It is hard to believe, and I did not at first. But it is true and there is no denying it. Only we can know about them, and now I am one. I take the risk, though. I will be taken, to tell you the truth. The truth about what is right in front of you, but you cannot see. The truth that is and will always be. All the way until the end of time, it is the truth, forever. You can't believe me. There is absolutely no way. Although you must, you have to believe. Believe. I will tell you my story. The story of how I became one of them. The story of how I became a faerie.

Chapter One

Pain screeches through my aching limbs. My muscles scream in protest, but I must continue on. Knapsack in hand, I run faster down, down, down. It gets colder and colder as I venture on the narrow passageway. Having been down this road before, I know just what to expect.

Faster, faster, I must go faster, they are behind me! Reaching the end, I hold my breath, trying to relax before the dreadful switch to the other world. I continue running, though my instincts roar a big, fat no, don't go! Just as before, I reach a blank wall, continuing up like a skyscraper.

The black hole consumes me as I go spiraling down, down, down into nothingness. I lose consciousness. My mind wanders off in deep sleep, thinking about the terrible things that have happened to me. All of the things that I wish couldn't have happened. All of the things that make me wish I could be normal.

When I regain consciousness, I am still falling, and it is getting colder. Freezing, I glance at my watch. I have been falling for about an hour and 53 minutes. Seven more minutes and I would be back in my lovely Athens.

Just as I think that I must be stuck in the hole forever I breathe the sweet scent of the night. I close my eyes and brace myself. Out of nowhere the black, nothingness ends and I drop four feet to the hard pavement. The people around me stare at me as though I have three eyeballs.

"What?" I ask trying to sound offended. They still stare. "You've never seen a girl fall out of a window and face plant?" I can't stall any longer; they will be through the hole in a few minutes. As if on queue, the black whole opens again, and three faeries spill out, as they hit the sidewalk, they disappear so as not to be seen by the humans. I run.

Adrenaline pulses through my blood. I run faster. Down the roads of Athens, up the sidewalk, two more blocks. Faster, I yell at myself, faster, run. One more block, so close. I glance down at my knapsack; the scrolls are secured tightly inside. I smile, this is really happening. I can see people. There they are, wonderful, glorious, breathtaking human beings. The faeries will soon lose their ability to stay invisible, so they will be forced to turn back. I stop, suddenly, my mind races, I did it, and I have them! I cannot believe it, how could this have happened? I thought that I was gone for good. They cannot show themselves around people, I remember, I learned that the hard way.

I breathe evenly as I walk around the corner. Right in front of me is a Ferrari. I smirk to myself thinking; I will return it later. I walk to the beautiful car and go to the driver's seat. I pull out a bobby pin from my hair and pick the lock. I hear a quick click, and I know I am in; I slowly open the door and slide in. Crouching low under the wheel I slowly start up the engine and sit back down. Turning on the radio full blast, I screech down the road and turn left, ignoring a red light.

Tourists in tacky T-shirts saying "I Love Athens" gape at me, one shouts, this is probably his car. I hear sirens wail loudly behind me a few minute into my joy ride. Great, I think to myself. I keep going. I am only 15 but I have had a pretty hard life, I have had to tough it out and learn important skills on my own. (One of these skills including jacking cars) My parents are dead, and I have no other family. All I know is that I can prove something to the world. My knapsack is flung beside me in the passenger seat I glance at it cautiously. Okay Athena, I think to myself, everything is going to be just fine, no need to worry.

My calming words are interrupted as I see out of my rearview mirror that three police cars are screeching along the road behind me. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, I mumble to myself. I make a sharp left and then a quick right, throwing them off guard. I skid along a dark alley that has been deserted for years. They follow me. Thinking fast I realize, this is not the worst thing that has happened, I can get out of this easily considering the things that I have done in the past.

With newfound confidence I blast past an old hotel and a homeless man trying to light a fire in an old trashcan, but quickly hiding when he hears the sirens. Sharp right, right again, left, soon they are far behind me, and I am not taking any chances. I keep turning until I get to a familiar alleyway. I stop the car a block from the alleyway and jump out.

Knapsack in hand I run to the alleyway and hop the fence into a friendly neighborhood. Cutting across a nicely cut lawn, I scurry down the street to the abandoned house that I live in. People can be such idiots. The only reason that this house is abandoned is because someone started a rumor that it is haunted. To set the record strait, 6583 Westling Road is not, nor has ever been haunted. I dash around the back of the house and step through the smashed window. I step from dead yellow grass onto a dusty wood floor that is the kitchen. I tiptoe to the back door and open it slightly.

I bend down and grab an energy bar out from under the dead leaves from the huge willow tree, about to die from lack of water. It is so cold outside that I don't even need a refrigerator, not that I could get one if I did need it. I walk along the dusty wood floor up to the living room. I sit down on the shabby, moth-eaten, disgusting couch that the last resident of the house left behind in an effort to be kind.

I pull out the scrolls and spread the first out in front of me. Just like the other scrolls that I have found and translated, this one is blank. I remember one year ago that I found out about the faeries. I had stolen a scroll and was very disappointed when I saw that it was blank. But like that day when I first read the scroll, there is a secret to unlocking its mystery.

I close my eyes and think hard about the very important reason as to why I need to read this scroll. I think about my parents, and a tear slides down my face. It falls onto the parchment. I open my eyes and squint at the scroll.

When I see the funny words on the parchment, my eyes shoot open. My tears disappear and I look at the ancient writing that has been tucked away for so long that it is faded and smeared. I can still read it. My parents return to my mind once again.

My father, strong, handsome, and happy with his life was a faerie. My mother young, beautiful, and adventurous fell for the faerie, but they could not be together. They saw each other and soon eloped. That night that they ran off together, I was created, and my parents were destroyed. I am half faerie, and I am sought after. There would be a great prize rewarded to the faerie that captured me and turned me entirely faerie. But I will not let that happen.

The Faerie Queen, current one being Faldocala, took pity on me as a child. She looked after me, not like a real mother, but as a guardian, making sure I would live. She knows my destiny, even if I do not know it myself, and she convinced the king to make it a quest for young male faeries to try to turn me. But I will never let that happen, I will never forget what the King did to my parents. What he did to me. King Galerique.

Chapter 2

I have to calm down, I need to be physically and emotionally ready while I translate the scroll, or it will overcome me. I close my eyes for a small moment. That small moment turns into a quick moment. That quick moment turns into a dream. That dream turns into a deep sleep. In my deep, unconscious sleep I dream, a sweet dream.

In the dream I am walking in silver mist that caresses my body lovingly. I am wearing a beautiful, shimmering white gown. I have a gauzy veil over my white-blonde hair. I have no idea where I am walking. Then my head turns and in walks a tall boy with white-blonde hair, just like mine.

He is wearing a sexy black tuxedo, and walking toward me. When he reaches my side, his hand slides across my back and rests on my hip. His other hand slides up my side, slowly and surely, loving and tender. His hand goes to my face, which is beaming at him. We are an inch apart, and his sweet breath tickles my lips. I close my eyes and move toward him. Our lips meet and I feel my insides dance for joy.

Our lips move together, dancing gracefully, and his tongue slides into my mouth. His body is tight against mine and I never want this moment to end. Slowly, but not entirely, my mind comes back to reality. I have no idea who this guy is, or what his name is. I am making out with some random dude and I am in a wedding dress. How is that for a really creepy dream? I fling my eyes open.

I force myself back to the scroll. Because I am half faerie, I have the ability to read their ancient manuscripts. However, I have great difficulty and it takes me quite some time to get them fully translated. I set to work. Taking a seat on the floor, I spread out the first scroll out and I take out a sheet of paper and a pencil that I stole from some kid's backpack. After ten minutes I have come up with one paragraph out of the five that there are.

Her destiny is laid out for her and it is a great one. She will rule over the faeries with great will and a heart of steel. With the greatest of all Kings by her side, they will keep peace and harmony between all faeries alike. The Kingdom of Athens will be more powerful than it has ever been, built on faith, hope, and love, they will survive. The guardian of Athens will live for centuries, and her doubts will be forgotten, for she is a descendent of the most powerful rulers of all time.

This puzzles me very much. My name can be translated to mean the guardian of Athens, but that is hardly relevant. Then there is a knock at the door. I don' t care that much. It is probably just some 12-year-old kid who had his friend dare him to go up to the haunted house. But still, I get up to double-check. I look through the tiny peephole, and I gasp, holding back a scream. I see a tall boy with white-blonde hair, just like mine. He has perfect feature, and beautiful blue eyes. It is the boy from my creep dream.

"Athena?" He asks, his voice low and sexy, an impulse rushes over me to swing open the door and kiss him.

"Who are you?" I shout, then instantly regret it. I could have just kept quite and maybe he would just go away. Too late. He looked surprised.

"You do not know?" He asks some astonishment in his beautiful voice.

"No, am I supposed to?" I do not try to hide the sarcasm in my voice.

"Athena, this was one of my greatest fears. Can you please let me come in so that I may explain? I wish I were not the one to tell you this. But now I must." I hear disappointment in his voice. I don't want to open the door. I do not even know the guy.

"My name is Kaemon." He answers my thoughts. That's weird. Freaky actually. But there is something about this guy that draws me to him. I clutch the doorknob and he steps inside. I slam the door behind him and try to warm myself up after the cold air that just blew in. As soon as I turn around to face Kaemon, to ask him who the hell he is, He walks up to me and grasps me tightly against him.

I can feel hard skin under his shirt up against me I can't help thinking he must be really strong. Wait what am I thinking? This guy comes into my house and is holding me hostage in his arms. I struggle against him. His grip tightens. Then the most unexpected thing happens. He grabs my face and kisses me. His kiss so fierce, so sudden, so wonderful, it took my breath away.

Then his memories come flooding into my brain. He is the Prince of the Faeries. His father is the King and his mother is Queen Faldocala. He has come to find me because we are destined to be with each other. I saw him in my dream because he went into my heart and placed it there. The memory escaped and it came to my brain. That is the future, the near future. Queen Faldocala has died and I am destined to be the new Queen. Kaemon also has the special power to read people's feelings. This was somewhat like reading thoughts, and twice as effective. He could sense anger, sorrow, happiness, love, confusion, and more. He could even sense the inability to understand something, which is why he started to kiss me even more passionately.

Then it came to me. My father and his father (King Galerique) ruled together. My father was the faerie king of Northern Athens. King Galerique was the faerie king of Southern Athens. My father was married and very happy, all he could have ever wanted would be a lovely child. If it was a boy, wonderful, then he could marry and be a great ruler. If it was a girl, he had hope of combining the two kingdoms to make a more powerful Athens. At that time King Galerique already had a son, his son who is kissing me in an abandoned house. Kaemon name means a strong warrior, which his father intended him to be. But King Galerique soon grew greedy, the only good thing that he had ever done in his life was to marry Queen Faldocala. He wanted the two kingdoms all for his own, and when He married my mother, there was no hesitation to whether or not my father should be killed.

The kiss ended and I fell backward, my head thumping painfully on the wood floor. He was by my side in a second, holding his hand under my head, the other one holding my hand. I pull myself up and my head spins.

"How could I marry you if I don't even know you?" I ask, slightly woozy.

"We are destined to be with each other, you have absolutely no choice, you will fall in love with me, as you saw in the dream." Thinking of the dream makes me feel embarrassed, I had obviously loved him. There was no denying that. But at the moment I was more freaked out about him that I was falling in love with him. He obviously sensed my suspicion to the love that I am supposedly supposed to feel to him. Maybe if he was like the normal teenage boys, well with a few exceptions (drugs, alcohol, sex, overall perverted personality), he could be a perfectly good boyfriend, hold the husband until the last possible second please. Wait, I vowed myself that I would not be turned into a faerie, to be Queen, I have to be one. How do you get turned into a faerie? I read that somewhere.

"So I have to become a faerie to be queen?" I asked making sure that we were on the exact same page.

"Yes that is true, and I must be the one to turn you."

"Let us hold your little lecture about telling me how I get changed into a faerie for a later date. Tell me the complications please, I can tell that you are holding something back and I do not like it at all."

"How do know that there would be complications?" he said this as though I was right.

"Nothing has ever some easy for me in my life, its not about to start now. By the way, can I say no? Because I am really edging towards no becoming a faerie, you know?"

"No it is your destiny."

"I will outwit destiny if I want to." I say stubbornly. "Please tell me what the complications could be. Let's get that over with."

"My father, does not want you to be my Queen," I cringe. "He wants you for himself." Okay, that is really gross.

"Isn't he live a century or two older than me?"

"Age does not matter to him, all faeries can live up to five centauries, and they can only die of old age. They cannot be killed. Royalty however can live forever, but they can be killed. If they do not have a spouse for a long period of time, they will be weakened and eventually die. But they have to be with someone who loves them; the King is going to try to make you fall in love with him. ."

"So O cannot let him."

"That would be correct. Now listen, you must come with me. You are not safe here, I am going to take you somewhere you can be safe."

"Uhh, let me think this through. No."

"Why not?" he looked disappointed.

"Let's see, I don't believe you. This is creepy. I don't want to go. You are creepy and I am not marrying you." I could see the hurt register across his face, turning to pain and agony. You would think I was already married to him and telling him I want a divorce by how much sorrow was on his face."

"I am sorry, but you really have absolutely no choice in the matter, I was hoping you would come freely." And with that he grabbed me into his arms, opened the door, and walked over to a car. He opened the back, shoved me in and locked the door. Then he went back into my house for the scrolls.

Chapter Three

I am sitting so awkward, if you could see through the back of the car, man I would be embarrassed. My legs are touching the seat, my hands, touching the car window. If you think about it, you would probably wonder why I am not getting up.

Well there is a simple reason. The car is going 140 mph, and there is another random, extremely handsome guy holding me down. I blow in his face and stick my tongue out at him. He laughs. Another reason might be because my wrists are tied together. I guess they suspected that I would not want to go with them, because as soon as Kaemon dumped me in the car, they tied my wrists. How original.

Although 15 minutes seems live forever, we get to wherever Kaemon thinks is safe for me. Man, this guy has walked into my house, kissed me, told me a ridiculous story, and then tied me up and threw me into the back of a car, to make me safe.

They open the trunk and help me out. While untying the string around my wrist, Kaemon keeps his head down low.

"I am so sorry Athena. I know that you must hate me now." He says slowly, this is obviously causing him a lot of pain.

"Well you have kind of invaded my personal space, and you have seriously messed up my perspective of you, so if we are going to get married, I will always bug you about this." I say this to upset him, because I really am very mad at him. But I know that I will not be marrying him anytime soon.

"Well I am about to make it a whole lot better, come." He motions me to follow him into a huge white house that has to be like four stories. He opens the door and I step in. The instant I am inside, I see that it is just like a normal house, but not with normal people.

I feel so out of place, in the corner there is a gorgeous girl making out with some hot punk-rock guy. On the sofa, there are about three people sitting watching a television screen, they are also very beautiful.

Everyone in that room is beautiful, and they are all staring at me. Soon, one by one, they bow to me, and get on with the rest of their lives. Okay, that was very awkward. Kaemon follows me in and wraps his arm around my waist, his body pressing up against mine. Someone in the room wolf calls and everyone laughs. Kaemon grins.

"Follow me, we are going to go upstairs, I will show you your room." He smiles deviously. Someone in the room yells.

"He is going to show you a bit more than your room, babe." Kaemon grins again. I blush a deep scarlet. He keeps a hold of my waist and guides me up a winding iron bar staircase. After we are on the second floor he guides me over a cream colored carpet and guides me up a wooden staircase, on the third floor he does the same thing. Then once again on the fourth floor, I was wrong there are five floors. One the fifth floor, there are no doors leading to other rooms.

There is only one, kill me now, there is only one room, man I hope that he has on other room to himself. He senses my hesitation, and laughs heartily. He unlocks the door with a special key, a lock, really? There were no locks on the other room doors!

He opens the door, and I walk inside. Oh my god. In the room there is a king sized bed, only one bed (Shoot), a bedside table on either side, a plasma television, a sofa, and a humongous bathroom. In the bathroom there are double sinks (I think I know where this is going, but I wish it would turn around right now.), a bathtub the size of a couch (who is that big?), a shower, and a toilet (a private one).

I turn around to see him concentrated hard, staring me down.

"What in the world are you doing?" I ask my hands automatically fold their arms across my chest. He chuckles.

"I am trying to see whether or not you like it, but I can't. You have two completely different emotions going on and they are ruining my ability. I think its amazement, and fear." There is question in his eyes. Oh, I know what the fear it, I think, it's the fact that you might be staying in the same room with me, and there is one bed.

"Well, you don't have to know what I am thinking all of the time." I try to stray from the subject. "So, that's funny that there are two sinks in the bathroom, huh?" I try to force a laugh.

"Well there is one for you," Oh no. "and there is one for me." His voice oozed with duh.

"Oh," I act like I knew that. "I knew that."

"Of course you did." He replied.

"So… we are staying in the same room?" My voice goes up at the lost word.

"Yup." He replies easily, and jumps on the bed. His long body spreads out, and he uses his elbow to prop himself up. His eyebrows go up, I must have my mouth open. I come to my senses and close it. What does he expect me to do?