Hey, my first EVER CM fan fiction... I just love Emily and i think I'm going to write more fan fiction centered around her.

Anyways.... PLEASE let me know what you think of it so far... more to come :)

He watched her, much like he always did. Her dark chocolate eyes flicking from her computer screen to a case file on her desk. He found himself wondering what those smouldering eyes would look like glazed over in passion. His let his eyes wonder down her frame, her cream pin stripped shirt hugged perfectly to the curve of her round breasts. He continued to watch, unable to pry his eyes from her perfection, entranced by the steady rise and fall of her breasts as they moved with every breath she took. How could anyone be this beautiful, this perfect? How could he make himself not love her?

She got up. He averted his eyes instantly, her movement breaking the trance he was in. She walked over to him. He steadied his shaky breathing and trained his eyes to the work in front of him, praying she hadn't caught him looking at her.

"Hey Reid, you almost finished? I'm starving, you wanna grab something to eat?" She beamed at him with the same smile that had been making his heart skip beat after beat for months now.

"Su...Sure. I, um" He half smiled at her nervously "Give me five minutes? " He swallowed, she nodded and turned away from him to get some coffee. He watched her every step.

Emily stood sipping her coffee, her soft gaze falling on Reid's perfect form. How could she want him so badly, he wasn't as good looking as a lot of the guys in the bull pen by any stretch of the imagination but there was a geek like cuteness about him that she just couldn't deny. He was gorgeous in her eyes and no one else had matched up to him in months. None of the guys she had picked up at bars and who had fumbled there way into her pants had ever made her feel anything like he did.

She had thought all of this through, had planned it all for the past week. She had picked Friday in the knowledge that the rest of the team wouldn't want to come. Morgan always went for a few drinks at a club and tried to, and most likely would succeed, in picking up a girl or girls. Hotch would be working till late in the evening catching up on reports. JJ would be sorting through case files and making sure the team would have something to do when they came back on Monday so she wouldn't ask to come along. Garcia had been a problem, Emily had though she would most likely ask to tag along, until today when she had told the team about how she was going to her parents for the weekend. That left the two of them, a thought that excited her more than she thought possible.

Her gut twisted in nerves, what if she had read the signs wrong? What if he didn't want her as much as she wanted him? She's caught him looking at her, with what looked like longing burning in the depths of his honey brown eyes, more than once but what if she was getting it wrong. She couldn't let her mind think about that now though. She had made her choice and one way or the other she intended to find out his feelings for her by the end of the night.

She felt her mind drifting into a daydream for the millionth time that day: he was above her, thrusting into her with such abandon that she had to bury her face into his neck to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Her finger nails dug into his back, leaving half moon welts. His eyes were filled with lust and looked almost as dark as her own.

She heard his chair move back and quickly snapped out of her fantasy and pushed it to the back of her mind along with all the others.

Reid pulled his shoulder bad over his head and walked towards Emily. He thought she looked slightly flushed and as he got closer he noticed that her pupils looked larger than usually. She was breathtaking. Even after the years she had been part of the BAU team her beauty still made his breath catch in his throat. He coughed slightly to snap himself out of the trance she always put him in and smiled as he reached her.

"So where'd you like to eat?" she asked him as they got into the elevator. :"Morgan says the Chinese place around the corner is good."

"Oh... I'm not so good with... with Chinese" He said. His eyes shifting nervously from her to the floor of the elevator.

"You mean you're not so good with the chopsticks" she said a grin on her face as they got out of the elevator and made there way tot he car park. He smiled and tried desperately to control his heart rate. This was the first time they would ever be properly alone and it was playing havoc on his nerves.

He laughed slightly "Yeah, you're right." He said and took out his car keys. "So where will i meet you?"He asked

"Don't meet me anywhere, just get in my car. No sense in wasting fuel when we're going tot he same place." He felt a statistic about carbon imitations crawling up his throat but suppressed it. She had already pointed out that he wasn't the best conversationalist and he didn't want to add to that right now.

"I guess" he said and got into the passenger side of her black SUV.

Emily turned the key in the ignition and it roared to life, her CD player playing out from where it had last left off.

"What are you listening to?" he asked her, adjusting his seat belt.

"It's snow patrol, hold on" she pushed a button and a new song filled the air around them. "This ones the best. Honestly Reid you need to listen to more than Beethoven sometime" she glanced over to him and smiled. He looked adorable and she prayed this wouldn't be the only time she would have him all to herself. She put the SUV in drive and pulled out of her space

"I actually really like this song." He commented when the chorus flared up "What's it called?"

"Set fire to the third bar." She answered"I love it, the lyrics are amazing. They are the kind that I would write if I had that sort of creativity."

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend" he snapped. He sounded disappointed and bitter to her ears. She instantly regretted her choice of words. She had meant that she would write something like this for them if they were together but of course his innocent mind hadn't picked up on that.

"Oh no, I... I don't. I just... If I did.... this is the song I would pick for us" She hoped desperately that his profiling instincts hadn't picked up on how she had said 'this is the song I would pick for us'

"Oh... um. Ok. I didn't mean to..." He stumbled over his words feeling ashamed of how he had reacted to the thought of her with someone else. Why wouldn't she have a boyfriend? She was gorgeous and one of the kindest people he had ever meet. She was completely out of his league and he knew that he didn't have a chance with her so why bother about her being taken by someone else.

"You didn't. Don't worry. I'm glad you like the song." She said as the last bar faded away and the song ended.

"Do you mind if we listen to it again?" he asked

"Sure we can." She reached out to skip back to it and he did the same. There fingers brushed against each others as they reached for the button.

Reid jerked his hand back, looking embarrassed and muttered "sorry" to her while moving his eyes to look at his knees. Emily swallowed willing her heart to return to her chest instead of its current position in her throat. Her whole skin seemed to tingle, the spot where he had touched her sending out electric waves that pulsed through her veins.

She took in a shaky breath and skipped the song back. Instead of putting her hand back on the wheel to join the other she moved it to the hand on Reid's knee and entwined her fingers with his. The simple contact made her want to gasp but she took in a controlled breath and steadied herself.

"It's ok." She said, half in response to his apology and half to tell herself that it was ok to hold her younger colleagues hand.

He swallowed audible and let out the breath he had been holding since her hand had entwined with his. He didn't understand what was going on. He couldn't get his mind to think that she liked him. He let his thumb brush over the soft skin of her hand and noted the way her bottom lip quivered at the contact. He wouldn't let himself get his hopes up and think that she liked him. He just sat in silence and let 'set fire to the third bar' drown out his chain of thought.