Author's Note: Hey guys, this is the introduction to my story. I just wanted to say iKiss never happened in this story! So yeah. (: Review! And sorry the introduction isn't amazing. Okay thanks bye!

In the third floor of an apartment in Seattle were three teenagers. Their names were Carly, Sam, and Freddie. They were getting ready to shoot their webshow, iCarly.

Carly stood there with her big, white teethed smile, seeming very excited. Her dark brown hair was straightened like almost always, and she was wearing just a bit of makeup to bring out her dark eyes. She was wearing a casual red mini dress, reaching her knees with a pretty black jacket over it and long, shiny black boots reaching her shins.

Sam stood next to Carly, also having a big smile. Her long, curly blonde hair fell down, almost to her hips. Her bangs covered her light eyebrows but not her blue eyes. She didn't wear much makeup at all, just a tiny bit of lip gloss and eyeliner. She wore a purple tee shirt that was sort of tight but not skin tight. She wore dark skinny jeans and sneakers.

And Freddie stood before them, holding his big camera in his hands. He stood next to his computer and all of his other tech stuff, and smiled at the girls. He loved doing this tech show with them. He had short brown hair and small brown eyes. He had on a black tee shirt with a gray sweat jacket over it and baggy jeans, with plain gray and white sneakers.

"Okay guys, let's start the show!" Carly exclaimed, dancing around and getting energy with Sam.

"Alright," Freddie said, pressing a few buttons on his equipment, "In five, four, three, two!" He pointed to Carly and Sam, showing them it was their cue.

"I'm Sarly!" Carly exclaimed.

"I'm Cam!" Sam said a second after.

"Wait… we have to switch letters," Carly said, "I'm Carly!"

Sam smiled. "I'm Sam!"

"And this is a special iCarly!" Carly said into the camera. "Sam and I are going to interview the guy who's usually behind the camera."

Sam looked over behind the camera at Freddie. "That wacky guy over there," she said, pointing to him.

"Please welcome, Freddie!" Carly exclaimed, looking at Freddie with a smile.

Freddie's eyebrows narrowed as he said, "Wait, wait, wait, guys, this wasn't in the script!"

Sam rolled her eyes and walked behind the camera. "Come on, Fredward," she said. She tightly gripped his arm and dragged him in front of the camera. Then she let go of him and pressed the cheering button on her remote.

Freddie sighed. "Fine," he said, not seeming too enthusiastic. "What do you want to know?" He pressed a button on his belt so the viewers could see the webshow from another camera because he wasn't holding his anymore.

Carly smiled and said, "Well first, Freddie, you have to go in…"

"The Hot Seat!" Carly and Sam exclaimed together.

Sam pressed the cheering button on her remote again.

Freddie sat down in the red chair in the middle of the room that Carly and Sam were calling "The Hot Seat". The second he sat down, he shouted, "OW!" Then he immediately stood up. The Hot Seat was a hot seat! Literally!

Sam chuckled softly, looking down a bit.

Carly sighed. "Sam!" she exclaimed angrily. "I told you to make the Hot Seat just warm. How many degrees did you make it?"

Sam bit her lip. She looked up at Carly and Freddie, then back down. Quietly, she mumbled, "Three hundred twenty."

Carly and Freddie's jaws dropped. "Sam!" they yelled in unison.

Sam sighed. She had to be mean to Freddie. It was her life. She regretted it though, and forced a smile on her face. It's not like Freddie was that hurt. Why did they always have to make such a big deal out of it?

"Freddie, why don't you just stand?" Carly offered. Freddie was already standing, so he just nodded. Carly smiled and said, "Freddie, here is question one: Who do you have a crush on at school?"

Freddie flinched. He shook his head nervously and said, "What? Huh? No… um, no." Confusion filled his brain. Who did he have a crush on anyway?

Carly and Sam shouted, "BAAHHHHH!"

"Time's up!" Carly exclaimed.

"You lose, Freddork!" Sam exclaimed.

Carly and Sam finished the webshow, just being funny for the rest of the time.

Later, the three of them sat on Carly's first floor in the living room on the couch. They were all drinking juice like they did regularly at Carly's house.

After Carly took a sip, she turned to Freddie and asked him, "Freddie, why didn't you tell us who you liked?"

"Yeah, who do you like anyway?" Sam asked him. She tried her best to act like she didn't care. She didn't even want to admit to herself that she cared. But she did. She did so much, that she zoned out into a daydream, a fantasy. She could just picture it. Staring into blank space she imagined this:

"You, Sam. I've been in love with you since the first day I saw you. I kept it from you because I thought you I thought you didn't feel the same way."
"Oh, but Fredward Benson, I love you too…"

"Sam, Sam? Hello, Sam?" Freddie asked.

Sam shook her head and closed her eyes, and when she opened them Freddie's face was right in front of hers, with wide eyes. "Oh… sorry, I just zoned out I guess."

"Okay, well just to tell you, I don't like anyone," Freddie told her. His heart skipped a beat. He was staring right into her blue eyes and lying to her like that. But at the same time, he was lying to himself. He didn't want to have a crush on her. But he couldn't help it.

"Oh…" Sam said weakly. She swallowed. She felt as if she needed to make up an insult so that Freddie and Carly wouldn't be suspicious of her. "Well," she said. "That's good because it's a girl's worst nightmare to be liked by you."

Freddie frowned and sighed.

Sam looked at him. Oh, I don't know if I can do this any longer, she thought. He's so smart and cute and… whenever I insult him I hate myself and all I want to do is comfort him.

"Wait," Carly said, who was just watching this, "Freddie, I thought you liked me!"

"Oh," Freddie said, his heart now beating fast. He did used to like Carly, but he got over it but still said he did to cover up his big crush on Sam. Awkwardly, he said, "Well, I do, but I didn't say it because… um… you know… oh, well, I wanted to know if our iCarly viewers knew I liked you and to see if they would like comment about it. Yeah, that works."

Carly narrowed her eyebrows, looking at Sam and Freddie, who both seemed so fidgety and nervous. "Why are you guys both acting so weird?"

They both mumbled out answers such as: "Uh… no reason… uh…" And they didn't make eye contact with each other because they would do anything to make sure the other one didn't know how they felt.

Suddenly, Spencer ran into the living room from his bedroom. "Hey guys!" he exclaimed, running towards the kitchen excitedly. "Who wants some SPAGHETTI TACOS?"

"ME!" Sam and Freddie exclaimed in unison, quickly standing. They were both just so glad the subject was changed.

"Me too," Carly said after, standing up and staring at them. Something was different.

What could it be?