam said, beckoning him over. Freddie refastened the camera to its stand and loped over to the girls, sending a wave of recognition towards the camera.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" he greeted the camera, catching Sam's eye and returning the small smile she gave him.

"Do you want to tell them about your special camera tonight Freddie?" Carly asked, motioning her arm in a way that indicated that he could take the floor.

"I'd be happy to," Freddie said, taking a step forward, "I made some adjustments to the tripod stand that the camera is situated on at the moment in order to give you, the fans of iCarly, a better view of exactly what's going down here at the iCarly 2010 celebration. Sam, would you please do the honours?"

Freddie glanced back at Sam as he said this, once again catching the hint of a small smile playing at her lips as they made eye contact. Sam brought her remote up and pointed to a large green button near the top at the remote, asking him if it was the right one. Freddie nodded, and she pressed it, causing the tripod to rattle suddenly and then smoothly begin to rotate on an axis that Freddie had set up, not jostling the camera at all. It moved slowly, allowing the viewers to take in what they were seeing, but not too slow so that they wouldn't get bored. It didn't turn full circle, but instead stopped and changed direction as soon as it caught what was happening immediately to the right. The guests that had already arrived waved at it shyly, and some smiled enthusiastically.

As soon as the camera began moving Sam yanked Freddie sideways, performing a strange sideways leap in her heels in order to stay in front of the camera. She pulled Freddie behind her while Carly brought up the rear, clutching tightly onto his other arm.

'Yay,' he thought to himself, 'More manhandling of the Freddie.'

"Now!" Sam continued, unaware of Freddie's discomfort at being dragged along, "You can see what everyone's doing over here at iCarly!"

"So, enjoy the party with us from the comfort of your own home!" Carly added.

"Be sure to leave us comments on anything you like!" Freddie said, being yanked back to the left by Carly as soon as the camera changed direction. Now he was supposed to pull Sam; her hand let go of his elbow as he was yanked aside by Carly, and he grabbed her hand out of reflex, hanging onto it tightly. There was no way she was getting out of being tugged along after she had done it to him.

"Tell us what you think of our outfits!" Carly said.

"The dancing!" Freddie added, suddenly realizing what he was doing and letting go of Sam's hand in embarrassment. Why, out of all things did he have to grab her hand? He was surprised that he wasn't knocked out on the floor already. Sam would never put up with him doing that but, strangely, he was still standing.

"The food!" Sam ended, smiling guiltily as Carly and Freddie eyed her, "Well, they can at least comment on what it looks like! I'll bring you updates on how it tastes!" Sam winked at the camera and Freddie rolled his eyes at her. She wrung her hands together behind her back, feeling a heat that had nothing to do with her fever spring to her cheeks as she felt the tingling feeling of Freddie's touch lingering on her palm.

"So, that's it for now!" Carly said, "We'll pop in later and say hi again! But first – Freddie, Sam…hit those buttons!"

Freddie jumped to his laptop and hit the enter button again, starting up an upbeat, party tune, while Sam pushed a button on her remote which shouted out and displayed the words Random Dancing on the show. The three of them, including the majority of their guests, broke into random dance moves as the camera panned and caught it all.



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