Chapter 1: iKitties

Sam's POV:

A week ago, Carly and I visited an animal shelter. Freddie would've come, but his mom has some idea that he has allergies, or he might have allergies, or something. But when we were there, we saw the cutest cats. They had some problems, like three legs or missing an eye. But they were adorable, and we felt really bad.

So, Carly asked a nice lady who worked there if they wanted us to show the cats on iCarly. And the lady was thrilled. She was an animal lover, and all she wanted was to see these animals in safe, loving homes so she wanted our iCarly viewers to see the cats and want to adopt them.

So, it was iCarly time! I jumped and danced around with her as Freddie smiled and said, "In five, four, three, two."

"BONJOUR!" Carly and I shouted at the same time, in the best French accents we could do.

The lights turned down low and Carly and I walked up close to the camera. "This is a special iCarly," Carly whispered, her face right next to the camera. I leaned my head against her shoulder and said in a quiet, high-pitched voice, "Special!"

"In this iCarly," Carly said, "We are bringing in… kitties."

"Kitties!" I whispered, and when the lights slowly faded back, we stepped back and talked normally again. "So, here they are! From the Angel Shelter of Seattle, we bring in three adorable kitties."

Carly walked to the back of her room to get the three kittens. She walked back in with three kittens next to her.

I looked at them and smiled. What would I give to have a pet? Well, my life was complicated enough. But it was nice to have these sweet kittens on our show though. There was a gray one with three legs (the only male one), an orange one with a big scar across her face, and a white one with one eye.

Freddork clicked some buttons on his geek equipment, and the camera then saw us from a different view so Freddie got to come in to pet the cats too. Apparently, his mom let him play with the cats because he went to a doctor's office to get an allergy test, and he's not allergic to cats. I remember laughing when he told us that, because his mom brought him to an allergist just for this.

The three of us knelt down to the ground and played with the cats. I was playing with the orange cat, when I looked up at Freddie. He had a content, calm smile on his face as he slowly petted the gray cat. And the gray cat just seemed so calm. The lady told us that the cat had a rough past with a horrible owner, and he was never happy. But he seemed happy here. And I felt my heart beat. There was just something so… so sexy about the way that Freddie was so good with these cats. I was angry with myself for thinking like that, but he seemed really sweet.

I always knew he was sweet. But it never really made me smile.

When I was staring at him, the cat I was petting slowly walked away from me, towards the cat Freddie was petting. Freddie's cat's eyes seemed to be on my cat, and after mine walked over they seemed to just contently sit next to each other. Soon they got a little bit closer to each other. My cat sort of rested herself on Freddie's cat.

It was strange. It seemed like they were almost… in love? Freddie and I both slowly looked up at each other.

Our cats were in love.

It was sort of weird, comparing myself to a cat but…

Would that be us someday?