Hello People, my first fic in a while, and also my first Harry Potter fic! *APPLAUSE* Thank you, thank you… you're too kind. Anyhoo, I will more than likely be writing a chapter ahead of posting, I'll post the first chapter after I've finished writing the second. This story is going to be about a pairing which is not written about very much, but I urge you to read more of the romance stories about this pairing (and there is only one real multi-chapter fic: Not the Only Redhead, go and read that, it's a brilliant story). This story starts in the fifth year. And I just realised I haven't told you the pairing yet, aren't I cruel? Anyway, its Harry Potter/Susan Bones. An unusual pairing since Susan appeared only a few times in the first two films, and was rarely mentioned in the books. So why am I writing a story about them? Because I want to, so you'll have to live with it. Anyway, after this Author's Note which has taken up half a page on Microsoft Word, let us begin…

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Chapter 1

"Oi! Ron! Get your fat lazy ass out of bed!" Harry yelled, throwing a pillow at Ron's sleeping head.

Ron didn't even flinch as the pillow hit him, in fact, he didn't even feel it. Harry sighed. 'Every Morning,' he thought to himself. He nudged Seamus, who was still putting his stuff in his bag, and nodded towards Ron. The two boys walked over the sleeping red-haired boy, and took places either side of him.

"On three?" Seamus asked.

"Yeah, one, two, three!" Harry said.

Both Harry and Seamus put their mouths next to each of Ron's ears and shouted at the top of their lungs, "WAKE UP RON!"

Ron jumped a foot in the air and clung onto the hangings of his four-poster frantically, ripping them. Seamus shook his head and walked back over to his bed, to collect his bag. Harry also moved back to his bed, saying, "You know mate, someday we're not going to wake you up, and you're going to sleep through the day and end up with a month's worth of detention."

Ron, finally out of bed, just shrugged, and began to shuffle towards the door, still in his sleeping attire, holding his stomach. Harry had to call after him, "Ron, don't you want to get dressed first?"


Harry peeled off from Ron by the Great Hall, needing the bathroom. Ron strode into the Hall ready to stuff himself full of food again. Bladder empty, Harry returned to the Great Hall. However, just as he was walking into the Hall, he collided with someone. Harry's shoes slipped from underneath him, and he tried to hold himself up by grabbing the person he'd walked into. All this succeeded in doing was dragging them down with him.

"Whoa… Whoa! WHOA!" came the cry from the other student. They landed on the stone floor, the unknown student on top of Harry, in the most of awkward of positions.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Harry nodded, trying to recognise the girl. She was his height, red-haired, and, as Harry was increasingly becoming aware because of the fact they were squashed between their bodies, had large breasts.

"Susan, are you okay?" came another girl's voice. This one Harry recognised as Hannah Abbot, which made the identity of the girl still lying on top of him, Susan Bones. Susan's breasts were still pressed hard against Harry's chest, which was quickly making him blush. While Susan didn't notice this, Hannah certainly did, for she smirked at Harry knowingly, which made Harry blush even more.

Susan got up, and stuck a hand out to help Harry up, which he gratefully accepted. He dusted himself off awkwardly, while he couldn't help but let his eyes glide over Susan's body. He knew he shouldn't, but only one thought entered his mind at that point, 'She has an AMAZING figure!' Her school robes hung delicately over her curves, flattering her body in all the right places.

Hannah watched Harry carefully, keeping a special eye on his eyes. She traced them looking at Susan, which interested her deeply. She knew Susan liked Harry, even though she'd never admitted it, as her best friend she could see it plain enough. She would have to ask her about it later.

Susan meanwhile, was oblivious to all of this, and was more concentrated on Harry. She secretly had a crush on him, and had done since First Year, but she'd never mentioned it to anyone. How she longed for Harry to like her back.

"Erm, well, I'm gonna go have breakfast," Harry said, breaking the silence.

"Oh yeah, have fun!" Susan replied, overenthusiastically. Harry nodded slowly and retreated to the Gryffindor Table.

Susan left the Great Hall, mortified. Of all the things she could've said, she had to say something completely batty and weird. She couldn't help stumbling or making a fool of herself whenever Harry was around, no matter how hard she tried.

Hannah nudged her friend. "You okay? You seem stressed."

This earned her a glare. "What do you think Han? I just made a complete fool of myself in front of the guy I have a crush on!" Susan replied without thinking.

Hannah squealed, making people look questioningly. "So you DO like him!? I knew it! I knew it!"

Susan stood there, sending a fiery stare at her friend. "Han, keep walking and shut up, you're attracting a crowd!" Susan grabbed her and steered her through the Entrance Hall and down towards the Hufflepuff Common Room.


Finally back into the sanctuary of the Hufflepuff 5th Years Girls Dormitory, which was mercifully empty, Hannah was thrown onto her bed by her friend. Susan stood over her.

"Why did you have to shout that out for all the world to hear? What if Harry had heard?"

Hannah shrugged, "I don't know, maybe you'd admit your feelings for him. I always knew you liked him."

Susan sighed and looked out of the window. "Well, I guess every girl has a little crush on the Boy Who Lived. This girl just happens to have a big one…" she said.

Hannah squealed loudly again. "You finally admitted it! I've known for ages!"

Susan chuckled and threw a pillow at her. "Oh shut up, come on, lets go to Potions…"

Total Word Count - 1084

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