Chapter 25: The Start of the Rest of Our Lives

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Freddie's POV:

When I was about eleven years old, I met Samantha Joy Puckett. We had nothing in common except for the fact that we shared a best friend, who was my neighbor and her closest girlfriend. Carly Shay.

Ever since that day I met her, Sam has made fun of me and hurt me, emotionally and even physically. She had nicknames for me, some being harsh, while others were just funny.

One day, Sam, Carly and I started a webshow called iCarly. And, without even realizing it at first, I was spending more and more time with Sam every day.

At first, everything that Sam did made me sad and angry. But when I realized that that was just who she is, I found something out that shocked me. Sam was my friend.

Sam and I got closer and closer until one day, I figured out that I may actually have feelings for her. And I was right. I kissed her in a dark carnival ride, and everything changed since that day. Sam became my girlfriend, and I fell in love with her.

Sam and I were in love. We were. I loved her, and she loved me. We had some rough spots here and there, but I'd never felt love before her. We kept our relationship a secret until once she thought I was cheating on her, and I stated on iCarly in front of hundreds of thousands of people that I loved Sam. Being innocent, I didn't realize that there were bigger problems to life than getting made fun of because you're dating some tough girl. But Sam did know that there were bigger problems. She got abused at home.

When I found out about how Sam got abused, I immediately wanted to tell someone. Anyone. But Sam didn't let me. And stupidly, I agreed not to tell anyone. Biggest mistake of my life.

One day, I went to visit Sam, and her mom had gone too far. Sam was hurt. I called the police, and they took Sam away. I didn't see her again for two years.

But now, I'll talk about the present. I moved to California, and after finding out that Sam had been there, she moved in with me. I lived with my girlfriend Sam, who I promised to never let go of again. That was the easiest promise to make.

I've always heard people say things like "every day feels like the first", and knowing someone is "the one", and I was always afraid that I would never get those feelings. But now I understand, and I know how lucky I am. I truly to fall in love again whenever I kiss her, whenever she laughs, and whenever we talk about the future.

And yes. If you're wondering, Sam did go to college. And we did get married. And we did have kids. And they call Carly Aunt Carly, and Spencer Uncle Spencer. And Sam is a good mother. An amazing one, actually. We aren't as overprotective as my mom, but we weren't even close to as bad as hers. Sam could never let another child go through anything that she went through.

Carly and Spencer also ended up happy. Carly had a successful job, and married a guy she met in college, and they raised a family together. She kept the apartment in Bushwell Plaza, while Spencer lived close by in a house.

Spencer, too, ended up happy. He was inspired by Sam and me, so he found his old girlfriend Cassandra. He mentioned her once before, saying that his relationship with her was like mine with Sam. He said that he had to keep his relationship with her a secret as well. They ended up breaking up, but when he saw how happy Sam and I ended up, he found her. They easily started their relationship again where they left off.

I wake up every morning happy because of Sam. I always see a smile on Sam's face, too. We aren't that perfect, happy TV family, but we are surprisingly always happy when we're together. Sam isn't an affectionate person who shows emotions often, but I know her well enough to know that she is just a generally joyful person.

And to think that so much has happened by just me being with Sam, it's crazy to me. We've inspired other people to make life changing experiences, inspired ourselves to be better people, and even made new life. And it's incredible that all of this happened from a love that was supposed to be forbidden.