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[Pairing]: Komamura/Tousen (KomaSen)

[Summary]: Komamura and Tousen prepare to meet the New Year.

[Warnings]: Mentions of Anthropomorphic/Shinigami sex | Implied Male-Pregnancy | Fluff

[Rating]: R

The warmth that filled him made Tousen's own completion burst out of his body in overpowering bliss. He slumped to the futon, a pile of melted flesh and tingling nerves, sighing in contentment at such perfect way to end this most wondrous of years.

From the astounding discovery of his pregnancy and the awe inspiring moment of the birth of their most enthralling cub – Susumu – to the still incomprehensive love and blind devotion Sajin had for him, even after all he had done... It all served to make Tousen bless the life he had been given back.

Sajin, careful not to crush him with his massive body, rolled them to their side and spooned behind Tousen, a wet tongue liking the sweat behind his ear, drove a most fantastic shiver out of him. Tousen snuggled closer enjoying the warm, fluffy fur on his back and on the arms involving him.

Protectively. Lovingly.

"Shouldn't we be getting ready to go to the temple?" A slurring voice purred over Tousen's ear.

"Hmm... Maybe we should," Tousen replied, pressing his body into the massive, hot one on his back, trying to meld them together, perhaps. "Don't really feel like it right now, though."

The low rumble of Sajin's answering laugh reverberated through his massive chest and out into Tousen, eliciting the escape of a quite laugh.

"I guess we can stay like this a little longer, then."

So they did until a quiet whimper sounded from the next room.

"Your cub seems to have other plans," Tousen said.

"Oh, I've heard about this?"

"About what?!"

"The 'Your cub - My cub' discussion. It's in every book I read about parenting," Sajin said with a soft, proud chuckle. "Do you want me to go get my cub?"

Tousen smiled. "If you wouldn't mind. I don't think I can move right now."

"Certainly," Sajin agreed, gently nipping an ear in goodbye and pulling out of Tousen's body with a smooth, wet pop.

Whimpering at the withdrawal sensation and the feeling of emptiness left, Tousen curled into himself as Sajin moved to the other room to get Susumu.

When he returned, Tousen had recovered and was groping around the futon for his scattered clothes.

"I've changed his nappy and dressed him in warm clothes," Sajin informed him, "I still need to prepare his bottle. Here, hold him, please."

Tousen tied his obi quickly and sat comfortably, holding out his hands for his son. Sajin placed the tiny baby in his arms and Tousen cradled him close, feeling his healthy weight (Unohana had told them), smelling the talcum powder and sweet almonds that had become the recognizable scent of his Susumu and providing warmth and security and care. Or so he hoped.

Susumu settled into the crook of Tousen's arm with little fuss and a content sigh, his small ears twitching against his jaw, in what Sajin had told him was happiness.

Tousen once again thanked all the powers above and beyond for giving him such love when he had no longer expected any.

He was kissing the tender ear when Sajin returned to the room, the sound of a full milk bottle in his hands making Susumu restless. Wasting no time, Sajin sat behind Tousen and they fed the bottle to their most beloved cub.

Milk gulped down and after a most satisfying burp, Susumu and Tousen bundled up in the warmest of winter clothes and the family headed out to the Temple to welcome the arrival of the New Year.

A year Tousen hoped would be as wondrous as the past one. The twitching ear in his cheek and the hot tongue licking his ear told Tousen it would be.