Summary: As he held the knife to his hostage he glared at the females around. A world where males are slaves, how could he escape? To join the rebellion would be suicide, but if he didn't.

Rated M NaruxHina

Warning: Rape, Reverse rape, Graphic sex, Language, Violence, Blood, Crude/Dark humor, WAR, etc.





- Flashback -

*Sound Effects/Noises*

Loud sound effects

An Unwanted Life


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Hey superdick! Wake up!"

The sleeping blond's muscles tensed at the command, the banging echoed all throughout his room that made it utterly impossible to continue sleeping.

Thoughts of who it was ran through his mind, which guard was it this time? Courtney, or maybe Mira? Another series of banging rang throughout his room, along with a second command and this time he was sure on who it was.

Great, he really didn't want to deal with her out of all of them, his body refused to move, not wanting to deal with these females today, sure about the schedule they had in store for him.

Let's see, beating, beating, bitch, beating, eat, Oh- more beating. A day he definitely wasn't looking forward to, Tara always made sure to get in a few biting insults which annoyed him to no end.

Then again maybe he was just being a bit overdramatic, there were many others that had much worse than he did. He could be that new anorexic kid that had just been transferred here, hell he knew what it was like to be the new guy.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tightening his fist he rolled over onto his stomach, trying to dig his head into his cot. He really did not want to wake up right now, whenever he had dreams it was usually nightmares, but this one was actually a little-

"Wake up dumbshit!"

'Please shut the fuck up!'

The banging just wouldn't stop, pounding over and over as the woman on the other side of the door kept yelling profantities at him, most likely smiling as she said these. Over and over the banging rang in his ears until he couldn't ignore it any more.

"I'm up!"

Tiredly he sat up, his orange metallic collar clinking as he did, in the middle of it a silver plate displayed his name to whoever looked at it, he wore gray rags a T-shirt and shorts.

Naruto opened his eyes, the banging on the door sounding more like gun shots firing off next to his ear than anything else.

She could have come in the door anytime, but she always loved to make him miserable, the fuck he'd know why all he knew was she didn't like him, and he plainly did not like females.

'Not in the sexual sense of course-'

Interrupting himself, he tried to listen to the voice outside the door, apparantly she was saying something.

"-istress wants all you slaves in the ball room in five minutes." She explained unlocking the door to his small room, a room which consisted of gray brick walls, a steel door, a small porcelain toilet, and a cot for him to sleep on.

Glaring at the door he shook his head to rid himself of the sleepiness. He'd better go before she decided to come in and tell him again.

He dug a finger into his ear and yawned, "The ball room... tch." Who was gonna be the lucky one this time? He hoped beyond hope it was him.

That was the one main problem Naruto had with these females, he could never understand them. No matter how much he observed, no matter how much he tried to please them… it always seemed they had something to bitch about from what he could gather from their behavior.

He got them drinks, they changed their mind; He got them food, didn't fix it right; He readied their baths, too much water; He went out and bought what they asked of him, got the wrong kind; He complimented them, it insulted them; He obeyed, they bitched.

Even when it came to the sex that was required of him, he'd do everything they told him to and yet they were unhappy in the end. Why was this, the only answer he could ever hope to give his tired confused brain a set of peace was that whatever the male thought was good, was wrong for those females.

Then again every time he had done those tasks he was less than eager to execute. He couldn't fucking imagine what I'd be like if the roles were reversed, why the hell did they have to bother him?

Of course the answer was easy, he was a slave. Plain and simple.

He stood up, popping the joints that ached as he did.

It was said that there was a time when the world was not controlled by the dictator bitch Naruto knew today, that woman Konan.

A place where it was said that males and females had once been equals, but that didn't exactly mean peace, from what the females had told him it was way worse back then, a much more dark and chaotic world.

Where man held a higher position, the world was steeped in war, wars had sprung up like a yearly occurance that threatened to tear Earth apart with it's chaos. But that all changed when an organization showed itself to the world.

The organization had been hiding in secret until it was strong enough to show itself, An organization called Akatsuki, a stupid name if you asked him.

Anyway Akatsuki was an organization filled with thousands of men and woman with nine extremely skilled and talented leaders in all aspects you could think of, strategically they were masters, master marksmen, swordsmen, fighters you name it.

Some say they had been experiments, and with their brilliant minds they created new weapons, new technology never before seen and overall more advanced than what their enemies had, with these weapons and technology forces were wiped out.

Their goal was world domination. Behind them millions of men, and women were said to have been brainwashed into believing that one of their leaders was a god living among them because of the weapon that he had created, with it they wiped out cities, states, countries, continents even or so he had been told.

Akatsuki had been under the tuteledge of one person, Madara Uchiha.

He was tired of the fighting that defined humans. He wanted to gain control of the world so the wars and fights would stop.

The governments and their militaries were no match, by the time Akatsuki had surfaced they found out that people within their own military were also members of the group, mayors, senators, prime ministers, nobles, daimyo's and leaders all fell.

But this wasn't done without casualties and betrayal, the leaders had fell in battle one by one until the final decisive battle for control of the world. Just as the world was within Madara's grasp, it had been taken away.

Betrayed by their weakest leader, Konan. With her lover's death, whom Madara sent on a suicide mission, Konan had swiftly eliminated the leader of Akatsuki, the world was within her palm and she then used her power to shape the world into what she wanted, believing that had she been in charge none of their leaders would have died, she is the last original leader.

Maybe her lover's death had knocked a screw loose, forcing men into submission, and turning all other females in their favor, those who refused were dealt with and still being dealt with.

Man wasn't going to go quietly, and women who believed this to be wrong fought back as well, forming a rebellion- Damn it he was getting carried away.

And so that's how man had been utterly fucked over by Konan.

At least… that's what his father told him who was told by his father.

His father was born two years after the world was taken over by Akatsuki which had been in 2023 Naruto's father Minato Namikaze was born, at 17 years of age he was bought by a rich woman named Kushina Uzumaki, later on had a child, in this time of age the male takes on the females last name.

Kushina had no care for him so she gave him to the slave owners, Kushina later on died and because of this Minato was sent back to the slave dorm when Naruto turned 4, Minato told him this story.

Two years later he was again bought by a woman named Yoko, though her nick name was Kyuubi, and he hadn't seen his father since… ten years since he'd seen him, probably won't see him ever again... the image of the bitch Yoko forever in his mind, his hate for his parents were strong, very strong and he doubted he could ever forgive them.

The owner of this slave pound's name was Tsume Inuzuka, a horrible bitch really. Her daughter Hana being encouraged into buying a slave, turned out to be her brother Kiba, though he wasn't really bought he still lived here. Forced to do Hana's every bidding, it was a subject Naruto humored over Kiba, he had to even tend to her sexual needs, at least until someone bought him.

This place was a slave dorm, a place where a woman could go to buy slaves. The place holding a total of Three hundred slaves, which meant a slim chance he'd be adopted, Kami he hoped not.

Then again Naruto wasn't the most luckiest person to ever live, hell he had already been bought at least five times. Some shit about his soul-deep blue eyes and whiskers crap. Though every time he was taken out he was returned not even a month later because of his 'wild rebellious behavior' and each time he was returned he was beaten, no not whipped, beaten as in having the ever-loving shit kicked out of him, whipping was only for the well-behaved.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he walked down a large corridor filled with very beautiful paintings, nice carpet and other female decorating.

Today they were heading to the ball room, everyone knew that when the slaves were called to the ball room there was a rich person visiting to see the slaves, and maybe buy two or three to fuck and do their homely crap.

As he walked to the entrance to the ball room like everyone else, a guard standing by the door handed him a sheet of paper and a pencil like every other time.

Entering the room he stopped to fill in the sheet.

"Hey dumbass you finished!" A woman interrupted him three minutes in, her head on his right shoulder as she leaned on him from behind looking at the paper he finished filling out.

"Yeah I'm finished." He answered with a frown as she snatched the paper from his grip, leaving him to line up in a line for the woman to choose out.

The room was large, very very large filled with beautiful gold, silver, glass, and carpet decorating, walking over to the line up of slaves each around 15-16 year's old. It was the woman's requested age preference.

Every slaves walking was neat, their back straight, their faces blank just like they were taught to do. Chest out, muscles flexed and feet together.

Looking over he gave a pat on the back to a black haired teen who held the perfect slave image.

"Hey Teme." Naruto greeted like usual, the teen glanced at him and grunted in acknowledgement, Naruto grinned knowing exactly what to say to push his button's.

"Wanna make a bet?" He asked nudging his shoulder, He rolled his eyes in return, his blue collar jingling.

"What's the wager?" He asked keeping his arms by his side, Naruto grinned.

"Whoever gets the female to look at them the longest wins, the loser has to give up their food at lunch, alright?" He explained seeing Sasuke smirk competitively at him.

"Hn, we'll just see about that." He grunted.

"Hey, count me in to?" Another, three person's down, his belly sticking out farther than most, his spikey brown hair, and swirls on his cheeks, and a red collar decorated his neck, he held his stomach as he said this, groaning in hunger like he always did.

Naruto smiled.

"Your going to lose –ttebayo!" He exclaimed with mischievousness.

The person beside Choji muttering to himself, him having a gray collar, "Troublesome." He sighed.

Leaning forward Naruto looked down the line, spotting his target with the black collar.

"Yo Kiba you want in? If you win you'll have more energy for your doggystyle with your sister!" he yelled knowing full well the guy liked dogs, chuckles were heard as males tried to control themselves.

"Fuck you!" He retorted.

Before another word could be uttered the sound of a door opening stopped all movement and conversation, the males righted themselves.

Tsume was seen walking in as she stared down all the slaves in the line, her hands behind her back, a smirk seen on her face as every slave showed their best behavior.

Everyone knew that if you gave the slightest disrespect, it would be dealt with by an ass kicking and no lunch, which for him sucked a lot.

As she walked forward she looked side to side at each person, after a few sweat consuming minutes she spoke.

"You all know why you've been brought here, five teenage girls are going to be picking out their first males, that means five or six of you will be going to your new home, you know what's expected of you, tomorrow there will be three more to be selected." She explained as she walked down the line.

"You have been requested by them, and I expect you to be on your best behavior, if not…" she dragged out for added effect, her walking slowing down as she stopped in front of a guy with a silver collar, his name reading Sai, the common asshole of the bunch.

"You will be dealt with accordingly." She finished as she stared at him. He raised his hands in defense and he smiled.

"Mistress Tsume, I'm hurt that you believe I would do such a thing, I promise I'll be on my best behavior." He promised, Tsume not once falling for it, but nonetheless she walked back to the door.

"We'll see… I'll return with your might be owners." She ended with her back turned to them, Naruto rolling his eyes as she did.

Before he knew it he was on his knees, a female kicked him in his calf from behind, he grunted in pain for a few stinging seconds, registering what happened before looking back at Tara with a glare, he yelled in confusion.

"Nani? What was that for, I didn't even do anything yet!" he yelled, the woman smirked at him, other female guards chuckled at the sight.

"Just getting the first strike out of the way." She waved off before she stepped back on guard, mumbling to himself he stood back up, dusting himself off, Sasuke's condescending smirk caught his eye as he stood up.

"Go to hell Sasuke." He mumbled, standing up straight just in time for the door to re-open.

Five females walked in ranging from fifteen to sixteen, the first one to enter was a pink haired girl with green eyes, the second was a blonde haired girl with bluish green eyes, the third was a brown haired girl fixed in two buns, the fourth was a four tailed blonde girl with green eyes, and the last… looking at the group the fifth was hidden within the group, he knew she had bluish black hair from his vision.

The pink and light blonde haired girls were giggling, the sound of it made him want to shout at them, though he knew better, their lust filled eyes as they stared down the men disgusted him, tilting his head down a little his whisker marks seemed to darken a little.

The five stopped and stood out, Naruto now being able to see the fifth one, the girl having lavender eyes, quite unique actually.

"So, which would you girls like to choose." Tsume asked, the pink haired girl glancing at Naruto, Naruto smirking in his mind.

"Hmm, his hair's kinda cute, though I don't like those scars on his cheeks." She elaborated with a frown, walking forward she lifted his face up was her first finger and thumb, cheeking him over.

The Lavender haired girl leaned forward curiously, seriously invading his space so much that he thought about stepping back.

"I think their cute." She complimented with a small smile slowly bringing her hand up to carress his left cheek, Naruto was thinking about biting her but restrained himself.

"Ehh cute and all, but I don't like blonde hair… No offense Ino, Temari." The brown haired girl shrugged as they smirked.

11…12…13…14…15…16 seconds, beat that teme.

"None taken Tenten."

The pink girl finally taking her hands off him as she looked over to Sasuke.

"He's much better, nice eyes, we'll fix the hair, but the bodies great… hmm Sasuke's your name?" She questioned as she stared at his collar, Sasuke glancing at Naruto, mentally gloating.

As she felt up the boy's ab's, she smiled.

"You're coming home with me!" She exclaimed, clasping her hands together she turned to the spikey haired owner.

"How much?" She asked walking over to her.

"Ano, Sakura-chan make sure your positive on your choice." Hinata advised as she turned away from her staring contest with Naruto, Sakura waving her hand at her.

"Don't worry Hinata I am, trust me!" She replied

The girl named Temari walked over to him, staring straight in the face before walking on down the line.

"Hmm none of these are my type." She mumbled, staring in disgust at the plump kid before her. She walked over and was about to walk again before stopping herself. stepping closer she examined the boy with the pineapple head, her eyes scanning him as she gave a smirk, Shikamaru staring back at her, his eyes and facial features showing he was either very miserable, or just didn't care.

Grabbing his head she forced their lips to meet.

"Jeez Temari, don't fuck him now! Wait till he's washed!" The other blonde haired girl suggested as she stuck out her tongue.

"That's not nice Ino-chan." Hinata lectured.

"But it's true!" Ino cried in defense.

After a few seconds, she stopped, licking her lips and savoring the taste she stared at him with a widened smirk.

"Great kisser, this one's mine." She claimed, from the way Shikamaru's eyes widened Naruto knew he'd never been picked before because of his lazy personality.

"He looks like he's about to keel over." Ino put in her two cents, Temari flipping her off in return.

"I got these two!" Tenten squealed as she grabbed two boy's with a green and white collar by their waist, hugging them, her being in the middle.

Naruto raised his eyebrows, no one had ever chosen Lee before, Neji had twice though… no one knew what happened.

"You are too much Ten-chan!" Hinata gasped, seeing that her friend had chosen two guys, Tenten smiling in return.

"Hurry up Hina-chan we don't have all day!" Ino interrupted, startling the girl.

"What about you?" She asked.

"I'll choose tomorrow, right now I'm picking the birthday girl's present." Ino replied pointing to Kiba, the look of surprise on his face from the choice, Tsume tilting her head as she said this.

Hinata raised a doubtful brow, "I'm not sure if he would be her type... Besides you didn't even check him over." She pointed out as Ino stuck out her tongue.

"I'm not going near him until he takes a bath, he smells like a wet dog, besides I have a sense about these things I can totally tell he's a great fucker!" She smiled as she clasped her hands together, the males around trying to hold in their laughter, Kiba putting his head down.


"Ino-chan, that's not something to say in public…" Hinata mumbled, Ino rolling her eyes.

"Just choose."

"Ano, I'm choosing him." She said as she pointed at him like a child, Naruto almost growled, not another one.

Tsume frowned at the lavender eyed girl's choice.

"I wouldn't recommend it." She replied, Hinata staring at her as she said this.

"It's fine Tsume-san." She assured innocently as she stared at her, the slave owner biting her lip in doubt before giving in.

"Alright, come with me and I'll set everything up, you'll be able to pick them up in two weeks tops." She replied leading them out of the room.

Glancing at Sasuke he smirked while Naruto frowned.

"I won." He whispered.

"Bullshit, that girl was staring at me the whole time –ttebayo!" He exclaimed.